Best Neck Lift Surgeon In Miami

Best Neck Lift Surgeon In Miami – If you notice sagging skin below your chin, around your knees, or on your neck, you should consider a neck lift.

Your neck is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging — like sagging skin, wrinkles, sagging muscles, and sun damage. If you’re happy with your upper face, but unhappy with the signs of aging on your neck, and it just doesn’t seem right, this procedure

Best Neck Lift Surgeon In Miami

. Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Felis is an experienced Miami neck lift surgeon specializing in deep contour neck lifts, modern facelift techniques and eyelid surgery. From the first inquiry to the last appointment you will experience a high level of service. Board Certified Doctor with nearly ten years of service. Rodriguez-Felis helps you achieve your beauty ideal so you can find confidence and self-esteem in your appearance.

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As you age, your skin and muscles become loose. Also, fat can accumulate in various parts of the face below the chin. A neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty, is a targeted cosmetic procedure

During your neck lift consultation, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Rodriguez-Felice will address your concerns and aesthetic goals. Then he makes a plan for you. Knowing that no two patients are the same, your neck lift procedure may include skin reduction, muscle tightening (also known as platysmaplasty), ultrasound energy liposuction, J-Plasma for skin tightening, Renuvion, and RF microneedling for skin tightening. the skin Rejuvenation, collagen stimulation and more.

A neck lift is an outpatient surgery. Dr. Rodriguez-Felis performs all facial surgeries under local sedation and/or sedation. Without the use of general anesthesia, bruising, swelling, and recovery time are greatly reduced. Dr. Learn more about the benefits of twilight sleep during your facial surgery with Rodriguez-Felis. After neck lift surgery, Dr. Accredited Rodriguez-Felis Surgical Center will monitor you as you come out of light sedation.

This procedure focuses on your back and neck because some patients are still satisfied with the rest of their face and are not ready for a full face lift. If your neck area does not match the shape of your upper body, a neck lift may be the best option. as well as,

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Dr. Choosing Rodriguez-Felis for a facelift means you’re in the hands of an experienced surgeon who specializes in the most advanced and effective facelifts in Miami. Neck lift surgery can address a number of issues including:

This method involves an incision that starts in front of the ear, goes around the ear and ends at the top of the head, and is hidden by the hairline. After making the incision, Dr. Rodriguez-Felis reshapes fat and tissue in the neck and jawline. In many cases, the plasma muscles are also tightened due to anterior or lateral skin-plasma displacement. After contouring is complete, Dr. Rodriguez-Felis redraws your skin and removes excess tissue. Another incision may be made under the chin for liposuction, skin tightening and/or muscle repair. When deep neck contouring, such as submandibular gland removal, is required, Dr. Rodriguez Feliz.

This is a very small wound. This method is very beneficial for patients with mild signs of aging and lethargy. During your first comprehensive consultation, Dr. Rodriguez-Felis will discuss which technique is best for you.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Felis represents the next generation of surgical and non-surgical procedures for eyelid, face and body aesthetics.

Neck Lift Miami Platysmaplasty

Dr. Serving local and international clients at his state-of-the-art, boutique surgery in Coral Gables, Florida, Rodriguez-Felis is one of the few plastic surgeons to receive cosmetic surgery training after plastic and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive Surgery Assistant. World famous plastic surgeon Dr. Committed to mastering the most advanced techniques under the guidance of Mark Codner, he completed an elective fellowship in ophthalmic and cosmetic surgery. This additional training Dr. It allowed Rodriguez-Felice to embrace and use her artistic eye while honing her facial cosmetic surgery skills.

After nearly ten years of practice, Dr. Rodriguez-Felice understands how to help patients achieve their desired results and aesthetic confidence. He and his staff are trained to provide you with the highest quality service and ensure you get the look you are looking for. If you are interested in reducing the signs of aging with a neck lift, call (305) 563-3030 or send an email to the next step.

Because of genetics, gravity, stress, and the environment, your neck and jawline age faster than the rest of your face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your jawline and neck, a neck lift is designed to realign them and restore balance to your overall appearance. More than your age, genetics play a role in neck aging, and it’s very common for patients in their early 40s to try neck lifts. This is especially true as results can be achieved using modern advanced technologies.

When you wake up from the procedure, you may notice that your neck is stiff, which is normal. Pain and swelling may occur, but the pain is generally mild. There may also be bruises that make your neck feel sore. Most patients use over-the-counter pain relievers when needed.

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Yes, but since incisions are made around the ears, along the hairline and under the chin, they are usually not visible and will fade over time.

A neck lift is often considered an elective surgery and therefore an out-of-pocket cost. If necessary, Dr. Rodriguez-Felis will offer you financing and payment options.

Bruising and swelling usually last for a few weeks. Once the initial swelling subsides, you will really notice the new contours of your neck. It may take up to three months for the swelling to go down completely. It’s important to avoid lifting heavy objects while you heal so the stitches don’t come apart as they heal. This includes lifting children and pets.

Dr. Rodriguez-Felis insists that patients interested in a neck lift in Miami consult with her before scheduling any surgery to determine their eligibility. Good candidates are in relatively good health, don’t smoke, don’t have chronic conditions that prevent recovery, and are unhappy with the signs of aging on their face and neck.

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Invest in the confidence that comes from loving the way you look. Coral Gables Plastic Surgeon Dr. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Jose Rodriguez-Felis.

You deserve the best for yourself. You are Dr. At Jose Rodriguez-Felice Plastic Surgery in Coral Gables, you choose a specialist who is widely regarded by other professionals in his field as an eye and facial plastic surgery specialist. His innovative methods and amazing results will help you become the best version of you. Overexposure to pollution, sunlight, and other environmental factors can manifest as our skin ages, along with a loss of natural elasticity and firmness. No one likes to look and feel older than their age. One of the body parts that feel these effects is our neck. Just like our face, the delicate skin on our neck is more vulnerable than the rest of our body. This means that the neck can experience visible signs of aging before any other part of the body.

Unless you’re wearing a turtleneck or scarf year-round, it’s almost impossible to cover the skin around your neck. Fortunately, a revolutionary plastic surgery procedure called a neck lift can help you achieve a younger, smoother neck. Renowned Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Learn more with Carlos Spraga.

A neck lift – medically known as platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty – is a plastic surgery to improve the appearance of your neck. It tightens the skin and muscles of the neck and improves the contour of the jawline. This plastic surgery is often performed in conjunction with a face lift, liposuction, or cheek lift, but it can also be performed as a single procedure.

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Although it is not one of the most popular plastic surgeries, the number of patients requesting neck lift surgery in Miami is increasing every year. Because it greatly improves the appearance of the neck and gives it a youthful look.

This plastic surgery focuses on repositioning and lifting the soft tissues of the neck to create a firmer, smoother contour. Once the skin is in the correct position, it is secured with stitches and excess is removed.

Neck lift surgery in Miami is performed under general anesthesia. Most patients can go home the same day, which usually takes a couple of hours depending on the size of the skin

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