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Best Knee Surgeon In Melbourne – Dr. Ikram Nizam trained in Oxford, Leicester and London before moving to Australia, where he is now a senior orthopedic surgeon in Melbourne, with over fifteen years of experience in orthopedics. Currently consulted by master suite at 1356 High Street, Malvern. He is also wise and industrious;

Dr. Nizam is an internationally recognized professor of surgery and instructor of anterior hip replacement surgery techniques worldwide.

Best Knee Surgeon In Melbourne

He regularly visits international centers around the world to teach this minimally invasive technique and often attends international meetings/conferences/medical conferences/such as developments in hip and knee surgery to achieve the best results.

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After completing his BST, he worked in orthopedics at a major London hospital for a year and worked with the renowned Miss Sarah K Muirhead-Allwood, the late Queen Mother’s orthopedic surgeon) before moving to Australia, where he worked for a while in Melbourne. write

Dr. Nizam completed parts 1 and 2 of the MRCS (UK) and completed his MSc at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Dr. Nizam leads a research and development team that collaborates with national and international orthopedic institutions and societies to develop cutting-edge techniques and technologies in minimally invasive hip and knee surgery, especially bikini anterior hip replacement and knee replacement for the patient.

It has a full-time orthopedic partner (accredited by the Australian Orthopedic Association) who will be involved in orthopedic research and assessment of patient outcomes and orthopedic best practice to provide the latest techniques and technologies to patients.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Melbourne

For several years he conducted research in Sydney (Surgical and Orthopedic Research Laboratories – General Hospital of Wales and Joint Orthopedic Centre, Bondi) on fracture healing, synthetic bone grafting, joint replacement and metal-on-metal hip and hip reconstruction. (Publications and presentations)

Dr Nizam did his fellowship in Sydney before taking his skills as an orthopedic surgeon to Melbourne. In partnership with Professor L. Kohan, he studied minimally invasive anterior hip surgery, hip reconstruction techniques, total knee arthroplasty/reconstruction, and revision arthroplasty.

More than six years ago Nizam worked closely with the team that developed the LIA technology for the supply chain in Sydney. A team of orthopedic surgeons led by the famous Dr. D. Kerr and Prof. L. Kohan. Dr. Nizam achieved the best results after joint replacement, hip replacement, revision surgery and other orthopedics, which allow mobilization and early discharge after one night in the hospital and reduce post-operative complications.

Dr. Nizam completed his subspecialty under University College Hospital (Professor Fares Haddad) in London, UK. This was a tertiary referral center for complex hip and knee replacement, hip and knee revision and reconstructive surgery, ACL reconstructions, hip arthroscopy and sports surgery. This intensive environment has prepared the Melbourne orthopedic surgeon environment.

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Dr. Nizam is also a scientific reviewer for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS-Br) and the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. It aims to offer patients the most up-to-date information and practices of orthopedic surgery, based on the latest developments in the field.

More about the role of Dr. Ikram Nizam as an educator, professional development developer and leader not only among orthopedic surgeons in Melbourne, but throughout Australia.

If you need an orthopedic surgeon in Melbourne, call (03) 9888-4938 today and make an appointment for a special consultation. De Juan is an internationally trained Australian orthopedic surgeon who was admitted to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2010.

De Juan De Juan completed his medical degree in 1999 at the University of Melbourne Surgery. He then completed advanced training in orthopedic surgery (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) in Adelaide and Melbourne and became a consultant orthopedic surgeon in 2010.

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With a strong interest in hip, knee and trauma surgery, De Juan completed an international fellowship in Toronto, Canada where he gained expertise in primary and secondary hip and knee replacement surgery, knee joint reconstructions and lower limb osteotomies. Jeffrey Gollish, Dr. John Cameron, Dr. John Murnaghan, Dr. John Murnaghan, Dr. Hugh Cameron, and Dr. He also visited Dr Freddie Fu in Pittsburgh, USA and Dr David Dejour in Lyon, France.

De Juan places great importance on patient care. He strives to achieve the best management and outcome for all of his patients, achieving this through evidence-based medicine and following the latest developments in orthopedics.

He is a student teacher, participating in an orthopedic program in Vietnam teaching orthopedic surgeons. He also teaches Orthopedic Registry, and has taught anatomy and case-based learning at Monash University. She is a member of the conference team at Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Disclaimer: This is not an emergency service. If you need urgent medical attention, contact the nearest emergency department. Wang obtained a medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 1998 and trained in orthopedic surgery in Victoria, obtaining a fellowship in the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in Orthopedic Surgery in 2006. He then completed international fellowships in Cambridge and Bristol in the UK. . proper in the foot, ankle, and knee of the hand.

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Through these teachings, Mr. Wang regularly worked with high-profile sporting figures from codes such as cricket, football and rugby. Master. Wang is highly trained in many aspects of arthroscopic or “hole” surgery.

In addition, he gained invaluable knowledge by visiting the most famous international orthopedic surgeons across Europe, such as Professor Van Diijk in Amsterdam. He also visited Dr. Barouk in Bordeaux, which painted international bone surgery with ‘Scarf Akin osteotomy’.

His interest and expertise encompass all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, including conditions ranging from sports injuries, elite and weekend warriors, degenerative and reconstructive conditions.

It offers friendly and professional service with a strong structure based on open communication and the highest standards of surgical practice. He is an expert in both sports and reconstructive surgery of the foot, leg and knee.

Mr Douglas Li

Master. Wang will listen to you explain the status of your presence. A possible diagnosis will then be examined and explained. You may be asked for a special scan, such as an MRI or CT scan. He will give you a balanced and detailed explanation of the pros and cons of any proposed orthopedic surgery, including details of recovery and possible outcomes. In addition to attending to all your concerns and meeting your expectations, with a professional team of physiotherapists, podiatrists and orthotherapists, all dedicated to care, treatment and most importantly, offers you the best orthopedic advice.

Master. Wang receives training from transnational and foreign scholars. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship program, please contact MOS by email at [email protected]

Disclaimer: This is not an emergency service. If you need urgent medical attention, contact the nearest emergency department. Roshan graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, with Honours, from Monash University in 2005, and obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy from the University of Melbourne. As a secretary, she was selected to complete a six-month pediatric internship in Portland, Oregon, at Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Sasha completed his orthopedic training in New South Wales and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in Orthopedic Surgery in 2014. He returned to Melbourne in early 2014 and became an orthopedic trauma fellow at Western Health. In the same year, Sasha completed a joint foot and ankle restoration fellowship at the St. Vincent Private Hospital before starting international specialist training in 2015.

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Sasha studied in Bordeaux, France with Dr. Olivier Laffenetre, pioneer in minimally invasive foot surgery. This work is used in corrective foot surgery using a minimally invasive technique with an emphasis on reducing surgical risks and improving clinical outcomes in selected patients. Sascha’s efforts helped lay the groundwork for a formal recognition program between France and Australia.

Later, Sasha also completed a six-month fellowship in hip and knee reconstructive surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, which completed a complex primary joint and revision procedure.

With an emphasis on minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques, Sasha treats all foot and ankle conditions. He has a special interest in the rehabilitation of the foot, correction of deformities of the feet and ankles, and soft tissue repair procedures for acute and chronic injuries.

Sasha approaches each case with an individualized treatment plan that puts patient care at the forefront of her practice. It will present a balanced assessment and realistic expectations of any proposed surgery.

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In addition to her clinical work, Sasha is involved in education and research with several publications in high-impact journals, international presentations and an ongoing role in the care and education of orthopedic trains.

Disclaimer: This is not an emergency service. If you need urgent medical attention, contact the nearest emergency department. Doug has been in private practice in Melbourne since 2005. In these 15 years, Doug has performed over 4,000 shoulder surgeries and 3,000 knee surgeries. From routine arthroscopies and knee replacements to multiple reconstructions.

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