Best Japanese Restaurant In Brisbane

Best Japanese Restaurant In Brisbane – Whether you’re exclusively a sashimi eater, or more of the chicken Abu type, it’s time to get those chopsticks ready because we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get your sushi fix here in Brisbane .

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Paddington’s cozy Moga is a winner, serving a delicious menu of snacks and a la carte meals, alongside a sparkling cocktail list. Their sushi rolls are sure to impress, such as the Rosalie roll with tempura shrimp, lightly grilled fish, teriyaki glaze, julienned cucumber and crispy fries. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, head to their sushi train and indulge in their stalls and enjoy fresh sushi.

Best Japanese Restaurant In Brisbane

Kotobuki sushi is famous and loved by Brisbane people, and after you taste their insanely fresh sushi, you’ll understand why. They offer such an extensive menu that choosing what to order is quite a challenge. You can’t go wrong with one of their signature sushi rolls, like the Chicken Crunch, topped with chicken and shredded cabbage and a crispy tempura batter served with a generous dollop of Japanese mayo.

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With locations downtown and West End, Ichiban makes it easy to satisfy your sushi cravings! Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch on the sushi train or a night full of Japanese food and beer (they even offer BYO at their West Village location), Ichiban is number one in our books…

A local favorite, Mizu is known for its relaxed atmosphere and contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine. Sharing their izakaya-style menu is recommended, so grab your sushi lovers and enjoy platters of fresh sashimi and special sushi rolls such as a miso roll with avocado, cucumber and tobiko with salmon, tuna, herring and tankasu.

Shunsai is home to authentic Japanese cuisine with a focus on the freshest seasonal ingredients available. It will be a dining experience to remember, with a diverse set of menus alongside more casual options such as bento box lunches and donburi. For the full experience, choose Sai’s menu that includes sushi, sashimi, tempura and other seasonal dishes.

Sushi with the addition of karaoke? Yes please. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Wagaya is the place to go for a fun atmosphere and an extensive menu of Japanese food and cocktails. Plus, it’s BYO wine, making it the perfect spot for dinner, drinks and a sing-a-long. Enjoy a variety of delicious snacks such as fresh sashimi and sushi rolls that you can order from your seat through your iPad!

Brisbane’s Best Sushi

What would this list be without mentioning our favorite Edo Sushi? With so many locations, you’re sure to be within reach of Edo Sushi, where a delicious meal is guaranteed with their consistently fresh and delicious sushi. Make yourself comfortable on the train and order as much Abu Nigiri chicken as possible…

Want to advertise in The G&G? We love working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver valuable content! To see how we can help you and learn more about our food-obsessed audience, visit here. The best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane may not play in the larger context of Melbourne or Sydney, but some of these excellent spots in the Queensland capital are some of the most innovative in the country. While the city may lack high-end omakase dining—the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine—there’s a penchant for traditional all-you-can-eat menus or modern conceptual twists on age-old techniques.

Below you’ll find 8 of the best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane that cut the fat and focus on consistency, quality and innovation, whether that means cutting back on classic Japanese dishes or using the freshest seafood available for great sushi. Or create something new and subvert the classics to offer new perspectives on distinctly Japanese flavors.

Sono has been one of Brisbane’s premier Japanese dining experiences for over a decade, consistently earning high praise in many venues. The relaxed dining experience behind Shoji’s traditional doors highlights the best sushi in town and delicious delicacies like MBS 9+ Wagyu with garlic soy, but most regulars head straight for the playful teppanyaki bar, where meticulous chefs feast on king crab, lobster preside on the side. Also called salmon and wagyu

Where To Roll For Brisbane’s Best Sushi

White chocolate and yuzu curd lamingtons aren’t what you’d expect from one of Brisbane’s best Japanese restaurants, but the cult following around Honto isn’t for nothing. With an unapologetically dark entrance with black walls fired in a traditional wood-burning technique, the ultra-modern Japanese restaurant offers inventive – sometimes even aggressive – standards.

Chef Jimmy Kang is clearly adventurous when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and his experimentation has seen this relatively new restaurant outperform older, more established spots across the pandemic landscape. That’s no surprise, with highlights including a crab katsu sandwich with sauerkraut and dill, tofu and spinach meatballs with dashi and shiso combo, and braised short rib with soy ginger glaze. Possibly the best Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

Claiming an enviable location on Howard Smith Quay, this two-storey izakaya-style restaurant stands out for its decor as much as its food and drink. Owner Jonathan Barthelmes, who is behind Sydney restaurants Apollo and Cho Cho Sun, as well as neighboring Greek port Greca, has clearly showered Yoko Riverside with a lot of love.

Clever red lighting draws attention indoors, but it’s out on the water, where most people want to sit, on a modern, produce-driven menu, best experienced at “Yoko’s Dining.” It’s $80, which covers every part of the menu, from nigiri and sashimi to mains like chicken sanshu with rice vinegar and teriyaki herring collar.

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Very few of Brisbane’s best Japanese restaurants focus heavily on Aktori, but two locations – one in Fortitude Valley, the other in the West End – Bird’s Nest fill the void in a big way. The lively and slightly obscure place in FV is the most touristy, but both have a strong commitment to delicious skewered food prepared to absolute perfection.

Vegetarians are welcome with mushrooms such as king oyster and okura yakitori, but the best experience here is with skewers such as bocuccini cheese with tomato and basil wrapped in thin pork belly, or chicken thighs, wings and meatballs on the side. Favorite street food like yakisoba and Japanese chicken rice.

Making the most of its waterfront Eagle Street location, Saka Restaurant and Bar is a cheerful take on Rockpool Dining Group’s popular contemporary Japanese concept. It’s also one of the best expressions of the long-established sake chain, best experienced through the $110 omakase, which is more like a set menu full of the menu’s best dishes, like popcorn shrimp with yuzu mayo, a chef ‘s choice. Sashimi, miso fish ‘Glacier 51’ and Tajima Wagyu loin strip.

Shunsai doesn’t mind being anything other than Brisbane’s most unpretentious and traditional Japanese restaurant. With several menus that change regularly, the focus is mainly on emphasizing the historical tradition of keiseki cooking, which is essentially a multi-course Japanese dinner set based on seasonality and product availability.

Saké One Of The Best Japanese Restaurant In Australia

As such, no two dinners here (unless the visits are close together) will ever be the same, but you can often expect dishes such as herring carpaccio, fried koshi katsu and a dish using only Australia’s best wagyu. .

Located in the windy suburbs of Tenerife, Hikari is Brisbane’s unassuming Japanese eatery that lives up to its busy, busy menu. Japanese comfort food is the focus here, so anyone wandering the dotonbori streets of Osaka or the historic city of Hiroshima should find plenty of flavors to satisfy the nostalgia.

Consistent winners include the Pork Bento Box, Wagyu Short Ribs with Soy Drip, and the Hiroshima-style Okonomi Pancakes with Yakisoba, Cabbage, Fried Egg, and Your Choice of Meat. It is an ode to Japanese izakaya menus and one of the strongest on the east coast of Australia, definitely marking it as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

Mizu carves out a quiet space by the Brisbane River, and is dedicated to Japanese culture in general. Aside from regular dining options, the venue offers origami and sushi folding classes to local school groups, as well as a box delivery service so younger diners can get a much better fix than their regular meal. The restaurant itself has a wide selection of mainly sashimi and sushi, seafood and meat, and a few salads, all of which bring diners closer to everyday Japanese dishes such as tonkatsu, takoyaki and grilled miso fish. South East Queensland has had a love affair with sushi since Japanese investment flooded the region.

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