Best Ice Cream In Indianapolis

Best Ice Cream In Indianapolis – You’ll never be far from great ice cream anywhere in Indy. Whether you like ice cream in a cup or a cone, spread between milk and cookies, or on top of your cake, you’ll find the perfect place to cool off with a delicious treat in Indianapolis. Here are 9 great ice cream spots. visit this summer!

At this Broad Ripple ice cream shop, you can find more than 40 different flavors of ice cream, including vegan options. BRICS is located on the Monon Trail, making it an easy place to bike or hike.

Best Ice Cream In Indianapolis

This Hamilton County shop serves dozens of delicious desserts, as well as warm cakes that pair perfectly with cold scoops of ice cream.

Where To Find The Best Ice Cream In Nice?

Sure, you can get ice cream by the scoop at Gordon’s, but why stop there? This Mass Ave ice cream parlor is known for its creamy, rich, custom milkshakes that can be made dairy-free or vegan.

You’ll almost always see people at Handel’s, and for good reason: they never fail! They make their creamy concoctions fresh, on site, daily.

Located inside the Garage Food Hall at Bottleworks, Lick offers flavors that are both familiar and unique. Of course, you can find classic vanilla and chocolate aromas, but you can also find cream aromas for more sophisticated tastes, such as cedar, whiskey, French rose.

This quaint ice cream parlor with plenty of outdoor seating has been a Greenwood favorite for over 40 years. Here you’ll find everything from soft-serve ice cream, handmade milkshakes, chili dogs, and delicious milkshakes.

Big Dippers: The City’s Best Ice Cream

Bonus: Despite living in her original home, a visit to Miss Curl is like a trip back in time.

TeeJay’s has Indy’s signature Donuts and Ice Cream Sandwiches with Fruity Pebbles. Treat yourself to a unique ice cream sandwich, lip-smacking milkshake, or a simple cone or cup with 16 rotating flavors to choose from.

Located in Irvington and SoBro, Wyliepalooza serves up a variety of great flavors, gluten- and soy-free options, milkshakes, espresso and bubble tea.

Scoop your ice cream into a bowl or waffle cone and enjoy it with a cold topping like a milkshake, sugar popsicle or float. The ice cream is homemade from cows milked right on the farm. Summer and ice cream go together like cream and cherries. From the smallest street to the grandest room, discover cold comfort at its most delicious in these cool temples of Moose Road and orange sherbet.

Liz Biro: My Favorite Ice Creams — And Yours

Indiana is home to classic ice cream parlors, and ’tis the season for waffles, whipped cream, and hot fudge.

LONG counters and tin ceilings are reminiscent of an old liquor store. The Noblesville favorite is a frozen treat served in a thick liquid glass and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The milkshake is thick enough for a spoon. Meticulously assembled, the old-fashioned chocolate drink delivers the perfect foam that Grandpa would approve of. And some say the creamy Sprite-infused Sherbet Freeze tastes like a baby shower punch. 864 Logan St., Noblesville, 317-773-9177,

THIS MONTH, Windsor Park’s favorite bakery got bigger for the neighborhood when it started serving homemade ice cream. The spread of decadent treats, which has always been part of the original plan for this place, started with four simple flavors. In other words, it uses less common flavors, as it includes lavender-lemon cookies, strawberry, cream, dark chocolate and Gianduja (a combination of dark chocolate and hazelnut). Serving scoops in biodegradable bowls with sleek wooden gelato scoops are the best on Amelia’s range. 1637 Nowland Avenue, 317-686-1583,

A rest stop on the Monon Trail since 2010, this quirky enclosure, whose name is short for Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station, occupies the original train depot built along the trail. Moore. Connoisseurs of the shop’s creamless Chocolate Chow Choo (dark chocolate with chocolate), Monon Trex (a BRICS peanut butter cup – speckled with moose tracks) and wide-wavy Blackberry can order their cones from the window where travelers buy jackets. . Train tickets. 901 E. 64th St., 317-257-5757,

Smiley Swirl Ice Cream Food Truck

EXCLUSIVE to Westfield’s Restaurant Row, this funky turquoise bungalow offers a sweet and luxurious finish to dining. It can be in the form of Sugar Cream Pie ice cream, lightly flavored with butter. Lavender Lemon Pastry with Lemon Juice and Herb Spices. or ultra-creamy blueberry buttermilk. Or you can choose a slab of coconut cream or brown apple butter, topped with a scoop of vanilla. Across the street, the bustling Grand Junction Plaza offers people-watching while you dig in. 205 Park St., Westfield, 317-399-7878,

With outdoor tables overlooking the Fall Creek Road boat ramp, this Geist Reservoir shop has the most sophisticated and sophisticated flavors. One of the big hits is the luscious Rocky Road with its juicy and sweet lemon poppy seed, chocolate and marshmallow cream. Self-serve freezer cases are filled with cookie-decorated cones and ice cream sandwiches (along with butter pecan cornbread, white chocolate macadamia preserves, and vanilla cherry chocolate chip). You get an expensive bakery ice cream cake for your birthday, but double-dipping on an Adirondack sun lounger like riverside royalty feels like a treat every day. 11691 Fall Creek Rd., 317-288-7791,

From our familiar buttery and chocolate Oreos to guava, tequila, corn, and salty sweet queso, be amazed by the variety of options. After indulging in the creamy ice creams served in the ice cream cases, try one of Danny’s signature treats, such as ice cream churro sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, and overloaded brownies. Find out for yourself why every other customer leaves with the frozen fruit mangonada – a sweet parfait with chili sauce garnished with sorbet, fresh fruit and tamarind straws. 7730 E. Hwy. 36, Avon, 317-268-4663,

On a BULGAR summer night, the line will return to Anderson’s Main Street from Fraser’s striped awning and neon pink and green exterior. That gives newcomers plenty of time to explore the menus shown in old clips from the windows of this frozen spot, just now in its 68th season. This place is a gem that is kept down to the boring old trash. You can make a Flurry or Slushy perfectly, but if you want to feel like a kid again, dip into a Twist Cone covered in crunchy house or one of the many hard coat options and grab a Chocolate Cherry Birthday Cake. . . 3311 Main St., Anderson, 765-644-5406

Diy Pint Event

Located on a busy highway, this Avon landmark has been a pleasant route guide for over three decades. Note that the outdoor tables fill up quickly when the temperature rises, and families cool off with peanut butter, banana slices, classic Crunch-Côte cones, and generous scoops of triple chocolate ice cream. The best-selling Frosts are soft serve with caramel slices, apple slices, cookie dough and other toppings. Deeply rooted in the local community, Frost Bite offers Thanksgiving discounts to teachers, police and firefighters, and classic car rides on summer Thursday nights. 7025 Galen Dr. W., Avon, 317-272-2483

FROSTY BOY is the ice cream shop you’ve always wanted in your hometown, and its annual March opening is more a rite of spring than a shadowless whale. The ice cream offerings are a straight-up ladies’ choice between chocolate and vanilla (or go crazy and order a dessert), but the Frosty Boy still uses a low-air, high-fat soft-serve blend for a silky smooth, delicious texture. . . Also on the menu: fries, take-home lunches, shakes (can be malted for an extra 25 cents) and a variety of fruit and dairy-free whipped cream dips. Frosty Boy is located on Main Street in New Palestine, right across from New Palestine High School, so wear Dragons Red for the full official experience. W. Main St. 40, New Palestine, 317-861-5433,

Since the invention of the mixer at the turn of the 20th century, milkshakes have been a complete and simple mixture of ice cream and milk. In an age of social media and the “bigger is better” mentality, the milkshake has become an Insta-worthy concoction, decked out top to bottom with gravity-defying bells and whistles like these three stunners.

Big Hoffa’s Ice Cream starts with prepackaged peanut butter, then drops Nutty bars and chocolate-covered ice cream into the hole in the pointed top. The party includes Reese’s Cups, Reese’s Pieces, malted milk balls, sprinkles and chocolate syrup. 800 E. Main St., Westfield, 317-867-0077,

Whimsical Shops Where You Can Get The Best Ice Cream In The Bronx

Cookie dough ice cream is the base for this monstrosity served in a chocolate glass at Fundae. A creamy crown supports a mini ice cream sandwich

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