Best Hotels In Varadero

Best Hotels In Varadero – Cuba’s largest resort is 20 kilometers long and all hotels are on the beach, except for a few backpackers.

While Varadero has grown over time, there are some of the older, better local hotels in the western end of the Havana district.

Best Hotels In Varadero

Moving east along the coast, hotels (including one in particular) will become more modern, internationally managed – tougher and better in almost every way; All our selected hotels are here.

Top 6 Party Resorts In Varadero, Cuba

Note that all beach hotels in Varadero range from small (our most recommended hotel is Iberostar Tainos with over 200 rooms) to some of the largest hotels with over 800 rooms. We don’t recommend any of the best hotels, but we have all of Varadero’s best hotels.

If you don’t want to go out or prefer small, intimate hotels, the newly opened Mystique Casa Perla has only 10 rooms, making it one of the best beach hotels in Cuba.

As elsewhere in Cuba, over the years some of the better beach hotels in Varadero have become adults-only resorts, open only to guests aged 18 and over.

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Meliá Varadero Hotel

Cuba has a wide variety of heritage sites, a small but growing number of luxury hotels, and an abundance of homestays.

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Whichever of the recommended countries you want to visit, we have been there many times. If you’re looking for more than ever before in Cuba, Guatemala or Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, we’d love to hear from you. Varadero is a tropical Cuban paradise for sunbathers. As the country’s main tourist destination, Cuba has become more popular for those who want to experience its beaches, guaranteed sunshine, and lower prices than other Caribbean islands. Varadero also has one of the best beaches in the world; Really! Voted the world’s #2 beach on TripAdvisor, and we totally understand why.

Life in Varadero is quiet and relaxing, making it a great place to get away from work and the outside world. Sip rum cocktails by the pool or swim in the warm sea… As a result of the countless hotel options, it can be difficult to decide where to stay, some better than others, live there.

Resorts In Varadero From $259/night

In this guide, we share the best places in Varadero to save you the trouble of searching yourself. Hotels in Cuba may not be as beautiful and equipped as other places, so it’s more important to research and choose a place you want to return to. Each of the Varadero hotels we recommend has positive TripAdvisor reviews and is considered one of the best places to stay.

An important consideration when planning your trip to Varadero is location. The beach stretches for 21 kilometers with numerous hotels to choose from. The beginning of the Varadero Peninsula is Varadero Town, while the upper part of the beach hosts a marina and boats for excursions to nearby islands and other tranquil destinations. See below for an overview of each area to stay in Varadero.

The beating heart of Varadero, home to a flea market, public beach access, many shops, bars, restaurants and the theater known as ‘Varadero Avenue’. The town of Varadero has a wide variety of hotels, most of which are 3 stars or less. It is a great place for those who want to experience Varadero’s nightlife or stay within walking distance of all the happenings in the city.

There are several other hotels in the center of Varadero Beach, including the Iberostar Selection Varadero and the Royalton Hicacos. The area has some of the best beaches. It also looks less crowded and has more white sand compared to the Varadero Town beach. It is a great place to take a quiet break in the comfort of a luxury all-inclusive resort.

Hotel Photo 12 Varadero Cuba Hotels Varadero Cuba

The marina is located on the top of the Varadero peninsula, about 15 minutes from the city. There is a good selection of hotels as well as shops, restaurants and marina restaurants to enjoy. The beaches here are beautiful too! The only downside to staying in the Varadero Marina area is that it’s a longer drive to the center of Varadero if you want to dine out or experience local life. If you’re all insured, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Starting with the star of the show, the Iberostar Selection Varadero is currently the highest rated hotel in Varadero on TripAdvisor. This 5-star spa facility, 3 swimming pools, spa, wellness facilities, children’s water park, 3 à la carte restaurants, water sports; and finally, a large theater for evening entertainment.

Iberostar Selection is divided into small villages that live colorfully in beautiful tropical landscapes. There is also direct access to Vaadero Beach via three boardwalks. One of the important things that makes Iberostar Selection one of the best places in Varadero is the quality of the food. It is known for the best food of all the hotels on the peninsula. However, it costs something. The hotel is usually the most expensive place to stay.

What we love: The staff is one of the nicest hotel staff we have ever met! Evening entertainment and food was also a bonus.

The 10 Best Cheap Hotels In Varadero

Standing strong with the Iberostar Selection, the Royalton Hicacos hotel is another excellent 5-star resort. This is an adults-only hotel, so it’s perfect for those who want a quiet retreat with adults-only entertainment, gourmet cuisine and all. Everything you would expect from a 5-star Caribbean resort. The Royalton has some of the best bars and à la carte restaurant options of any Varadero hotel. It also comes with an upgrade service when you upgrade.

The only downside of Royalton Hicacos for us is the old building. This was a ‘Sandals’ site and still has most of the original theme. Expect more modern rooms compared to other hotels. Anyway, great place to stay!

The Sanctuary in Grand Memories Varadero is arguably the best all-inclusive resort for those who enjoy luxury as well as a lively setting. There is exciting news for Canadian immigrants. Located at the end of the peninsula’s beach, just a short drive from Varadero Marina. The Sanctuary shares many of the same facilities as the nearby Grand Memories hotel, but is known to be a more upscale hotel compared to its sister hotel.

The hotel is 5-star and accessible by adults only. It offers free shuttle service, direct beach access, a top-notch à la carte restaurant, and some great bars and entertainment. The type of hotel makes it easy to meet and meet other travelers. Many visitors return and search the inn each year.

Book The Best Hotels In Varadero For 2022

What we don’t like: This hotel is very popular. Being on the small side often makes it look full.

Starfish Cuatro Palmas is located right on the beach in the heart of Varadero. A perfect 4-star hotel option for those who want to be in the middle of everything. Many bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and even a nightclub are just a short walk away. This is great when you want to get out of the area.

The hotel is bright, colorful and very ‘Cuban’ style. It has a unique charm compared to other modern hotels. Highlights include a large beach-facing patio, large pool, hospitality suite, and fitness center. There’s so much going on, so you’ll never be bored! It’s also very affordable, rated as one of the cheapest hotels on our list.

What we don’t like: The hotel is a bit old and dated compared to others on our list. It is also located in a busy part of Varadero Beach.

Blau Varadero Hotel

Melia Internacional is one of the newest hotels in Varadero, with a beautiful tower and modern decoration. Rooms are bright and comfortable, with balconies overlooking the beach or the town of Varadero. The best place in Varadero for those who love modern hotels with an all-in-one feel. Walk to a bar, restaurant or pool in minutes.

The hotel is huge, it has a total of 946 rooms. It can get quite crowded in high season. Melia’s place also gives you the best of both worlds. Joyful

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