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Best Hotels In Salado Tx – Three years after real estate developer Clark Lyda unveiled a renovation of the old Stagecoach Inn in Salado, the classic property has reopened under new management. Lyda chose to purchase Austin’s Bunkhouse Group, not sufficiently appealing to customers for an experience that faithfully reinterpreted the space that once hosted Sam Houston and Robert E. Lee. Bunkhouse has some new ideas.

The company, which split with pioneering founder Liz Lambert two years ago, might not be the most obvious choice, but it helped reinvent an 1830s but small Central Texas inn from 1861s. A few years ago, the Austin Motel Hotel San José (a South Congress Avenue remake); El Cosmico (helps recreate Marfa); Hotel St. Cecilia (bringing Hollywood glamor to Austin); Recognized as a trendy and stylish hotel like Bunkhouse, Bunkhouse is a friendly experience in an environment that pushes the limits of style and design. Its specialty is New Texas at its best.

Best Hotels In Salado Tx

Jenny Schipani, Bunkhouse’s Austin-based business director, stood on the porch of an old white building in the building that housed the Stagecoach restaurant in Salado on a November morning and said the change in management has drawn questions from residents. “We made a few phone calls to headquarters and said, ‘What’s going on over there?’

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But there will be changes. In particular, the name of the restaurant was changed to Stagecoach, and the 48-room hotel was later renamed the Shady Villa Hotel. It’s also a brand of kitsch that goes back to the original 19th-century name. The new name comes with the theme of summer camps running throughout the property. “We want this place to come back to its room.

The entire main street, lined with hotels and Salado’s boutiques, faces northbound Interstate 35. It was a stylish place for wealthy Texans to visit, paying tribute to neighboring merchants like then-owner Ruth Van Bibber and former fashion model Grace Jones. The hotel spent years as a crash site for truckers, but the restaurant was torn down before a 2018 renovation and remains a lunch spot.

Now the team hopes the summer camp scene will turn the hotel into a quick family getaway. Play a game of bocce or horseshoes on the lawn, relax by the pool, and cruise down Main Street on the hotel’s stylish white cruiser bike. The plan calls for two classes and a lawn race and outdoor movies. Show parking and farmers. 4th of July picnics; Parties and collaborations with local agencies like Salado Glassworks and Barrow Brewing.

Why do you go through all the twists and turns of building a camp scene with such heritage? The strategy is useless. Hills calls the project brainstorming for designers. On the other hand, It’s a “dear architectural time capsule,” though. It is also a complex collection of different places.

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The original building in which the restaurant operates maintains the appearance of a wooden farm house and is surrounded by winding oak trees. It is a well-preserved and wonderful antique. The hotel, on the other hand, consists of several separate buildings built in the 1950s that surround a swimming pool and feature motel-style rooms with exterior entrances. Banana plants and mid-century lounge chairs complete the look. Between the two extreme designs is a newly built limestone structure that shades the outdoor bar and spacious game room.

The building’s previous design team, Clayton Korte Architects, tried to optimize each area to be original without trying to stitch together the different spaces. Rooms have Naugahyde sofas and Saltillo tiles. etc. The big insight for the Bunkhouse team was to change the name to distinguish the restaurant from the hotel. This allowed the company to build the hotel’s unique identity and ideal customer experience without compromising the restaurant’s heritage.

In addition to offering an outdoor bar and game room, the Bunkhouse added a mid-century aesthetic to the rooms by adding a general store selling family-friendly holiday items (puzzles, dominoes and orange Fanta) and adding a Nelson Ball Bubble. Lamps and colorful blocks

Age. Photographer Nick Simonite’s large-scale photographs commemorate trips to the Texas landscape. While the Stagecoach restaurant’s menu still features some classic dishes (the amazing fried chicken, the famous funny dog ​​bowl and the decadent Strawberry Kiss dessert), the rest now rotates with a selection of locally sourced and seasonal dishes. Specials

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Schipani called the first half of the renovation the building’s renovation (rooms start around $155, with prices likely to go up). for example, The currently unused clubhouse will eventually host many of the planned events. You can also hear road noise from the nearby highway. Despite the lush landscaping and clever branding. This gem of a hotel is a constant reminder that you are in a world unlike any other in which flowers bloom.

At this time, The restaurant is not left. Visitors will be nostalgic for a true piece of Texas history. Whether the younger generation will embrace the hotel’s new vision remains to be seen, but Bunkhouse is committed to moving the hotel forward, not looking back. “Our vision of the future is completely at odds with the way people wanted to move forward since the 1800s,” Schipani said. “We want to make sure these people are still involved, so they can go back to their childhood with their grandparents. And we want to give Austin that vintage feel when they bring their RVs. But it’s 2021. It’s beautiful here, too, but you can do new and interesting things.” We can meet in the middle.

LIVING HISTORY: A green and pleasant Time Warp journey begins with a walk in the vacant lot behind the old Stagecoach Inn building that housed the restaurant. It’s hard to believe that a six-lane highway is behind you. Photo: Nick Simonite

CURVED RETAIL: Shady Villa’s registered building offers vacation essentials (snacks, sunscreen); Doubles as a shop with branded products (lighters, bags, tea) and family entertainment (puzzles, games, books). Photo: Nick Simonite

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POOL PHOTO: If the Stagecoach Restaurant is a vintage tour of the Old West and South Texas. The adjacent Shady Villa pool area is a trip back to the Mad Men era, with mid-century lounge chairs and lush landscaping. Photo: Nick Simonite

OASIS: Looking at the grand old entrance building on Main Street, you wouldn’t be able to tell this sunken hideaway exists. Looking at the sheer volume of traffic on Interstate 35 from the other side is almost unfathomable. Photo: Nick Simonite

FUNDAY HEADQUARTERS: A large outdoor pavilion near the pool with a bar (cocktails include Aperol Spritz and Hibiscus Margarita) and fireplace; table tennis A large game room with darts and Connect Four. Photo: Nick Simonite

LUNCH AT NURUI: The Stagecoach Smash Burger is a new favorite, as are the restaurant’s elegant tables, as are the poolside tables. Photo by Jessica Attie.

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A semi-detached holiday home: Salliello tile floors in rooms; A classic mid-century motel feel with primary colors and clean lines. Photographer Nick Simonite’s Texas landscape complements the hotel’s itinerary. Photo: Nick Simonite

Lighter touches: Much of the hotel’s renovation in 2018 by Clayton Korte Architects has been kept intact in the rooms, such as the colorful bathroom tiles. Bunkhouse brand items like colorful therapy bathrobes add a touch of Austin style. Photo: Nick Simonite

ALFRESCO: From comfortable balconies and patios in the rooms to games and gatherings in the courtyard. Much of Shady Villa’s design is aimed at allowing guests to play outside. The designer’s goal: to create a modern family summer camp. Photo: Nick Simonite

1880s Style: The original building at the Stagecoach Restaurant, formerly known as the Shady Villa, dates from 1861. It was Sam Houston, the field coach at Chisholm Trail. Said to have hosted Robert E. Lee and Jesse James. . Photo: Nick Simonite

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Old World Style: Wood Panels; Decorated with oil paintings and old books, the restaurant’s stunning interior reflects its long heritage as a must-visit restaurant. The menu is a classic holdover.

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