Best Hotels In Rovinj Croatia

Best Hotels In Rovinj Croatia – At the entrance to the Monte Mulini area is a beautiful hotel with a terrace, which has now, after the completion of the hotel, become a complete architectural-urbanistic entity. With the new ACI Marina, an exceptional space has been created, which impresses with its excellent planning, horticultural arrangement, urban equipment and well-thought-out details. Premium architecture speaks for itself, but it also says a lot about the developer and the relationship they have with their own history and environment. The Grand Park Hotel is proof that the local context should be taken into account. In the Adriatic, this year we are rich with a hotel that, in our opinion, ends up on the list of the most prestigious hotels in the Mediterranean.

The west coast of Istria, where Rovinj is located, is easily accessible and the road infrastructure is excellent. The proximity to the airports in Pula and Trieste and Ljubljana and Zagreb is another advantage. Airports are experiencing rapid growth in the number of passengers, which is conducive to further development of tourist tourism. However, most guests come to Rovinj by car and are well taken care of in the new hotel. A large garage and valet parking are considered standard for a hotel of this class. Rovinj is a city where sights can be reached on foot and we highly recommend it. Along with Uber there is also a good taxi service.

Best Hotels In Rovinj Croatia

The hotel can be considered the most ambitious architectural project at the moment on the Adriatic, both in terms of its architecture and the urban setting of the entire Monte Mulini area. The new square created in front of the hotel is a meeting place for socializing, games and gatherings. The architecture feels organic, like it’s been there forever. Every detail is important, no matter how small. Take the corridors for example; These are usually boring parts of a hotel, but here are interesting places in their own right. The architectural studio 3LHD has done a fantastic job, and apart from everything else, the hotel is a testament to the excellence of the Croatian architecture and design scene.

Where To Stay In Rovinj, Croatia

An added value is the young staff – eager to please and very nice. We hope that this pioneering spirit will continue in the future. One of the attractions is the attractive relaxed uniforms of the staff.

A five-star dining experience plays a key role in history. A few days after the official opening, we can already see the contours of one of the most ambitious hotel stories on the Adriatic. We tried the main hotel restaurant Laurel and Barry. We can already say that the wine selection is excellent – in line with the philosophy of the hotel and the Adris group – and the innovative menu and breakfast meet five-star expectations. When the hotel first opened, there was no doubt that individual restaurants would compete for a place in the prestigious culinary guides.

The way the rooms are integrated into the fabric of the hotel makes the beautiful scenery of Rovinj seemingly omnipresent. In addition, the feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by the panoramic window and a pleasant terrace that allows you to spend the day outside. Despite the industrial appearance of the floor, it is treated with a special coating that gives a welcoming and warm impression. It perfectly complements the raw concrete wall, it is organically connected with every piece of furniture. Translucent glass panels separate the bathroom from the bedroom, giving it a refined and minimalist look. The hotel room is balm for both body and soul and delights the hearts of curious explorers.

The central hall, which was still under construction at the time of our visit, seats about 250 people and is also accessible to vehicles. It is complemented by three small halls and an attractive library. All halls are beautifully furnished according to current trends in meeting design.

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The infinity pool on the fifth floor is a specialty of the hotel. The view of St. Euphemia Church from the pool is one of the most desired spots for guests looking for the perfect Instagram photo. Maybe even rent it out for events.

Some inconsistencies are due to the fact that the team has not yet had time to settle into a routine. We are sure they will be fixed within a few weeks of opening.

It is fully explained in the plan in what I think is the best hotel guide I have ever seen. More than just a guide, it’s a sort of omnibus of stories about Rovinj and the artists who helped create the hotel’s history.

Considering how big an investment the project is, it can be said that the hotel is something special. But it’s not just about the money – it’s a really well-crafted tourism story that tops what the region has to offer. There are many encouraging details, but the best reason for optimism is the staff: they take pride in their work with the hotel and go to great lengths to ensure guest satisfaction.

Best Hotels In Rovinj

Although the proposal for the meeting was not finalized at the time of our visit, we think it will include several public spaces and private spaces that seem perfectly suited for hosting events.

In many respects, the hotel is the most modern on the Adriatic, and once the small initial bugs are ironed out, it is one of the best. But even now, the end result is a very attractive hotel that really impresses.

A central conference room with a million dollar view, which amazes visitors with the largest panoramic window in Europe. A precious, incredibly special place. Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is conveniently located for the most beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. No matter where he is in the hotel, the guest feels that he is Rovinj, St. Efimia, the island of St. Catherine and the most beautiful sea sunset. Located directly on the coast, close to the port and the promenade, it connects the inner city with the tourist attractions of the Monte Mulini area.

To blend in with the existing forest, the floors are moved to follow the slope of the site, forming large terraces, Mediterranean gardens, pools and sun decks. A bar with a terrace and an a la carte restaurant are located in the lobby and reception, connected to the main restaurant by a central staircase. The five pine trees that have been growing on the site for more than half a century gained great importance in the hotel’s vision. The congress hall has a view of the Rovinj peninsula through the largest glass window in Europe. The wellness area includes a spa, sunbathing area and three pools on two floors with views of the surrounding forests and the city.

Maistra Eden Hotel Rovinj, Rovinj

The main pool is partly in a glass pavilion, which opens in summer, connecting the interior with the garden and the sea. Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni is responsible for the interior design. Public spaces are characterized by a multitude of details, diverse types and specific furniture, which, despite their mutual diversity, together form a unique story. Special attention is paid to the style. Earth tones and colors dominate the rooms – a counterpoint to the blue sky and sea that surround the hotel.

The areas along the Promenade are functionally and formally different from other spaces. They should be a new social place, a square with various contents. A relaxing atmosphere is created by water surfaces, carefully selected covers and green areas, which form separate thematic zones and make the whole area attractive and accessible.

3LHD: Sasha Begovic, Marko Dabrovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Silvija Novak, Sanja Jasika Lovric, Zorislav Petric, Ivana Shain, Leon Lazaneo, Krunoslav Šorsen, Maja Milojevic, Dasha Manojšinić, Dasha Manojšinić, Dasha Manojšinić, Goran Mravvić, Hrvoje Bilandžić, Vibor Granic, Duje Katic, Kristina Markovic, Tomislav Soldo and Desa Ukovic. Great food and the perfect place for a romantic getaway!

But even if you don’t go here with someone special, I recommend this beautiful little town to everyone: couples, groups of friends and families!

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If you are planning to move there in the near future, you should look for good accommodation options to stay in Rovinj! And I’m here to help: I’ve carefully selected the best hotels in Rovinj, Croatia with great reviews and great amenities, and grouped them by price for your convenience!

Make sure you book early to ensure you get the place you want on your holiday in Rovinj as places go fast

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