Best Hotels In Plaka Athens

Best Hotels In Plaka Athens – The pool at Electra Palace Athens comes with a view of the Acropolis via Electra Palace Athens / Expedia

Plaka is located in the heart of Athens, near the Acropolis. As the oldest neighborhood in the city, you will find its cobbled streets full of old Ottoman world charm. The wind howls in the morning, and the air rustles in the evening. Start your vacation in Greece by staying in one of the boutique or luxury hotels in Plaka – which can be booked on a cultural tour.

Best Hotels In Plaka Athens

Do you like your eggs in the morning? The Plaka Hotel offers a sumptuous and complimentary breakfast buffet with an impressive selection of continental, Greek and tropical cuisine. Welcome to the best night spots in nearby Monastiraki, but if you want to relax after a day of sightseeing, ask for a cold bottle of wine to bring to the rooftop; All sun lounges face the magnificent Acropolis.

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Nature buys everything in a hotel across the road from the National Park. The courtyard – complete with twinkling outdoor fairy lights and reclining sofas – is planted with fruit lemon trees, while the beautiful glass roof lets in plenty of Greek sunshine. Although it is in the center of Athens, there is an emphasis on calm here; Soundproof windows, minimal feng shui and ergonomic Coco-mat mattresses ensure a good night’s sleep in every room.

The metal balconies and the lighting in the lobby are just a taste of luxury in the five-star Electro Palace Athens. Kores bathrooms have the finest Greek wooden baths; Keep some in your Jacuzzi tub for a dip. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spinal massage at the spa, complete with an Ottoman-style hammam and indoor pool. There is also an outdoor pool where you can swim with a view of the Acropolis. You probably don’t want to go.

Plant-based living is relatively new in Greece, and the Niki Athens Hotel in Plaka is leading the charge. The first “vegan restaurant” in the city proudly shows the continuation of the main value, and all the dishes in the winners vegan restaurant are made with natural, healthy and delicious vegetables – you want to clean the dragon all day. After you’ve seen the sights, head up to your room, to the room where wishes rule. The beds are well equipped with comfortable pillows, and only a stained glass wall separates you from the rain.

Ancient sites outside the Plaka Arch suites are abundant. Hadrian’s Arch looms at the end of the street, while the ruined Temple of Artemis Brownia is just around the corner. But in this beautiful neoclassical building is a modern hotel in Plaka, with spacious rooms decorated with brushed wooden floors and decorative ceilings. If that’s not enough to get you excited, the Wonka-esque on-site coffee shop and gelateria will delight your inner child.

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(town square)? Check. Is the kitchen used on all floors? Check. There are also cakes and cupcakes if you are too small. Choose a room with a view of the famous Acropolis or Filomousou Eterias square. The only thing missing is the roof garden, but there is still a lot of entertainment nearby. Above, Cine Paris is just the opposite – most movies are in English.

Near the south entrance of the Acropolis is the five-star Kyria Boutique; A very pleasant hotel in Plaka consisting of five beautiful rooms. Victoria’s house was once home to Aliki and Javani, a couple struggling to find their families – and language – to marry. Every detail inspires the soul – a single red rose in a soft bathroom, a vine on the roof of a house or carefully placed in a rococo room.

With a view of the Hellenic Parliament, this hotel has a taste of 21st century city life. Your luxury apartment has two double bedrooms, a corner sofa bed, two marble bathrooms, a kitchen and a design by the colorful designer Aposlos Yayanos. The mattresses are like clouds and if you manage to get out in time for breakfast – it’s delivered straight to your room – expect lots of sponge Greek cakes and hot food.

Discover more in the Greek capital by staying in one of the best hotels in Athens, Greece, or book in the best apartments in Athens, which can be booked on a cultural tour. Complete your trip with our cultural travel guide to Athens and the best theaters in town. Make sure to book one of the best restaurants in Piraeus before calling it a day.

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From the famous Acropolis and the Parthenon temple, to amazing museums that include some of the most ancient artifacts such as sculptures and jewelry.

It is truly a paradise for history buffs and serious researchers; And a place we can’t wait to visit on our way to Greece.

So if you want to take your experience in Athens to a whole new level, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Hotels In Plaka

Athens, also known as the “Violet Crown City”, is the largest city in Greece and has some of the most famous historical sites in the world.

From the main center of Plaka and Syntagma to the Metaxurgio area, you may wonder what is the best place to stay in Athens.

Before we reveal our 15 recommendations for luxury hotels in Athens, let’s take a look at the best places to stay in the city…

If you are a first time visitor to Athens, Plaka is the best place to stay. This tourist area is full of hostels and souvenir shops, but it is not without real charm.

These Are The Finest Hotels Near Plaka For An Unforgettable Stay

Tons of beautiful buildings, bustling markets, winding roads and narrow streets. And it also happens to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, so don’t miss history.

Being a pedestrian friendly area, you can easily walk and appreciate all that Athens has to offer. Adrianou Street is home to the best shops, and you can hit Psaras for traditional and traditional Greek food.

It is difficult to choose between Plaka and Syntagma, because they are both equally beautiful, and they are within a short walk of each other. So, in a way, it doesn’t matter if you decide to stay in Plaka or Syntagma, because you get the best of both worlds.

After that, the Syntagma seems to be relatively quiet, but protests can occasionally break out in Syntagma Square, where the main parliament of the country is located. However, that may be part of the appeal for some of you!

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It is usually close to the city center and the famous Acropolis, as well as an easy place to see other parts of Athens.

If luxury hotels, fine dining and luxury goods are your cup of tea, you won’t find a better place in Athens than Kolonaki.

This upscale neighborhood is unique, vibrant and oozing with class. Here you will find some of the city’s best bars, including the famous Mini de Mootcher, with a lively nightlife and a beautiful section of streets.

There are many cultural attractions such as the Benaki Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the History of Greek Costume Museum.

Where To Stay In Athens: The Best Neighborhood In Athens For Your Visit

Thanks to many clubs and bars, Psyri enjoys a wonderful nightlife. When you live in Psiri, you know you’ll never run out of things to do. From concerts and live bands to ouzo bashes and street art.

The area itself is close to Monastiraki, known for its authentic and unique markets, and is suitable for solo travelers, romantic couples and groups of friends. But for families or those looking for peace, we recommend avoiding Psiri.

While here, you won’t want to miss Iron Square, the Emporicon Theater, the Boiler Bar, the Spinster Bar and the Church of Panagia Capnicarea.

Koukaki is far from the Acropolis and offers a very beautiful and peaceful setting, so it’s good if you want a relaxing cruise and meet the locals.

Electra Palace Hotel Athens, Greece

It is also a university and residential area, so you will find many traditional Greek bars, beautiful streets and amazing coffee!

In the center of the neighborhood is Kukaki Square, but Giorgaki Olimpio Street is a must-see if you want to find independent shops and local food.

Meanwhile, Philopopou Hill Park can be a great place to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful views of Athens.

Although Athens may be more famous as a city, it also has a lot to offer as a beach holiday. In other words, the Athenian Riviera is a beautiful beach paradise where summer lasts until October!

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This is the area.

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