Best Hotels In Lamu Kenya

Best Hotels In Lamu Kenya – Majlis is one of Kenya’s most popular hotels for beach holidays, corporate events, business meetings, weddings, honeymoons and more. Located on Manda Island on the Lamu Peninsula, this beautiful beach hotel offers views of Lamu Island and Ras Kitau Beach. Majlis Boutique Hotel is conveniently located opposite Shela Village (Lamu Island) and 10 minutes from Lamu Airport (Manda Airport), surrounded by lush green trees, exotic Swahili culture and beautiful scenery. in the Indian Ocean.

Majlis is one of the best hotels in Kenya, offering the perfect combination of design and luxury. Majlis also caters to the needs of your children and provides special amenities for their fun, happiness and relaxation.

Best Hotels In Lamu Kenya

The hotel has 25 well-appointed rooms and suites, making it one of the best and most affordable accommodation options on the Kenyan coast. Majlis is a wonderful restaurant and bar where you can enjoy exotic delicacies and a variety of drinks. In addition, Mejlis has a state-of-the-art wellness center, two swimming pools and other activities that provide the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate at our luxury hotel in Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. To book the Majlis rooms or to know about the services we offer, you can browse our photo gallery and get an idea of ​​our best location, excellent and pleasant services. All Rights Reserved © 2022 Pty Ltd • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use • Payment Terms

List Of Top 10 Best Hotels In Lamu County

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The Majlis: 5 Star Luxury Hotel & Beach Resort Manda Island Lamu Kenya

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Some unclassified cookies are tracked and not anonymous. Lamu County is located on the north coast of Kenya. It covers an area of ​​more than 6,474.7 square kilometers, which includes the mainland and more than 65 islands that make up the Lamu Archipelago. The length of the coast is 130 km, the total water of the country is 308 km. The regional government is headed by Governor Fahim Yasin Twaha.

Interview With Lamu Local Sandy Bornman, Kenya

An exclusive beach hotel located on Manda Island in Lamu Harbour. 25 luxury rooms spread over three beach houses and a boutique hotel offering a peaceful stay in a suite. It has a fine dining restaurant, two swimming pools, two bars, comfortable seating, meeting and event facilities. The standard accommodation fee starts at 30,000 KES. To book a seat, you can call this number, +254 773 777 066

It is located on Lamu Island and offers private accommodation in 5 authentic and comfortable Swahili villas in a natural setting with sea views. It has an outdoor pool, spa facilities, massage parlor, restaurant, marinas and cultural tours. The standard accommodation fee starts at 21,168 KES. For further enquiries, please call +254 (0) 7212 30521.

Beautiful beach house located on Shella Beach. It was built in Swahili and Arabic with a sea view. It has 5 bedrooms, floors, an outdoor pool, airport transportation, laundry services, a specially designed garden for events, free Wi-Fi, dining options and a car rental service. Standard accommodation prices start at KES 50,000. For more information, please call +254 (0) 718 407 480.

It is located on Manda Island, Lamu Island, next to Peponi Hotel. Facilities include comfortable accommodation in chalets, gardens and terraces, 24-hour reception, airport transfers, free Wi-Fi, barbecues, swimming, daily housekeeping and a private beach area. Standard accommodation fees start at KES 35,000.

Best Cheap Hotels & Safari Hotels

A well-designed beach hotel in Swahili culture. It’s a great place for honeymooners or a weekend getaway. It features 11 luxurious guest rooms, three swimming pools, a restaurant serving a variety of local and international cuisine, free Wi-Fi, ample parking, a bar and lounge. Average rent starts at 23,242 KES. For more questions, you can call +254 (0) 792 469 577.

A boutique hotel on the remote island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean. It has a private beach, restaurant serving local and continental cuisine, luxury swimming pool, high speed internet, event garden, water activities, meeting and event facilities, events, comfortable living space. space. Guest rooms are air-conditioned. Standard rent starts at KES 25,000. To book you can call this number, +254 (0) 722 203 082

Garden House is located on Lamu Island overlooking the beauty of the Indian Ocean. It features a private infinity pool, indoor restaurant, bar, modern multi-cuisine restaurant, catering services, free Wi-Fi, laundry services, parking, concierge and airport shuttle. . It has two rooms with kitchen, mini-bar and private terrace. Standard accommodation fees start at KES 25,768.

It is located in Shela Village, Lamu Island. Night fishermen named it because of its guiding light. This is a comfortable guest house that can accommodate up to 6 guests. It offers an online cooking program with professional chefs. It also offers laundry service, shuttle service, car rental, room service and concierge. Average rent starts at KES 22,000. For more questions you can call them: +254 722 209 490.

Majlis Resort Lamu

This unique and secluded resort offers guests peace and quiet in beautifully decorated rooms overlooking the sea. It offers guests a wonderful retreat where they can relax and unwind their tired bodies and minds. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities including coral reef diving, snorkeling, turtle watching, fishing, and boating. Average rent starts at KES 20,000. For additional questions, please call +254 712 575 261.

It is located northwest of Manda Island, Lamu Archipelago. It offers spa treatments, fine dining, swimming pool, game room with table tennis, darts and tables, meeting rooms and events. It also represents the airport for private charter flights. Standard rental rates start at KES 28,000. You can call +254 (0) 712 579 999/ +254 (0) 735 579 999 for reservations and reservations.

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Level 1 houses top resorts like Majlis Resort and Manda Bay. Both of these resorts have a small number of guests, so you will receive the highest level of personal service. Majlis Resort has 25 rooms and suites in three separate villas, while Manda Bay offers 16 villas with sea or garden views.

Recommended Hotels Near Fishing Areas In Lamu For 2022

If you’re looking to focus on food, room size and activities, staying in the middle of Lamu Island is perfect. Another good resort on Lamu Island is Kipungani Falls or

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