Best Hotels In Kelowna Bc

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In a city defined by a variety of interests such as outdoor activities, gastronomy, art, culture and the ever-present hustle and bustle, it is not surprising that the accommodation options are as wide as the travel opportunities.

Best Hotels In Kelowna Bc

If you have the money to spend, you can stay in large rooms or penthouse suites that open to a beautiful view of the mountains and crystal sea. If you are traveling on a budget, there are many places that offer affordable and convenient amenities. Antisocial professionals can find a mountaintop hideout, while young teenagers can venture downtown or meet real people on a farm. A true city of the masses, Kelowna has a place for everyone.

West Kelowna Hotel: Best Western Plus Wine Country Hotel & Suites

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to keep the cream of the crop alive. Whether you’re a large family or a budget-conscious student looking for spring break, you’ll find something that’s right for you in the list below.

Before we begin, if you have your own transportation and want the ultimate in health, luxury and wilderness experience, we can’t recommend Sparkling Hill Resort enough. enough. It’s such a dream getaway that it needed its own space. Trust us, a little extra is worth the climb.

When you enter the gates, you are greeted by the warm light from the main gate, surrounded by glass wings above everything else, perfect for taking in the beautiful view of the city. What you won’t see from the front door, however, is Lake Okanagan and the majesty of the rooftop infinity pool, so close you can get in it. The spectacular views continue at the pool, with spectacular views covering the distant peaks. Want to get some sun from here – maybe from the jacuzzi?

Inside you will find beautiful marble rooms, a gym and a relaxing sauna. The open-plan guest rooms feel like an old friend’s home, with all the comforts of home. Your full dining room, flat screen TV, sofa lounge and hot tub will leave you wanting for nothing. You will also get the best views from your balcony overlooking the sea.

New Hotel Options In Kelowna

The location is perfect, minutes from the airport (with free shuttle bus), Harvest Golf Club, Black Mountain Golf Club, Prospera Place and Lake City Casinos!

All of this is paired with an extensive list of local wines and beers to bring the Okanagan to this little slice of Italy. Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

This beautiful beach hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the waterfront. It has its own marina restaurant and alfresco beach, where you can enjoy it freely with or without a protective umbrella (calling it a sun trap would hurt). The nearest beach is a minute’s walk away, or you can take a five minute drive to enjoy Rotary Beach, a favorite spot for local kite surfers.

They have their own pool, as well as a gym and jacuzzi if you want to swim indoors.

Hotels In Kelowna (british Columbia)

These rooms have a distinct heritage, with a sense of calm flowing through the lovely and well-lit spaces of the home. If you’re feeling lazy, every room has cable TV and free high-speed Internet access. They have a variety of pet-friendly rooms so you can bring the whole family!

Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the famous Mission Creek Golf Club is less than ten minutes away. Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

This place is a great place if you are looking for a place to stay near the pool or just a short distance from Kelowna’s best days.

With lush greenery, plenty of lounges, intimate seating and poolside seating, the venue extends to the water’s edge, so you don’t have to dry off to eat. Their restaurant, Oak + Cru brings the best of Kelowna straight to you, with a menu full of local specialties.

The Best Hotels In Kelowna, British Columbia

We love that almost every room has large windows that let in natural light and beautiful views. Your bedroom will be no different with an iHome entertainment system, a coffee maker and a stylish mini fridge.

Other popular spots include hot tubs, multiple spas, a blood-pumping fitness center, and an electric parking lot if you’re lucky enough to drive your Tesla so far.

Kelowna’s best museums, historical attractions, parks and golf clubs are just a few of the attractions less than a kilometer from the gates. Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

Another entry to the Eldorado resort is Manteo, which shares a beachfront location.

Rooms And Suites At The Best Western Plus Wine Country Hotel & Suites

Choose between the beach from the hotel, walk 150 meters to Rotary Beach, or really push the boat in Boyce-Gyro Beach Park and 450 meter sloop. If the water isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, Manteo has its own indoor pool and beautiful patio right on Okanagan Lake!

The rest of the hotel’s open spaces are surrounded by lush green areas shaded by large willow trees, outdoor swimming pools with sun loungers, a cooling area and a tennis court. Inside, you’ll find a well-equipped gym and an à la carte breakfast served every morning.

The rooms are clean and comfortable, with soft cloud mattresses at all times. While essentials such as TVs, safes and hair dryers are considered that you can use all year round, an air conditioner will keep you cool during the summer months.

For the outdoor enthusiasts among you (and we know there are many of you!), ask their friendly staff to connect you with the best biking, hiking or skiing opportunities in the area. Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

Sandman Hotel & Suites Kelowna In Kelowna, Canada From $81: Deals, Reviews, Photos

Travelers looking for the perfect waterfront getaway in West Kelowna won’t find a better waterfront hotel than The Cove.

The beautiful outdoor area features several pools and its own marina, both of which are great spots to watch the Kelowna sun set behind the peaks at the end of the day. Water sports lessons and boat trips for beginners are run by very friendly staff, allowing you to get into the water with ease and peace of mind.

Elsewhere on the property you can find restaurants serving delicious local cuisine, hot tubs, water slides and a fitness center. The Cove also has a large spa, where you can enjoy a range of massage, beauty and wellness treatments for a small fee.

The rooms here are something to write home about. Each apartment has a formal home with a five-piece kitchen, dining area, living room, laundry room and a private balcony with unbeatable views! Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

Best Hotels In Kelowna (bc), Canada

If you want to be where the action is and want to stay in a well-equipped, luxury hotel, this is the place for you – even if you bring a pet!

Look north to the city of Kelowna, east to Mission Creek and all its fun, south to the sands of Boyce-Gyro Beach, or west to the spectacular William R. Bennett overlook. Bridge. Talk about spoiled for choice!

There’s so much to explore within walking distance that you’d be forgiven if you didn’t stay long at the hotel, especially when you’re free to rent your favorite bikes, sports equipment and beach toys! But you’ll miss the pool, hot tub, fitness center, and plenty of games, not to mention the great seafood that awaits you at the West Coast Grill & Oyster Bar.

The bedrooms are also equipped; Free Wi-Fi, cable TV, mini fridge, granite bathrooms and your own covered balcony to see the sounds and sounds up close.

Kelowna Hotel With Waterslide And Indoor Pool: Comfort Suites Kelowna

Prestige Beach House’s customer service is also commendable, with attentive concierges and full-time parking! Visit this Kelowna Hotel:

Downtown Kelowna is full of fun places, unique vibes and unexpected creative inspiration that surrounds you at every corner – and this pet-friendly hotel brings it all to you!

Expect interesting materials, elevated colors and retro-futuristic aesthetics everywhere you look. It’s a place for fun-loving people who aren’t afraid to get a little crazy, but still enjoy all the good creations. Zed’s daily amenities include a rooftop terrace overlooking City Park, an outdoor pool, sauna, hot tub and…

…other attractions include a disco room (with flashing lights and a fog machine!), a table tennis hall and free access for guests to roller skates!

The Best Intercontinental (ihg) Hotels In Kelowna, British Columbia

Inside your beautiful digs, you’ll find all the hotel amenities you need.

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