Best Hotels In Indonesia

Best Hotels In Indonesia – After talking about the best hotels in the Yogyakarta city area, we will have another topic about hotels. But this is not only in the Yogyakarya region, but also in all parts of the island of Java. So, you can notice that these hotels are different from Jakarta area in the western part of Java island to East Java area.

In fact, each area of ​​the island has an unlimited number of hotels. They are a wide range of businesses and services. That’s why we have chosen only the best hotels in Java Indonesia that you can choose as a place to relax. Here is a list of the best resorts and hotels you can find on the island.

Best Hotels In Indonesia

The first hotel in this article of the best hotels in Java Indonesia is the Ya Grand Hotel Jakarta. As one of the best hotels in the Jakarta area, Take Mansion Hotel is the perfect place to stay in this great city. Located at Kebon Sirih 1 road number 3, Central Jakarta. It is surrounded by other companies.

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It really is a three star hotel. But at this level of the hotel, you will experience great relaxation in this place. The work is good and proper. In addition, the hotel’s location is close to other malls such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia, making it convenient. You can also enjoy a car all day on a Sunday outside the hotel.

Also, another interesting hotel in the Jakarta area is the Treva International Hotel. The house looks unique with its top decorations and bright white color. The bedroom is decorated with a nice touch of chocolate wallpaper. It is very bright though in these rooms because so many lights are placed in a single room.

Like the Take Mansion hotel above, the Treva International also has three stars. For less than five hundred thousand rupees, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a comfortable room, complete with many services. From this hotel you have to walk few minutes to the famous place of Jakarta, Monas or National Monument.

And finally in Jakarta, one of the best hotels in Java Indonesia is the amazing hotel Kutaradja. As you can see, this hotel has high expectations and the word “Wonderful” is in its name. But, their hope is also fulfilled by efforts to make this hotel the most luxurious and affordable place to rest.

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Spending a night at this hotel would be a great idea, especially if you are a backpacker or a traveler on a tight budget. You can have a room for less than 3,000,000 rupees only! What a great deal. The hotel’s location is also very strategic, just a few meters from Monas and Ismali Marzuki Park.

From Jakarta, we will arrive at a town called Bandung in West Java. There are hotels to speak of. First, let’s look at Trizara Resorts. This is not the usual resort you know. In Trizara you will stay in a hut, not a square room like the others, it’s a hut.

Of course, the tent for your stay is not the usual tent used for camping, but it is bigger and more comfortable. The cabin is also equipped with a bed and an internal bathroom. Even outdoors, you can do other things like swimming, archery and cycling. With an interesting view, visiting Trizara will be an amazing experience.

Bandung has many interesting places. And an example of this is the Green Forest Hotel. With a natural view, almost like a Trizara resort, the Green Forest is a nice place for those who want to have that kind of village atmosphere. Visiting the village will always be a peaceful and quiet experience, and Green Forest wants to bring that experience to its guests.

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The structure of the Green Forest is dominated by woody elements combined with shade trees. The atmosphere here is calm and peaceful. Anyone interested in having a room at the Green Forest Hotel can go to Sersan Bajuri road number 102 Cihideung. For just half a million rupees, travelers can find all the good stuff at this hotel.

The last hotel on the list in Bandung is the Imah Seniman. Like the other hotels mentioned above, this hotel also brings back the feeling of nature. It is located away from the city crowd, so you can expect a truly peaceful atmosphere at this Imah Seniman hotel. In addition to offering guests the best services in their rooms, this hotel also has some services for you to do.

Every room in this hotel has this kind of authentic Javanese architecture in every corner. But it looks good. In addition, you can enjoy the outdoor area where you can do some things like fishing, running, doing Yoga or just lying down looking at the sky. For this amazing package, you have to pay around half a million rupees.

And we’re going to the Central Java region to visit a town called Solo. You know, Mr. Jokowi, the president of Indonesia is the leader of this city. He used this hotel for his daughter’s wedding celebrations. As a result, many people are curious about this hotel and decide to visit this hotel for themselves.

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The result is the maximum. All comments seem positive. No wonder, because this hotel, the tallest building in Solo and Sukoharjo, has interesting things for you. You can choose from five room types, from deluxe to executive suite. Deluxe, the most affordable is very beautiful with 50 meters wide and beautiful decorations. You may be more and more satisfied as you try out other types of suites.

Therefore, we moved to East Java region to Malang city first. Malang city is known as a tourist city full of many attractions. The opportunity to earn a promising income from these travel sites is understood by many people. They built a business in hotels and resorts, making Malang a city full of hotels.

Among these beautiful hotels, there is a very interesting one called Hotel Santika Premiere. The hotel is just 15 minutes from the airport. There are a lot of good reviews about this place, they say that Santika has a peaceful look but very comfortable. Like many hotels in Java, there are facilities at this hotel such as a swimming pool, spa and gym.

The next hotel in Malang which is one of the best hotels in Java Indonesia is the Jambuwuluk Batu Resorts. Jambuwuluk has a beautiful architectural design that is very similar to the traditional Gadang house. This hotel is just 10 minutes from the famous Parque do Jatim, and also 15 minutes from the Batu Night Spectacular attraction in Batu.

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Jambuwuluk can be a perfect choice for you and your family because these villas or resorts have three to four bedrooms in a house. And the villa is well supported with many facilities like kitchen, dining room, television, free wifi and much more. Also, outdoors, you can enjoy many fun activities such as flying fox, running track, playground, swimming pool, sound system and karaoke.

Leaving the city of Malang, we head north to the capital of the East Java region, Surabaya. Known as the city of heroes, Surabaya undoubtedly has some collections of hotels to stay at. One of them is the Majapahit Hotel. Majapahit Hotel is a very historic but very good hotel in the city, close to the famous shops of Surabaya.

If you don’t know, this hotel is where a historic event took place between the people of Surabaya and the Dutch after the colonial period. Every Hero’s Day or Independence Day, there is a theatrical event held in front of this hotel. Back at the hotel, Majapahit has 143 rooms on the first and second floors. And once again, it’s a five star hotel, so its services must be among the best.

In addition to these places, we have prepared for you another list that has the best in Java Indonesia.

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That’s why, the best park in Java Indonesia. After checking out our options above, we hope you find the right option for your situation. The best way to find the right one with great services, but without worrying about the price Home Ads » Hosting

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