Best Hotels In Egypt Near Pyramids

Best Hotels In Egypt Near Pyramids – When you think of Egypt, surely one of the first things that comes to mind is the pyramids! Sometimes experiencing the pyramids and the sphinx in one day trip is not enough. Trust me, I agree! If you want to relax on the balcony sipping mint tea and watching the sun set over the pyramids, here is a list of hotels for you.

With hundreds of hotel options in Cairo and nearby Giza, choosing the right hotel with a view of the pyramids can be quite difficult. Depending on how up close and personal you want to see the great structures of ancient Egypt will dictate which area you should see.

Best Hotels In Egypt Near Pyramids

The best place to see the pyramids is of course in Giza, where the famous pyramid complex is located. While it’s not the easiest place to find in and around Cairo (here are 7 things you should see there besides the pyramids), it’s a place you won’t regret finding if you just stop by. evening or dinner or afternoon. Since the new major Egyptian museum is about to open in Giza, choosing a hotel with a view of the pyramids in Giza would be a good choice.

Secrets Of The Great Pyramids Of Giza

If you want to stay in one of the hotels you are staying in Cairo AND you want to love the pyramids, you are still in luck, but look for options with views of the pyramids beyond the sky. For other Cairo hotel recommendations, check out this neighborhood guide to where to stay in Cairo.

Here is a list of amazing pyramid view hotels to consider for every budget (all prices listed below are in Canadian dollars and may vary). *Also, when booking, be sure to ask for a room facing the pyramids to ensure a million dollar view!

With rooms starting at $50 CAD, Panorama Pyramids Inn is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. It’s still hard to get close, expect a full frontal view here. While there are many options near Pyramid, this is one of the higher budget options. It even comes with breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I can’t say no, especially the local Egyptian breakfast!

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Hotels In Giza

Another budget option, located opposite the Great Pyramids complex. With an amazing rooftop view that allows you to see the front view of all three pyramids, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the night light show from afar. And also… I mean… look at that breakfast!!

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Just down the road from the Sphinx and Pyramids, you can still get a great view of these impressive structures – even from the comfort of your hotel pool. Also located across the street from the recently opened Grand Egyptian Museum. As with all of these options, be sure to request a room with a view of the pyramids when booking.

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Being 5 minutes away from the pyramids, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the wonders of ancient Egypt from afar.

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This beautiful hotel also has amazing views everywhere you look, whether from the comfort of your room or the pool (if you want to know what to wear to the pool in Egypt, check out this post on what to wear in Egypt) . With a choice of bar, hookah or spa, there is something for everyone.

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Hotels To Pyramids Of Giza

Imagine seeing a piece of history outside your window! The hotel is a true masterpiece with a rich royal history dating back to the 1800s. I have never stayed in a more amazing hotel, from the architecture, to the service, to the food. A night here will make you feel like a king, offering unparalleled views of the pyramids. If this option is out of your price range, please at least come and enjoy a meal at this amazing piece of history.

If you really want to splurge, this Four Seasons hotel is the place for you. Stop here to enjoy the view of Cairo, the pyramids and the Nile. Please note that Premier Twin Rooms have skyline views.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by FS First Residence Cairo (@fscairofr) on Dec 12, 2018 at 6:51 am PSTI If you are planning to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, you have many accommodation options. You can stay in a city near Cairo or book a hotel with a great view of the pyramids right from your room!

We highly recommend booking a hotel near the Great Pyramid of Giza for at least one night so you can enjoy the view of the pyramid at sunrise and sunset from its beautiful vantage point.

Hotel Pyramids Of Giza

Check out our 5 favorite hotels near the Great Pyramid of Giza that you’ll love during your visit to Egypt!

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The Mena Marriott Hotel is a hotel near the Great Pyramids. With a large swimming pool, modern fitness center, spa and beautiful gardens, it is the perfect place to stay in Giza. You get amazing views of the pyramids from the entire property!

Our rooms are spacious and very comfortable. All rooms have air conditioning, television, private sitting area and many other facilities including bathrobes and slippers for relaxation. It is worth spending more to get a room with a view of the pyramids so that you can see them east and west without entering the Giza complex.

Barceló Cairo Pyramids

Breakfast is in the garden with a wonderful view. It’s a perfect and peaceful way to start your day in Giza! And when you’re ready to enter Giza center, it’s less than half a mile from the hotel to the entrance. You will love to get close to the pyramids!

If you’re looking for a great pool with a great view of the pyramids, check out Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa. The hotel also has a fitness center, hot tub and spa. He loves living by the lake with the great pyramid in the background!

Rooms are simple and comfortable, with flat screen TVs and small sitting areas. Some rooms have balconies that provide private views of the pyramids from your room.

Panorama Pyramids Inn is a good choice for a reasonably priced hotel near the pyramids. The view of the Giza complex from the roof is amazing! In fact, it’s a great place to see the sound and light show at night without having to buy a ticket.

Hotels With The Most Stunning Pyramid Views

The rooms are large and clean with simple furnishings. The hotel staff is very helpful and attentive and will help you in getting tours or arranging transportation. In addition, the daily breakfast served on the terrace is exceptional. For the price, this hotel is hard to beat!

Egypt Pyramids Inn is another hotel near the pyramids with a great view from the top terrace! Enjoy breakfast overlooking the Giza complex and return at night for a top view of the light show.

The rooms are quite basic, but clean and comfortable. Facilities include a heater for morning tea or coffee, air conditioning and a flat screen TV. All at relatively reasonable prices.

The staff at Egypt Pyramids Inn are very helpful and kind. They can help arrange transportation to and from the airport and help you book tours or excursions in Egypt. You will feel comfortable here!

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The newly renovated hotel offers stunning views of the Great Pyramid from many rooms and from the top terrace. And it’s also near the entrance to the pyramid, so it’s hard

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