Best Hotels In Douala Cameroon

Best Hotels In Douala Cameroon – When it comes to hotels, the price paid is not always the same as the service received. We present a list of the 15 best hotels in Douala.

Which hotel is the best value for money stay in Douala? At CTM we thought it was important for everyone to get feedback on the quality of services provided to customers by the hotels of the economic capital, due to the many complaints about the cost of living in Cameroon General. In this article we will give some answers to this question. By doing this, we want to fulfill our mission of guiding customers who are hungry for information about what is available in the area.

Best Hotels In Douala Cameroon

For the first edition of our magazine, we carried out the task of ranking hotels in Douala. This ranking, which is not limited to the degree defined by the Ministry of Tourism and Infrastructure, favors the satisfaction of the customer (mostly international travelers) after staying in the facilities it’s about. This list takes into account two important factors: the cost of living and the quality of services that customers receive. The hotels and other accommodations in our classification are limited to those whose customers have shared their feedback after staying at these hotels.

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Our site combines the standard of the hotel shown in the number of stars, the services offered, the location and the price. Add to this the number of reviews the hotel has received on, a curated site that collects comprehensive hotel ratings provided by customers. Regarding fake reviews that may have been posted on travel, we have removed all hotels with low reviews. All these criteria are combined using a mathematical model to produce a computerized ranking of Douala hotels, regardless of their rating (number of stars) belonging to a global chain or network.

From all the information received, it is believed that the high cost of hotel accommodation in Cameroon is compared to the services offered to customers, for hotels belonging to international chains and other properties managing the area. In general, the quality of service is below the international standard. Finally, the applications are not the same. The service is provided at the same hotel, so two people booking the same room with the same options will receive two different treatments. In addition, employees often lack the professionalism and knowledge to carry out their duties. Our ranking of Douala hotels after our analysis is as follows:

This is a luxury hotel in the heart of the business district (Akwa). This hotel has all the amenities that travelers need, as it is close to administrative, commercial and financial centers. Being able to get a room at the lower (older) Akwa Palace (3 stars) makes this hotel better than others in its category. The hotel will continue to lose its position if Le Méridien corrects some of the weaknesses that caused it to drop to third place.

This is a budget hotel (3 stars) located in the heart of Akwa district with many amenities, warm hospitality and professional service with attentive staff.

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A luxury hotel in Bonanjo, the hotel is part of the Meridien chain. The best hotel in Douala today, although the service is not close to what is found in the best meridians in the world, the prices are very high on the Douala meridian . The structure is standard (compared to other hotels in the chain), but with a higher price and the service is a step above the local average, but under international standards, not high prices are necessary. All these shortcomings cost this hotel in the first place.

This is an “Accor” hotel with standard facilities found in all Ibis hotels. There is little to do for a hotel of this standard.

Prince de Galles is a new hotel with modern exterior architecture and luxury and aspiration on the street of the same name. Unfortunately, the interior rooms are not pleasant, and the architectural design of the bathroom is not very smart. If these small areas are resolved, this hotel will have a place on the list.

One of the oldest and most famous in the city of Douala, this hotel has become very successful over the years. However, the hotel is currently being renovated. It can improve the quality of service and reduce costs. The hotel can claim its status as a luxury and beautiful hotel in Douala, which will probably happen after its renovation. The environment is wonderful.

Hotel Akwa Palace, Douala

This is an economical hotel with impeccable comfort. The cleanliness of the rooms was amazing. The hotel has recently been renovated, which improved its appearance. Its geographical location in the middle of the business district (Akwa) and five minutes from Douala International Airport is an advantage.

Far from the airport, the hotel is reasonable for the price and service. The rooms are clean and comfortable, nothing more.

This hotel is for those with shallow pockets. This is a simple, clean and beautiful hotel, suitable only for a short stay. The management has to be careful about cleanliness as the hotel has started to suffer.

This is a very nice hotel located between Akwa and Deido, very close to the train station. The prices are very reasonable considering the services offered and the luxury that can be found in this property.

Star Land Hotel Bonapriso

A perfect tourist hotel, the Aquarius Marina complex is built on stilts and allows the customer to experience an environment close to the countryside in the city. The rooms are clean and adequate.

This is a cheap hotel with a desire for luxury and comfort offered by some of the neglect of cleanliness. This hotel would be rated better if the staff were less professional and the rooms were less clean (especially the showers). This hotel has a branch in Akwa North (near Bonamoussadi in an area called Sable). Here the situation becomes much less.

Looking at luxury, this budget hotel is full of great amenities. If the reception staff can improve the customer service, the Hotel Somatel can increase its beauty.

A famous hotel built on the edge of independence, the Beauséjour Mirabel still retains its charm, although it is in dire need of renovation, which makes this historical hotel no longer considered part of the city’s attractions. of Douala.

Hotel Ibis Douala

This is a short walk from Deido’s roundabout (the one with the new Liberty sign). The small house provides the service that is suitable for a 5 star hotel that will not be forgotten. Although the price is low, this house is full of beauty. A great place for families and love birds looking for peace and privacy. Hilton Hotel Yaoundé combines local culture and tradition By Hilton Hotel Yaoundé / Expedia

Between its most important sights – the collapse of Ekon-Nkam Falls, the volcano of Mandara Mountains – the rich history and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the home of cheetahs, lions and elephants, a long list of Cameroon for things to see. And whether you’re visiting for the first time or retiring to continue exploring, the right hotel will enhance your experience. When you need a place to rest after a full day of exploring, these are the best hotels in Cameroon.

On the coast of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon and the port city, ONOMO combines the style of urban industry – exposed brick, natural wood, low lighting – with all the furniture . A small, sheltered balcony overlooks the hotel gardens and, in some cases, a kitchen, but the real price? Maybe it’s the Tang’O cocktail bar on the top floor, an open space with sofas and views of the city. Sit and sample the local fruit and tapas and twist.

Whether you’ve come to Yaounde, Cameroon’s political heart, for business or pleasure, the Hilton is a rock: from its infinity pool to its luxurious suites, it caters to all types of guests. The rooms are decorated in white, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the wider city; an indoor dining room that serves as a sports bar and billiards. See the African masks adorning the 24-hour La Cascade lobby bar, a gentle immersion in local culture.

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Unforgettable architecture: Inspired by the designs of the Bamileke people, from the outside, Hotel Zingana is a powerful vision of baked clay tones, triangular windows and ornate decorations. Inside, from the polished wooden floors to the paneled walls and lighting, there’s a contemporary feel with funky touches – think basket-weave lamps and rattan-style bistro chairs. It is a good choice when you are in the north of Bafoussam, a town surrounded by beautiful savannah hills.

It’s hard to escape the swimming pool in this Douala village – an expanse of aquamarine, surrounded by tall palms and surrounded by sun loungers, it’s an easy place to waste an afternoon. Enjoy breakfast on the rooftop

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