Best Hotels In Canterbury

Best Hotels In Canterbury – Penthouse 3000 sq.m. With its own chef, butler and cinema, the Foote is the centerpiece of Kent’s newest hotel.

The artistic set is the main attraction of the cave, which was launched as part of the £12 million project on the outskirts of Canterbury.

Best Hotels In Canterbury

Its owners, James Torrey and Jonathan Callister, say they are inspired by the world’s best hotels and hope to bring “affordable luxury” to the country.

Kent’s ‘most Luxurious’ Hotel The Cave Opens Its Doors

Their vision is to be located on the grounds of Boughton Golf Club, just off the A2 near Faversham, and named The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort.

Chief executive Mr Callister said: “My chairman James and I have been lucky enough to stay in some of the best hotels in the world and have been inspired.

“At The Cave, we’ve tried to put everything we love into our brand and remove everything that bothers us.”

All 41 hotel rooms are fit for royalty – literally – with king-size beds in each fitted with a mattress made by the same company as the queen.

Best Hotels In Canterbury, United Kingdom

Each room is equipped with super high-tech pieces, special furniture and accessories, specially designed and commissioned or sourced from all over the world.

The owners say they hope to create the best in comfort and convenience at an “affordable price”, with rooms starting from £125 a night.

“We’ve created an affordable luxury hotel with a five-star feel, without the rules that traditional hotels have,” says Mr Callister.

“We want people to leave their next visit already planned for the experience, whether it’s a better night’s sleep or a meal.”

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Diners at The Cave dine in the Firepit Restaurant, which offers a unique opportunity to share plates of international flavors that have been combined to create a “sophisticated, re-imagined menu”.

The owners were so passionate about the restaurant that they took a team of chefs, led by John Bingley, around the world from Miami to China to gather recipe ideas.

Those looking for a penthouse can try cooking in privacy, as the £895-a-night suite, which ends this month, has its own kitchen and chef, dining room and luxury lounge.

Guests can also use a £100,000 Mercedes S Class chauffeur driven car to Canterbury and local train stations.

Howfield Manor Hotel Hotel, Canterbury, United Kingdom

This follows the opening of Pig Hotel in Bridge earlier this year, which is already a well-established brand.

But Mr Callister believes they are not direct competitors as they offer different experiences and both make East Kent even more attractive.

If the cave, which opened last month, proves to be the success it believes it will be, the company plans to open larger hotels under the same name in the future.

“If everything goes as we think it will, then we will definitely consider expanding with bigger hotels.”

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