Best Hotels In Bulgaria

Best Hotels In Bulgaria – Pamper yourself with a stay at the Astor Garden Hotel in St. Constantine and Helena, just outside of Varna, Bulgaria | Courtesy of Astor Garden Hotel / Expedia

In the port city of Varna, you can easily spend time on the beaches and in the Sea Garden Park, which is located along the coast of Bulgaria’s maritime capital. But how about exploring beyond the sands to experience museums covering the country’s history from ancient Roman times to communism, and visit Chalga’s music clubs for a truly Bulgarian experience? Book your stay at one of these hotels to make the most of your time in Varna.

Best Hotels In Bulgaria

Staying in one of Graffit’s creative and modern rooms reflects the hotel’s origins as a contemporary art space. There is another gallery on site and you are only a block away from the Varna City Art Gallery. You can also get inspired by a change of scenery with the option to sleep in a different room every night – each floor has its own unique design.

Imperial Plovdiv Hotel & Spa Hotel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Want clean lines and a modern touch? Hotel mOdus is a small boutique venue with attention to detail, down to the complimentary green apple that matches the hotel’s bold colors. Rent one of the free bikes to get around the city. Don’t miss dinner at the glass-roofed garden bistro and try the grilled sea bass with Bulgarian wine.

View the sea garden and ocean from your room through Rosslyn’s stylish glass facade. The elegant suites have fully equipped mini-bars and jacuzzis. Also, the on-site Maya Vita Center is a great place to relax and enjoy spa treatments – there’s a salt room, Finnish sauna and aromatic steam bath.

Settle into a private apartment at Cabacum Plaza, nestled on a lush hillside overlooking the Black Sea, just outside Varna. Floor-to-ceiling gold and purple curtains frame the sea view, and even studio rooms have kitchenettes, perfect for longer stays where you can feel like you’re living on the beach. Enjoy the outdoor waterside pool downstairs.

Step back into the Bell Hop era with Art Nouveau architecture and cherry red uniforms at the Capitol Hotel. Pass through the hand-painted skylight lobby on your way to the opera, or curl up in a plush white sofa and slip on a nightcap and feel the hotel’s timeless glamour. Be sure to spend at least one night in the hotel’s fine restaurant with an excellent wine list.

Hotel Riu Palace Sunny Beach

Just outside Varna, Bulgaria’s oldest Black Sea resort, St. Rest in Constantine and Helena. Astor Garden is the kind of hotel where you can relax on sun loungers under an ivory umbrella at the beach bar, with lush greenery rising from white Grecian columns by the pool. Book a restorative massage at the on-site spa or purchase your complimentary pass to the nearby Aquahouse Thermal and Beach, which features fourteen thermal mineral water pools.

Find peace in one of Primorski’s chic neutral rooms and crisp white linens. The view from the balcony overlooks the trees, but you are only minutes from the beach. The hotel is part of the larger center of Primorsky, so you can walk to the small town center (with the clock tower) for shopping and dining. Choose Little City Cafe for your morning cappuccino and take it to your private balcony.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance, and provide you with personalized content and advertising. Please click “OK” to give us a better and more personalized experience. Halfway along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Nesbar is a history lover’s paradise with the ruins of a Greek settlement and 40 churches dating from the 5th to 19th centuries to explore. But you can relax on the golden sands by the sea or enjoy the nightlife of Sunny Beach Resort. Here’s a rundown of the best places to stay.

This wooden and stone boutique hotel, which is located in the heart of the old city with a history of more than 100 years, will take you back to ancient times with its atmospheric courtyard. Located on the city’s light-filled historic peninsula, it has four rooms of unremarkable good taste (wood paneled walls and pale champagne fabrics). It’s a great base for walking along the beach and among the cottage-sized Byzantine churches. Back at the hotel, try a shot of raki grape or plum (liquor) with your Shopska salad – and you’ll be right at home in Nessebar.

Best All Inclusive Hotels In Bulgaria In 2022

If you have small children, keep an eye on them, you will love this family hotel. It can accommodate up to four people in simple yet comfortable standard motel rooms and can vary between double, triple and apartments. The original oil paintings that cover the walls add to the overall sense of home-sweet-home comfort. There is an outdoor pool and a shallow alternative for youngsters. They can also keep themselves busy in the children’s corner, which has a colorful swing and slide.

This modern check-in touches everything but the dusty sands of the Black Sea that glisten just outside the resort. The name is derived from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, meaning “born of the sea floor”. From the moment you have breakfast on the terrace of the restaurant with the waves until you eat Bulgarian food cooled by the sea breeze at night, you will be under the sea of ​​Nesbar. From the hotel it is only a 15 minute walk to the old world of the old town – along the beach or through a lovely park. Anyway, you will pass through Nesbar Strait which is on both sides of the sea.

Vacation with the group? This place has enough to satisfy all interests. Want to dive into a Finnish sauna or an 8-person hot tub? Maybe you prefer to play billiards or table tennis. There are larger, more intimate pools for energetic or idle laps, as well as a well-equipped fitness studio. The property is located 3 km (2 miles) between Nesbar and the quiet coastal village of Ravda. There is plenty to do, including a visit to the large Paradise Water Park, which is only a five-minute walk from the hotel.

Perched above the harbor on one of the cliffs of a small peninsula, this friendly three-star resort has 26 simple, clean and colorful bedrooms with air conditioning and minibars. This hotel takes its name from St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, and takes care of its guests with the same care. Nesbar’s main attraction is within easy reach: its 40 churches, all as crowded as gingerbread houses. You might get lost in the winding cobblestone streets, but that can actually be to your advantage, because around every corner you’ll find amazing surprises like another church or an old house made of stone and wood.

Hotel Marvel Review: What To Really Expect If You Stay

If you don’t fancy a short walk to the old town of Nessebar or the nearby promenade of Sunny Beach and its nightlife, you’ll be right at home at Sol Marina Palace. You can more or less fully enjoy your cruise from the rooftop infinity pool and upper terrace: from sunrise to sunset you have a 360-degree view, from the white boats bobbing in the harbor to the terracotta roof tiles. Old town pink. . And if you like to have an outside nose? A glass elevator takes you from the upper deck to Sunny Beach, where you can board one of the small town cars and be greeted on your way back to the beach.

With its heavy eaves and wrought-iron balconies, this beautiful little trick adds a dashing charm to the tiny Nesbar peninsula. The stone walls have ancient Roman elements and there is a colorful garden full of greenery and pink geraniums. Rooms are motel-style but comfortable, some with quiet balconies overlooking neighboring houses. An authentic fishing boat in the yard reminds you that the Black Sea is a three-minute walk away: enter one of the winding cobblestone streets and there’s something beautiful to photograph around every corner.

If you’re vacationing with the youngsters, plan a few nights at the massive four-star Sol Nessebar, one of the premier resorts on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. It has a water park and a kids club. Whether you join them or relax elsewhere independently, the kids are welcome – a professional team of caretakers are on hand to look after your little darlings. It allows you to enjoy your body and senses in the three-story SPA center. Or get lost on the beautiful beach between Nesbar and trendy Sunny Beach for a tan.

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