Best Hostels In Brazil

Best Hostels In Brazil – No need to worry about finding the best place and best accommodation in Sao Paulo. It is one of the most populated cities in the world and it can be overwhelming. First off – but, we’ve got you covered!

The top 3 hostels selected in Sao Paulo will not disappoint. From more than 150 hostels, we have chosen exactly 3 to make your life easier.

Best Hostels In Brazil

A great place for solo travelers to enjoy a cozy little apartment and meet the locals. After all, who doesn’t like their privacy? Sao Paulo is also a very cheap city in Brazil.

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Budget packers can save less on hostel bars and local attractions.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Brazil for your next trip, check out our guide to the 3 best hostels in Rio de Janeiro.

Here you will find all 5 hostels and all the “best hostel” guides.

Average bed price: Hostels in Singapore vary from €7 – €12 per night for a bed in a hostel. Private rooms start from €19 to €58. This is just an average to give you an idea.

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The price always varies depending on the season and the holiday. Always check availability and exact rates on or

Check-in and Check-out: Maximum check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm) and check-out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels often offer luggage storage if you arrive early or leave late. Check if the storage service is free or charge extra.

Types of Bedrooms: The types of bedrooms are very different. Please check the type of accommodation you want. From quiet places to families, from activists to parties.

We put all three properties on the map. You can find the map at the end of the article.

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The staff at O ​​de Casa Hostel Bar come from a small town and bring more humanity to São Paulo.

This is undoubtedly the best accommodation we can find and a great way to enjoy the city life.

According to street rumors, this is the best bar in Sao Paulo. There’s only one way to find out!

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or a local craft beer while listening to fun Brazilian music.

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And you are treated in this hostel. They offer a free walking tour every two days. Join the fun!

From mixed dormitories for 4-8 people to private rooms with large windows, O de Casa welcomes a wide range of travelers.

Location: Located in a safe area of ​​Vila Madalena. Nearby there are bars, restaurants, art galleries and shops. The subway, bus and supermarket are nearby, so it’s convenient.

WE Hostel Design Sao Paulo is a newcomer to São Paulo with affordable accommodation that doesn’t compromise on style and cleanliness.

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There are no curtains over the bed but there is a big wardrobe for everyone and the rooms are nice and bright.

As you can clearly see; Plenty of space to chat with other people or just enjoy some alone time.

Location: Vila Mariana area, close to bike rental and close to major city attractions. This traditional neighborhood is peaceful and safe.

Viva Hostel Design is a great choice if you want some quiet and alone time. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s still a great place to meet new people.

Books Hostel, Rio De Janeiro

“Everything at the lodge is strategically designed to solve travel problems and increase your satisfaction during your stay.”

The beds here are definitely different. They are made of concrete! A small personal space with a charging socket and a light and sturdy ladder that does not twist.

There is a seating area with a chair and a computer with free Wi-Fi. A separate room has a TV with movies and video games for lazy days.

Perhaps the best place to meet people is at the hostel bar. There are great projectors for movies and football games!

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Location: 8 minutes walk from Vila Madalena metro station and bus station. Located in a popular area with many bars, clubs, restaurants and markets.

The difference is usually 1-2€ ($1-2) per night and does not include many amenities. This can be breakfast or bed linen.

However, if you are traveling on a tight budget and want to save on everything, there are ways to find the cheapest places in São Paulo.

Also keep an eye out for ratings, especially “higher ratings”. That is the best and the worst. These ratings can provide great insight into what to expect.

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Here you can meet new friends at the indoor bar or enjoy a good book in a hammock in the courtyard. Thanks to the great staff, you can join a free tour to explore as a group.

If you want to continue to enjoy in the best place, the nearby O de Casa is the best bar.

Forget about the insane asylums of São Paulo for a moment. We found exactly two hostels that are perfect for a holiday in Sao Paulo. This accommodation does not have to be loud and noisy. There is music and plenty of drinks to unwind and warm up after the day! Go to this bar Saulo Paulo with your new friends.

You really don’t need it at O ​​de Casa Hostel Bar. Yes – we should mention this host again!

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Give yourself accommodation, conversation and desire to spend the night in the city.

Most importantly, you can return to your comfortable room and wait for a delicious beer in the restaurant of the bar.

Sao Paulo Hostel Club near Paulista Street means close to the vibrant city life. The staff here are nice and they serve breakfast too.

You can relax at the bar, watch your favorite TV show in your comfortable bed or tour the nearby attractions.

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The rooms are very small but the great staff, great location and great breakfast definitely make up for it.

This is one of the best hostels to choose from if you want the comfort of home.

You are lucky. There are more great hotels in Sao Paulo. sorry! In addition, we have narrowed down our favorite places to stay in São Paulo from above.

However, there are a few backpackers that we think are worth mentioning. We want to make sure that all types of travelers are satisfied.

The Best Backpacker Spots In Brazil

Mixed male and female dormitories with private facilities for couples and small families. It is a villa for one night.

Wine itself is a famous coffee shop in Sao Paulo. Nice and cozy place to have breakfast and beautiful garden to relax.

And the rooms are very interesting. You may consider asking if you want to stay for a long time and not leave.

Hostel Vila Mariana has two important aspects when looking for a place to stay. Just a great shower and comfort.

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The hostel has beautiful architecture and offers a great breakfast. The best way to start a new day.

Vila Mariana is perfect if you have something for everyone to see. Close to the subway and the park, people pass by all the time. You can see and observe the world as it is.

Or you can spend a wonderful time reading a book by the window and drinking coffee or tea 24/7. What could be better than this?

Make no mistake. There are actually two Red Monkey motels in Sao Paulo. Don’t worry. We were also confused at first. So I hope you are not confused.

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Red Monkey Hostel is simple, rather laid back and has great staff. The staff are very friendly and will accompany you around the city and even translate. They embody the hospitality of the Brazilian people of Sao Paulo.

We have included useful links to each of our recommended hostels. Just click on the property name. You can check prices and availability through the link.

The best hostels in Sao Paulo are all famous. especially during high season. To stay in style, get a room or bed as soon as you set your travel dates.

We currently do not have any special hostels in São Paulo. I repented. By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive the latest hostel discounts in your inbox.

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Let’s see on the map. Below you will find all three of the best hostels in Paulo Island on a map.

We personally like to plan our trips on a map that shows all the attractions and hostels. This map will help you plan your trip.

Looking for fun things to do in Sao Paulo? we did

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