Best Hernia Surgeons In South Florida

Best Hernia Surgeons In South Florida – Surgery is the branch of medicine that involves the treatment of disease or injury by adjusting or removing organs, tissues, or bones. Surgery also includes necessary procedures such as heart surgery or elective procedures such as joint replacement.

If you need surgery, you want access to advanced treatment options and experts who prioritize comfort and safety.

Best Hernia Surgeons In South Florida

HCA Florida University Hospitals gives you access to the most advanced and least invasive treatment options for your condition. Our surgeons perform a variety of procedures, including minimally invasive surgical options.

Hernia Mesh Attorney

Regardless of your surgical needs, our team of surgeons can treat conditions in a variety of specialties.

General surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with conditions affecting the organs and structures of the stomach and gastrointestinal system. When medications and lifestyle changes have proven ineffective, general surgical procedures may be the best treatment option. We perform traditional, open surgery and minimally invasive options for patients undergoing these procedures.

If a gynecological condition is diagnosed, we are equipped to provide advanced care, often using minimally invasive options such as laparoscopy or robotic surgery. In addition, many gynecological conditions also affect the female urinary system. The field of medicine that treats these conditions is called urogynecology. We treat gynecological and urogynecological conditions surgically, including:

As part of orthopedic services, orthopedic surgeons are available to provide surgical solutions for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Our orthopedists are with you from the initial diagnosis to the recovery and rehabilitation process.

West Palm Beach Hernia Repair Without Mesh

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, offers a surgical solution for patients who are obese (usually considered 100 pounds or more). There are several types of weight loss surgery, but they focus on reducing total food intake while reducing the body’s absorption of calories.

Minimally invasive surgery is a general term for surgical procedures that use technology and techniques that limit the number of incisions required. Large incisions usually require longer recovery time, while smaller incisions can be quicker and provide less physical trauma to the patient. Laparoscopy and robotic surgery are the main methods of minimally invasive surgery used.

Our spacious and private rooms offer a healing environment combined with state-of-the-art technology and the care and attention of expert nurses. Our suite includes:

Allergies can range from mild to severe, and if not treated quickly, some allergic reactions can be life-threatening. That’s why it’s so important to know when to go to the emergency room for an allergic reaction.

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Dr. Emily Sow, a pediatrician affiliated with HCA Florida St. The Lucy Hospital shares some tips on how to protect your children from the sun all year round. From inguinal and femoral hernia repair to umbilical, epigastric and ventral hernia repair: our experience is among the most extensive in the world.

Laparoscopy, robotics, and conventional hernia repair techniques are used as part of a personalized approach for each individual. We also specialize in abdominal wall reconstruction, management of hernia recurrence after previous repairs and groin pain after previous hernia surgery. The experience of Dr. Being a vascular surgeon allows Eunice to improve the safety and accuracy of hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction.

A hernia can be painful and uncomfortable and can interfere with everyday enjoyment. There are many options for hernia treatment. At the Hernia Repair Center, our focus is on choosing the solution that best suits you and performing surgical repairs with critical precision. Solutions can range from watchful waiting to laparoscopic repair to major conventional reconstruction. A hernia specialist can help you make the right decision. Your repair should be tailored to your needs.

Dr. Eunice’s Robotic Hernia Repair For most repairs, expect to go home the same day with minimal discomfort and restrictions.

What To Expect During A Hernia Repair Procedure

We offer options to optimize the aesthetic satisfaction of the abdominal wall and navel alone or in combination with hernia surgery. A hernia is a weak area in the abdominal wall that can allow internal contents to bulge out, creating a characteristic bulge. There are different types of hernia depending on the location, origin or complications.

Hernias can develop in many locations on the abdominal wall, and the most common include: the navel or belly button, the groin, and the upper abdomen. Some hernias may be present at birth, called congenital. However, they usually develop over many years or at the site of a surgical scar.

In general, the bulging contents consist only of fat that we carry in the abdomen. There is a risk of affecting internal organs, such as the intestines. If this happens and cannot be pulled back into the defect, that part of the intestine can be compromised and can die if left untreated.

A surgical incision involving the full thickness of the abdominal wall may also be a hernia. This can happen when the incision doesn’t close or doesn’t heal completely. This is called an incisional hernia at the incision site.

Robotic Assisted Ventral Hernia Repair: A Multicenter Evaluation Of Clinical Outcomes

Elite Surgical Miami strives to be the most sought after general surgery practice in Miami using a combination of the latest technology while focusing on the best physical and emotional interests of our patients.

At Elite Surgical Miami, our mission is to ensure our patients are educated and treated with respect.

Dr. Fiser has been in medical practice for more than 10 years, providing expertise in robotically assisted minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery.

At Elite Surgical Miami, we make sure our patients receive the best care professionally and emotionally, a combination we pride ourselves on.

To Treat A Hiatal Hernia That Caused Debilitating Gerd Symptoms, Life Changing Surgery

“A few weeks ago I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Fiser and it was the best experience I could have had. He was attentive and listened to all my questions, gave me information when I didn’t want to know something. I need to know myself procedure is better to recover from what I have I can recommend him. I would (and will) highly recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon. He also does endoscopy. procedure experience. A+++ in my book!”

“Dr. I chose the best procedure for me and when I decided to have a tummy tuck, I felt informed and comfortable with my decision. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.”

“Dr. Fischer is an amazing doctor. His impeccable bedside manner and desire to make you feel safe is one of the main reasons I will always seek him out for any surgery in the future. performed emergency surgery on my husband last weekend for an abscess and his care, compassion, love for his work and respect for his patients is the highest I have ever seen. You. Doctor!

Dr. Luciano Fiszer, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon specializing in bariatric/weight loss surgery and gastrointestinal surgical procedures. Dr. Fisser has been in medical practice for over 10 years, providing expertise in minimally-assisted and robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery.+ Specialization | General, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery and Colorectal Surgery + Experience | More than 15 years and more than 9000 operations

Dr. Sanjay Razdan, Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon Miami

+ Solo practice | Solo practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida at Memorial Health System and Broward Health System | 2009 – today

+ Central University of Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela PhD Degree | 9/1990-6/1997 School of Medicine Central University of Venezuela, Caracas Venezuela + General Surgery Residency Yale University and Georgetown University + Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery MD Anderson Cancer Center/Orlando Regional Medical Center

Since opening his Pembroke Pines practice in 2009, Dr. Alvaro Garcia has become a trusted leader in bariatric and colorectal surgery. Dr. Garcia has treated thousands of patients and built a unique relationship with each one.

Dr. Garcia has long incorporated cutting-edge technology into his practice. He is considered a robotic surgeon using the DaVinci System, which enables minimally invasive, high-precision procedures with quick recovery times. He started the colorectal surgery robotics program at the South Florida Robotics Institute at Pembroke Pines Memorial Hospital, which facilitates hundreds of robotic surgeries each year.

Jody Lynn: Hernia Surgery Patient Story

The experience of Dr. Garcia covers several fields, allowing him to tailor his practice to the needs of his patients. Using state-of-the-art robotic technology, he routinely performs minimally invasive colon surgery, hernia repair and breast surgery; has many years of experience providing patients with a gastric sleeve. Dr. Garcia built a weight loss program together with a team of physicians to focus on patient health and sustainable results. The program uses the expertise of Dr. Garcia practices robotics and minimally invasive surgery to produce long-lasting and sustainable results. Being a patient in the weight loss program of Dr. Garcia

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