Best Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Best Halal Restaurants In Bristol – There are some fantastic halal restaurants that have opened in recent years – here’s our pick

Birmingham really is a melting pot of cultures. So we are very lucky to live in a city that offers a wide variety of world cuisines – as well as catering for different dietary and religious needs. These days the city center has a great selection of restaurants that offer halal options.

Best Halal Restaurants In Bristol

Some restaurants are not strictly halal, so even non-halal food is prepared here. Ask your server about the halal and alcohol-free food served at each restaurant. Here’s our pick of the best halal spots.

Bristol Eateries That Serve Brilliant Halal Food

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This popular and colorful Vietnamese restaurant in Bullring opened this year and has a special halal menu. This is clearly marked on the site. The menu includes chicken wings, summer rolls and crispy chicken bites, as well as spicy beef rice noodles and steak and chopped rice. Ask your server for more information about the Halal menu.

This Indian street food chain is known for its delicious halal options. It offers a strictly halal menu. Choose from small plates, salad bowls, chaats, chicken curry, seafood curry, mutton curry, vegetable curry, vegetarian curry, bowls and biryani wraps. We love the lamb salad – chunks of lamb tikka, tandoori roasted butternut squash and spicy chickpeas with pine nuts.

Halal restaurant Damassena built a reputation as the premier Syrian cafe in Mosley before expanding into the city center and beyond. We love the Mangesh flatbread lunch, which comes with two types of bread, fattoush salad, pickles and olives, and a choice of hummus, baba ganoush or m’tabali. It offers all the usual classics – including lamb bazin – spicy lamb, fool – Egyptian fava stew with slow-roasted tomatoes, as well as mixed appetizers.

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Yakinori is a very popular Japanese noodle and bento restaurant known for its very affordable dishes. There are many halal options. Among them are chili noodles, ramen, sushi, bento box, teriyaki. There are two Yaki Nori restaurants in town. Ask your server for details on halal options.

This Palestinian cafe is unmistakable, but always full of Arab customers who want to eat in the city center. Other menu offerings include falafel salad and rice wraps. Who needs to visit a boring chain coffee shop for falafel when you can enjoy something more authentic? Shawarma is a Levantine Arabic meat dish that grills lamb, chicken, turkey, beef or veal. It is available in abundance and at great lunch prices.

Casual Syrian restaurant MAKAN serves classic falafel, shawarma and fried chicken called “Fried Chicken”. This means that it is marinated in spices and fried in a gas cooker before the masa is coated in flour. It sounds so beautiful! Macan also serves freshly baked bread and chips are also available.

All meat served at this highly rated Indian restaurant is halal. Menu options include thalis, dhaba style, aloo tikka, mughlai lamb rogan josh, fried chicken, punjabi choli and a variety of mocktails.

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Opened earlier this year, this Persian halal restaurant has received rave reviews from foodies for its mixed grill and delicacies.

This fried chicken opened in June 2019 in Grand Central. There are many burger options as well as a menu of their famous offerings – hand-baked chicken strips and fries. The restaurant’s delivery menu states that their chicken is halal.

The restaurant serves pork on the breakfast menu – but according to social media, all equipment and kitchen utensils are changed at 12 noon to prepare lunch and dinner. Dishes include mixed mutton and pea kema pav masala, homemade butter roll and crowd pleasers like black dollop, ruby ​​chicken curry and matrai paneer. On the mocktail menu, we love the Sober Martini.

Qawali is a must try for its amazing decor and atmosphere! Described as an Indo-Persian restaurant, it has an extensive menu that includes Turkish, Afghan Persian, Pakistani and Indian cuisine. These include Turkish Pizza – flatbread with various toppings, Persian leg of lamb with pomegranate seeds, crushed pistachios and Qawali Grand Platter – a selection of grilled meats such as Punjabi chicken tikka, Sajiji wings and Kandahar lamb ribs. It also has an amazing mocktail menu that includes hipster tea sweets, iced coffee, cardamom and spices.

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Akhtar Islam’s Michelin-starred Indian restaurant is not a halal restaurant, but you can pre-order halal meat at the time of your reservation. It offers “progressive Indian cuisine” with food described by Michelin inspectors as “combining traditional methods with a modern perspective”.

An impressive steakhouse in the heart of the city. If you give them 48 hours notice, the restaurant will pre-order meat specifically for your visit. Gaucho also makes excellent mushroom tagliatelle.

If you don’t want to pay the Michelin star price at Ophim, you can choose another Akhtar Islam restaurant. The restaurant will pre-order Halal food if at least 48 hours notice is given at the time of booking. Michelin-listed Pulperia has garnered rave reviews since opening in 2020. It’s a stretch to assume that most of the past eighteen months have been shut down due to the pandemic.

The inspectors said: “It’s all about the meat at this modern Argentinian-designed restaurant in the heart of Brindleyplace. Choose the best dishes – many of which are meant to be shared – from Argentina, Finland and Galicia, aged for up to 50 days and expertly. Grilled on Parilla Chargri. Cooked.”

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Best Halal Restaurants In Birmingham

As Muslims around the world celebrate the month of Ramadan, finding a delicious meal after a day of fasting is more important than usual. Home-cooked meals before sunrise and after sunset are an important part of Ramadan, but some days our stomachs cry for something else.

Perhaps during Lent we want to avoid endless tedious cooking, preparation and cleaning, or we want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. At least one way to do this is to eat.

Whether it’s your trusty local kebab joint or a Michelin-starred establishment, food always brings families and communities together, especially during the holiest month of the year.

We certainly don’t have a wide selection of HMC approved restaurants in Bristol, but there are some very tasty ones.

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TripAdvisor, a review site, has compiled a list of the top 37 best halal restaurants.

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