Best Greek Restaurant In Sydney

Best Greek Restaurant In Sydney – Whether you’ve always craved the signature flavors of Greece or have recently become intrigued by the virtues and renowned health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, you can’t go wrong looking for the best Greek restaurants in Sydney.

Another link in Sydney’s multicultural chain is the Greek community. And that’s led to an amazing array of authentic Greek restaurants all over the world, from historic eateries like New York’s Medusa Greek Pavilion to modern favorites like Apollo in Potts Point and Barzari in Marrickville.

Best Greek Restaurant In Sydney

You can already name the best Turkish restaurants in Sydney or try the best Korean BBQ restaurants the city has to offer. Now turn your attention to some of the city’s favorite restaurants and get ready for delicious Greek cuisine.

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When it comes to Greek food in Sydney, Apollo reigns supreme. So lofty, in fact, that no other Greek restaurant seems to come close to this spot of Pots, which has become a landmark for those trying to follow the Mediterranean route from Saganaki to Baklava. Of course, you can get away with just ordering the saganaki roll and voila, with the signature hot melted cheese and honey, it’s one of the city’s most enduring dishes and a regular favorite of even the pickiest of eaters. feast

Of course, you won’t leave without trying the main dishes as well. For example, stir-fried chicken with yogurt and sesame, and braised lamb shoulder with lemon and Greek yogurt.

While Barzari is a Marrickville restaurant that offers a little bit of Greek cuisine, Cyprus’s most popular flavors smile with hints of the Middle East, where Greek is enough to be called a special family restaurant here. The best Greek restaurant Sydney has to offer. In many ways you can have a party here, surprisingly the size is reasonable for the asking price, and consistency is still as important as friendly, understated service.

Start with salmon flavored with seaweed, sumac, garlic and puri, progress to some watermelon and halloumi, and grab something like charcoal-grilled lamb chops and wood-fired scallions. As long as you finish it off with that giant almond baklava, you’re good to go.

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Something you come to Stix & Pita for. It was souvla. The signature slow-cooked offering gives you a choice of chicken, pork or lamb, then asks you to choose a side dish and tops everything off with gloriously warm pita bread. Yes, it’s more casual than some of the other restaurants on this list, but restaurants are often reinvented with stuffed pitas (and Greek-style burgers) and it’s a shame to miss out on this Enmore favourite. For the best. Greek food in Sydney

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Thursday (5pm – 8:30pm) Friday (5:00pm – 9:30am) Saturday (4:00pm – 9:30pm) Sunday (4:00pm – 8:30pm )

Traditional Greek cuisine is more Mediterranean than Medusa Greek Taverna, a long-running CBD restaurant just steps away from the Queen Victoria Building, a great place to visit if you feel like erring on the nutritional side. . There are passions here, but for the most part, this restaurant, founded by veteran restaurateur Peter Kotsopoulos, is built on the lighter and brighter side of Greek food.

But avoid all carbohydrates. The spinakopita is Sydney’s best, and the locally caught fried squid is equally excellent.

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Opening hours: Thu – Thurs (12pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm) Fri (12pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm): Sat (5.30pm) – 10:00 a.m.)

One of Sydney’s most famous (and most popular) Greek restaurants is Alpha. Just this year, the venue recently reopened, with Peter Konst curating new menus but keeping some old favourites. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes, like the enormous espagnopita mossacca, is beautifully layered with egg, scallops and taro salada.

You have the best hope though. Some on the boss hunt have found work frustrating here, while others have enjoyed it. If in doubt, call Constance, but this is undeniably one of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney. Not many compare this city to the undying love of Italy, France and Japan in particular.

Opening Hours: Tues (5:30pm – 10pm) Wed – Fri (12pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm) Saturday (5:30pm – 10pm)

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A favorite of Sydney’s many Greek musicians, Stack Taverna is a lively, traditional Greek restaurant in Newtown, Newtown, popular with locals for its relaxed atmosphere. It’s set after shops all over Greece, and you’ll find it after all. Think of a Greek pub as a traditional version of a British pub and you get the idea.

The Steakhouse has been around since 1983 and has since joined several Newton restaurants that have stood the test of time. To top it all off, you need to know how good the quality of traditional Greek bar food is here, with classic options matched with an excellent menu of local and international beers alike.

Opening hours: Thu – Thu (6.30pm – 10am) Fri – Sat (6.30pm – 2am) Sun (6.30pm – 1am)

Although Marrickville is far from Little Greece in the past, the legendary Corinthian Rotisserie still flies the flag for the local Greek community. The potential is huge (think “The Big Salad” from Seinfeld), the grilled halloumi and roasted baby courgettes are best served on a plate of dolmades and okus, and the lamb is excellent. The aromas of slow-cooked crackers, crunchy feta and crunchy walnuts are all you’d expect from a traditional Greek restaurant. Better yet, the Greek food hub is open every night (except Monday) until 1am.

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Apollo is consistently rated as the best Greek restaurant in Sydney and the best in Potts Point.

You can always expect slow-cooked lamb to accompany your course, and your side includes grilled cheese (saganaki), as well as halloumi, some salad, and español pita.

Although it is closer to Cypriot and Middle Eastern food, Barzari in Marrickville is very busy when it comes to Greek food. Greek cuisine has a long history, dating back more than four thousand years to ancient Greece. The main ingredients at the time were wheat, oil and wine, which became the modern day Greek food. Although fish was used more often than meat in ancient times, as technology developed, it became a more common food. Spices such as oregano, onion, garlic, dill and bay leaves are added to these main ingredients, combined with exotic cheeses such as kassiri, kefalotri and feta, providing a unique flavor profile for Greek cuisine.

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Over the millennia, the Greeks traded with many civilizations, from ancient Rome to Europe to Australia. At that time, your food is transferred and your people come into contact with it. Although the food has evolved, it remains an essentially unique dining experience, even among other Mediterranean cuisines.

Sydney has no shortage of great Greek restaurants to visit and taste the Australian Mediterranean. In this post, we introduce some local favorites.

In ancient Greece, the akhgora was a gathering place where people could enjoy each other’s company. As Agora Restaurant and Winery, we want to bring that atmosphere to Australia. Within its walls you will find a relaxed atmosphere of fine dining, where you can meet, enjoy food, drinks and conversation. Modern food twists on Greek and Mediterranean classics.

At MARMORA, Georgios is building a new shipyard, but the owners boast that they bring everything new. Greek cuisine was created when people grew their own produce at home, and the staff at George’s believes that fresh ingredients are an important part of what makes Greek food so good. You’ll also find top-quality foods like lamb chops.

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In Greek, fruit means appetizer, and Greek cuisine is known for its delicious variety of fruit that will make you forget about the main course. Medusa brings the tradition of sharing snacks with friends and family to Sydney Square in a relaxed and welcoming way. Indeed, he never rests from his labors. Choose from delicious lunch and dinner courses

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