Best Food In Town

Best Food In Town – Hello October, see you soon with my posts in collaboration with Bandung Hijab Blogger. This year’s theme is the best food in town. Since I live in Bandung, this really fits the theme because Bandung is a paradise for gourmet culinary delights.

Try to see who likes this sale. Let’s face it, I first liked this satay because my ex-boyfriend from school always invited me to the satay building. At first there were no buyers, now the queue can last up to 2 hours and food is eaten in just 5 minutes. It’s not really worth it.

Best Food In Town

So, there was a time when the satay building kitchen was famous for its Pak Ewok fruit soup. Famous for its fruit soup with durian, it is still very rare. I was looking for another delicious jando satay, since the Jando Sate for the satay building was full, naudzubillah. Apparently, he’s at the Pusdai site every Sunday. I would say Sate Jando Emak because it is sold by mothers. So, if you want to come here, don’t wait until 10, because it’s definitely sold out. Because mom only brought a baby and you have to put up with it, you understand.

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What does it taste like? I actually prefer this Jando Emak Sate because the spices are more perfect and mild. A serving of rice cake is only Rp. 12,000. Mursidah, right?

Magelang is my second favorite meal when I’m in Lapri. Jogja’s specialty Magelang aka Mawut fried rice is endolithic. My favorite places are Bakmi Jowo 67 in Dipatikur and Bakmi Plengkung Gading in Jalan Cendana.

Although the address is Bakmi, yes, I still ordered rice. Because to me, if you don’t eat, you don’t eat. You know, the belly of Indonesians, it’s all dark hahaha.

A portion is around IDR 25,000 – IDR 27,000 if I’m not mistaken. Drink, don’t forget to choose your tea. You can either have a very sweet, savory or ginger drink.

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Whenever hunger strikes and I need something quick, Wingz O Wingz is my go-to. It only sells spicy chicken wings. But for some reason, I get really addicted to it because there are so many flavors. Especially the peppercorn flavor. Hmmmm maknyuss, micina is really strong. lol

Each piece costs Rp 5000, but buy at least 4 pieces. There are a variety of flavors including Pepper Cheese, Cheese Lava, Ozaki, Honey Lemon, Atomic Hickory, Spicy Mayo, Cajun Style, Super Hot, Chili, Black Pepper, Asian, Egg Salt and the latest rendang sauce.

There are many shops, you can visit Naripan Street, Purwakarta Street, Cihampelas Street, BKR Street, Cimahi Shop and the newest shop is at Supratman Street.

Ayam Penyet Fried Gurame in Surabaya. This is the best dinner menu in my opinion. Carp is always big and fried with onions and doesn’t smell like fish.

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However, the points of sale are in different places. The best is still at Jalan ABC Bandung, I don’t know why the taste and appearance is different in other places.

A pack of cooked carp costs 30,000. It goes well with cooked rice, tofu and tempeh, and spicy lovers should try the sambal here. Guaranteed to change.

So these are my 4 favorite foods that I think are the best in Bandung. Do you have any favorites here?

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