Best Flight Schools In Chicago

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Chicago Executive Flight School (CEFS) is the #1 flight school in Chicagoland. Located at the Chicago Airport, we have been training students to become pilots since 1994. CEFS is a cut above the rest, focusing 100% on quality, safety and punctuality to ensure you get the best training available.

Best Flight Schools In Chicago

In addition to our flight training, CEFS offers a wide variety of full dive flights. There is no better way to see Chicago! But our planes aren’t just pretty planes, they command. You fly with a certified instructor and your instructor challenges you to do everything a pilot does before, during and after a normal flight. There is no experience to lose!

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It is the only school to use GoPro and Foreflight cameras to record specific aspects of flight operations. It helps the student to demonstrate the correct procedure and learn the language of flight. The camera audio is integrated with an intercom system that allows the student to record for both the instructor and air traffic control. The front lights allow us to follow the student’s flights and see the reading height, very useful for movements that require precise accuracy.

If you are interested in renting an aircraft, we have a wide range of aircraft to choose from and our aircraft are kept in perfect working order by a full-time team of mechanics. A trip to Wisconsin, a trip to Mackinac Island, or a leisurely flight through Chicago, we are your rental source.

Meet our trainers Meet some of the many dedicated, passionate, collaborative and light-hearted people who add genuine passion and variety to our service.

A good team shows you things, a great team pushes your limits. That’s what I hope for here.

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When I finally went to heaven, I felt free. Colin is a great driver and tour guide! Go east on I-190. Take exit 1D and you are on I-294 S (partial toll road). Take the US-20/IL-64/I-290 W exit toward Rockford. Keep right and take exit 13B and merge onto IL-64 W/E North Ave. The ATP Training Center will be on the left.

The ATP Training Center is on the first floor of the FSDO building, a gray two-story building on the north side of the DuPage County Airport.

The Air Career Pilot Program provides the industry-leading equipment and flight training you need to become a pilot in just seven months (from scratch) for one fixed price.

In preparation for FAA Advanced Certification, ATP CTP training will cover aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather, aircraft operations, aircraft operations, technology, and leadership and development.

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The ATP Flight School has the largest training fleet, consisting of 484 officially built Piper Archers, Seminoles and Cessna 172s. Read about ATP for all vehicles »

ATP has arranged discounted rates for students attending extended stay hotels. Visit and enter the company code “ATP” at the time of booking.

Discounted rates for ATP students for regular and extended stays. Free transportation to DuPage Airport for ATP students (pickup requested the night before). This full-service Alberto’s property also offers amenities such as a restaurant, room service, and complimentary wireless Internet access, a business center, and a spacious lounge.

The ATP includes shared space (double occupancy), a good selection of high-end furnished apartments with WiFi and all utilities. (No telephone service provided.) All ATP apartments have well-equipped business centers and entertainment facilities. No lease obligation, this option is eligible for airline pilot program students.

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If you are interested in the airline pilot program, the best way to receive training at ATP and learn about our benefits is to schedule a welcome flight.

The scheduling requirements of our instructors at this flight training center prevent us from accepting walk-ins. Most of our sites offer tours. Call 904-595-7950 and we will help you make an appointment.

Accreditation is a great way to experience the level of professional aviation training that flying ATP offers and will give you a better understanding of what to expect during your future program. Now you can fly a Piper Archer or a Cessna 172 Skyhawk on your accreditation flight and discover why ATP is the nation’s leader in professional flight training.

If you’ve never flown an ATP before, read some of the testimonials we’ve received recently from other pilots. Editor’s Note: The following article is not intended to be official, but serves only as a list of possibilities. As the word goes, your mileage may vary.

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It is important to consider your flight training and flight goals when deciding which flight training school to attend. Sign up because flying is a hobby? Or do you want to pursue a full-time career as a pilot? Answering these and similar questions is important if you want to identify the right flight school for you, your needs, and your preferences.

No matter what type of flying you plan to focus on, you should talk to several flight schools to find out which one best suits your personality, flying style, and ultimate flying goal. While there is the argument that all flight training programs always deliver the same results, choosing the best flight school in Illinois can help you reach your goals efficiently and quickly.

This article will review flight schools in Illinois to help you make the most informed decision about which flight school to attend. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the details!

When you decide to attend flight school in Illinois, whether you are a commercial or private pilot, the 5 flight schools in Illinois reviewed in this section will help you find the best option to consider to achieve your goal.

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Illinois Aviation Academy is an accredited flight school in Illinois dedicated to offering a variety of flight training programs to beginner and first-time trained pilots in Illinois. Founded 23 years ago, the Illinois Aviation Academy has helped more than 2,000 pilots achieve their dreams of flying, and the company is still committed to helping more people.

Elite Training and Aviation Management is known for providing advanced and comprehensive flight training programs for individuals seeking their personal, commercial or instrument rating certification on time and on budget.

Founded in 1994, Chicago Executive Flight School is one of the largest flight schools in Illinois, specializing in training beginners, adults and part-time students. Offering a lot of financial support, this flight school is especially recommended for those who want to train as a pilot without spending a lot. Interestingly, they offer employment opportunities to their students, making their field an ideal place to start your flying career.

Experience, expertise and rigorous hands-on training are Windy City Flight School’s main selling points. Founded 30 years ago, Windy City Aviation has been offering aviation training programs in Chicago to aspiring individuals ever since. Whether you are a beginner pilot or an experienced pilot, Windy City Aviation has a program to meet your needs.

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Tuition and Fees: The cost of training at Windy City Aviation strictly depends on the type of program, location and level of experience: whether you are a new pilot or a trained pilot, etc. Please contact the school for the exact cost of your flight training.

Another school worth mentioning is Avel Flight School, known for its high safety standards and timely delivery of flight instruction. This flight school is equipped with modern aircraft, classes, facilities and flight simulators, making it a great place to learn what you love or start your flying career.

Tuition and Fees: The cost of studying at Avel Flight School depends on several factors, including the type of program you enroll in, your schedule, equipment required, and more. Please contact the school for the exact cost of your flight training.

There are different qualifications and licenses you need to fly an airplane in Illinois, including a private pilot’s license, a commercial pilot’s license, and an airline pilot’s license. The flight schools mentioned in this article are the best places to get these licenses.

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A private pilot license will allow you to fly an aircraft for non-commercial purposes. As the name suggests, a commercial pilot license will allow you to fly for hire or reward. This is the minimum requirement for consideration for employment in Illinois.

The minimum time required for a commercial pilot license as defined in CFR 14 Part 61 is 250 hours. The pilot’s aviation license is the primary type of pilot’s license in Illinois. The minimum flight time required for this license is 1,500 hours.

This section describes important facts and figures about Illinois flight schools. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these details when looking for the best flight school in Illinois.

The tuition fee of flight schools in Illinois mainly depends on the training course, books, billing, examination fee and other significant factors in the cost of flight training. Generally, the exam fee ranges from $100 to $500,

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