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Best Ent In Sydney – Dr. Ram Sivasubramaniam evaluates and treats many adult and pediatric patients with nasal and nasal disorders. These problems include nasal congestion, nasal congestion, acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis and benign and malignant tumors of the nose or sinuses.

You can also fill out a sinus symptom questionnaire electronically during your visit. (This is optional and does not affect your care)

Best Ent In Sydney

Your management plan and any monitoring will be discussed with you and then a suitable review will be prepared for you.

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Bring all your head and neck scans (CT scans / MRI scans) along with recent blood tests (including allergy tests).

Bring a list of your current medications and any medications you’ve tried in the past

Not everyone needs surgery to manage their sinus condition. However, if you need an operation, you will be explained in detail about the operation, the alternatives, the risks and the benefits of the operation by Dr. Ram Sivasubramaniam and team in the rooms. Once you have decided, the place will be organized into rooms.

RACS information sheets and personal information sheets will be provided to give you more information about the process.

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You can contact the chambers at any time and ask for further clarification or tell them any other questions you have about the procedure.

The following is a post-operative advice sheet given to patients according to the guidelines. This advice sheet is available to patients in our clinic. Below is a list of top ENT specialists in Sydney. To help you find the best ear, nose and throat doctors in Sydney, we have compiled a unique list based on these points of priority, reviews, reputation, costs and trust.

If you are an ENT doctor or know of other ear, nose and throat doctors or clinics in Sydney that should be on this list, please enter your information here and we will review your application.

Dr Nirmal Patel grew up in Newcastle and moved to Sydney to attend Medical School. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine with honors from the University of Sydney and completed his ENT Training in 2002 as a graduate of the New South Wales ENT Training Program. Nirmal then completed his Master of Surgery and trained at Garvan Medical Research Institute and New York University, USA under the supervision of Professor Anil Lalwani.

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His Master’s degree in Surgery was done in Inner Ear Gene and Cell Therapy. After this period, Nirmal received his second sub-specialty training under Professor Clough Shelton (President-elect of the American Society of Neuro-otology) who taught ear surgery at the University of Utah, USA.

He is the founder and director of the Kolling Center for Deaf Research, whose laboratory is based at the North Shore Hospital, Sydney. The laboratory focuses on the development of minimally invasive ear surgery (keyhole) for cholesteatoma, chronic ear infection and eustachian tube surgery.

Nirmal was the first Australian member to be elected and contribute to the International Endoscopic Ear Surgery Group, which seeks to promote minimally invasive ear surgery procedures worldwide.

Nirmal is also a founding member of the Endoscopic Ear Surgery Research Group (SEES), Australia’s first research group on minimally invasive ear surgery techniques.

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As a member of the SEES group he has an international surgical collaboration on Endoscopic ear surgery with the other based in Nirmal’s laboratory at the Kolling Deaf Research Center.

He has been invited as a teacher and lecturer in Endoscopic Ear Surgery courses and conferences around the world including Italy, Scotland, Japan, Dubai, Sharjah and the USA.

Nirmal has presented at 53 national or international conferences, written 35 journal articles and 5 book chapters in leading ENT journals. He is interested as a writer in Endoscopic Ear Surgery for Eustachian tube, Cholesteatoma and Lateral Skull Surgery.

In his spare time Nirmal enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons. Nirmal also likes photography, design and enjoys skiing.

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Tonsils and adenoids, snoring in children, nasal fractures in children (adenoids / allergies), voice tumors (vestibular schwannoma), snoring in adults, orthopedic hearing aids, ear infections in children (ear infection), cholesteatoma – skin lesions of the middle ear , cochlear, Exostoses (Surfer’s Ear), ear cavities, Otosclerosis (Stapedectomy)

“…It’s great to see a business going out of its way to follow up with customers. Especially when the customers are patients. It really shows that the Drs and staff really care.”

Dr. He trained in General Surgery before specializing in Otolaryngology and Neck Surgery. Dr. She has extensive pediatric clinical training at Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital and John Hunter Children’s Hospital. In 2010 he traveled abroad visiting several European ENT departments and returned to the Ear, Nose and Throat Center in Sydney.

Dr. He currently works at North Shore Private, Chatswood Private, Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Sydney Voice & Swallowing

Dr. Hobson specializes in the management of all general ENT conditions. She has a special interest in pediatric ear, nose and throat diseases and enjoys working with children and their families. Her other interests include nose and nose surgery, nasal allergies, hearing loss, middle ear surgery and exostosis surgery.

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases (children), Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases (adults), Speech Pathology, Ear Specialist: Audiology and Hearing Services, Allergy Clinic

“Dealing with the SCENT staff from the first contact to my son’s final appointment was wonderful. During the time my son was here we saw the audiologist, the ENT specialist and the nursing staff along with the receptionist. All of the staff were on time. They went above and beyond to answer any questions I had as well as my son’s questions. We cannot recommend SCENT highly enough. Thank you SCENT!”

Dr. Dr Michael Barakate reviews and treats people with ear, nose and throat conditions.

Outcomes Of A Multidisciplinary Ear, Nose And Throat Allied Health Primary Contact Outpatient Assessment Service

Dr Barakate is a member of the Otolaryngology Society of Head and Neck Surgery. He has over 15 years of surgical experience including two fellowships from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (ENT, General Surgery) and international experience in Oxford, UK (2005) and the University of Michigan. , USA (2010).

Ear surgery (cholesteatoma, ear grommets, ear problems, exostoses, ear piercing), nose job, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty evaluation, laryngeal microsurgery, throat resection, throat tumors, salivary gland tumors, Parathyroid, Thyroid, Zenkers’ displacement, sinus. surgery, nose surgery, Septoplasty, turbinate reduction

“Very professional, knowledgeable and would highly recommend to any family or friend in a heartbeat. – Bobby

Australia’s Best Performance Editor. Mike has spent over ten years speaking to business leaders and entrepreneurs in Australia and around the world. You can contact Mike here

Dr Ron Bova

Dr. Marco Raftopulos is a university-trained pediatric and adult ENT physician with special interests in rhinology and nasal disorders, allergies and sleep surgery.

Dr. Raftopulos grew up in Sydney where he received his medical education and training. Dr. Raftopulos studied medicine at the University of New South Wales and graduated in 2008. In 2014, Dr.

During his training Dr Raftopulos moved to a number of senior and specialist terms including extensive pediatric ENT training at Sydney Children’s Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital.

He also received additional training in Obstructive and Insomnia Sleep Surgery. In addition to his studies, Dr. Raftopulos was elected as the national representative of ENT practitioners on the boards of ASOHNS and RACTSA.

Somali Nite, 802 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, September 24 To September 25

After receiving his Fellowship in Australia, Dr. Raftopulos was elected to a prestigious international fellowship in the Netherlands and received further specialist training in rhinology, sinus surgery and skull base disorders. While abroad he co-authored the European Position Paper on Sinus Disease (EPOS2020).

In addition to his ENT expertise, Dr Raftopulos has a strong academic and research focus, having held teaching positions at UNSW. Dr. Raftopoulos has published and presented widely nationally and internationally.

As a parent of two young children, Dr. Raftopulos enjoys spending his free time with his family, the beach and the local community.

Dr. Raftopulos is committed to providing excellent patient care utilizing the best current medicine. He is highly regarded for his calm bedside manner and is highly respected by colleagues, patients and their families. All ENT services Ear conditions and treatment Nose conditions and treatment Spine conditions and treatment Cone Beam CT

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