Best Elementary Schools In Odessa Tx

Best Elementary Schools In Odessa Tx – ODESA, Texas – Officials with the Ector County Independent School District will conduct surveys of students at three elementary schools this week.

The survey will be unique and unique to students after their first year in new 21st Century schools, and ECISD will get real feedback from students during a two-day survey conducted at each school.

Best Elementary Schools In Odessa Tx

“They come from every department of public education,” said Dan Hartsaid, vice president of infrastructure. “We thought it would be interesting to hear from those most affected – the students. We built these schools on what we thought would help us. We are happy to be a part of it and see how we did.”

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Three elementary schools opened their doors this past fall in Ector County – Dr. Lee Buice Elementary, Buddy West Elementary, and Edward K. Downing Elementary. Using these schools he designed his ideas to create covers for the 21st century. These new campuses help create a more interactive and collaborative learning environment while keeping students focused. The winning strategy is being used in new primary schools across the country and around the world.

Is one of five companies selected by the Department of Defense to develop new training programs for its $4 billion school renovation program. and social interaction with the building.

Is a construction and engineering company specializing in West Texas since 1945. consists of an entire team of design professionals dedicated to the K-12 Education sector who are passionate about creating environments that inspire learning, stimulate imagination, creativity and innovation. creating lasting social benefits.

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When public school officials announced the idea to partner with Midland ISD and plan to bring it to 10 Midland-Odessa schools, they said they would not hire teachers who are already under contract.

And less than three weeks after the first day of school at his first school, Travis VISION Academy, officials say the job is done.

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MENS officials told the Reporter-Telegram that there are 80 employees in South Midwest, about 3 out of 4 are from outside the area and only seven employees work in Midwest ISD.

Workers come to the Midwest from San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Rio Grande Valley, Lubbock, Houston, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Chicago, Georgia, Alabama, Washington and Delaware. One will be a Belizean employee, according to information provided to the Reporter-Telegraph.

Bethany Solis, superintendent of public schools in the Permian Basin, said MENS is aggressive in recruiting. With an inland campus concept, the agency provides employees with a monthly salary of $500 and one relocation allowance.

However, these new teachers are committed to the vision of the mission to “close educational disparities” and are excited to be a part of a transformational program like Travis, which will enter the 2020-21 school year with one of the longest educational gaps. in the world (five years in a row). It’s a challenge that helped bring senior Hailey McCarthy to Midland. He was, as Solis said, “the best singer in the most successful band.” The Texas Education Agency rated the former school — IDEA South Flores in south San Antonio — as an “A” campus in 2019 and gave the school grades of 93 and 94 the previous two years.

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“Haley is an amazing leader,” Solis said. “If you talk to him, he wants his job.”

The idea of ​​a partnership with Midland ISD began with more interest than the district’s partnerships with other charter schools.

It may be because of the $55 million in public assistance that is expected to launch a major vision in Mediterranean-Odessa. It can be HISTORICAL INFORMATION. Six schools in the Rio Grande Valley — Brownsville, Mission, San Juan and Edinburg, where there are three — are among the 33 best schools in the state, according to the U.S. News and World Report.

For whatever reason, Solis’ idea, Travis Academy said, has received at least 1,400 emails. The number of students enrolled in the first year of VISION Travis, as of last week, was 791, according to Sunday.

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“One of the exciting things is that about 500 of those students went to Travis last year,” said Solis. “Students choose to stay in Travis, which is important to us because we want to cooperate (with MISD). This is a good school with a good reputation in the neighboring community. And the first thing that needs to be done is to make sure that students who have attended a failing school for many years go to a very different school.” the results are very different.

Solis, a former teacher and head of the Idea Network, went on to say that Travis’ vision is “a testament to what any child can do.”

He was talking about potential academic success, not the 50 (overall), 46 (achievement), 58 (academic progress) or 30 (closing the gap) that Travis had in 2019.

Where they come from doesn’t matter what happened in the past,” said Solis. “We have done this in many other schools throughout the province, and we will do it again. But there is no denying that it is a problem for the children or the neighborhood or the family. Rather, ours is to rebuild the adults in the school. And these children deserve to have a school that works for them.”

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The concept of Travis is still to go on Aug. 11, more than a week ahead of other Midland ISD schools. Travis’ family can choose an in-person or virtual plan, Sun said.

“Every time we go, we think about higher education,” he said. “So, whether you are in person or connected to the Internet, you strive to find the highest educational goals, achieve them and reward them as we always do.”

Those who don’t have it, pour plexiglass around their desk, which gives a sense of space. Students and teachers are expected to wear protective equipment in common areas. Students will have free time and can run and play but in ways that prevent exposure to the coronavirus.

“It is important for children to know each other and to be able to make friends, and this is the main reason why many families send their children face to face – they want to have friends and, you know, pediatricians. They suffer from insomnia. They say the same thing, “Solis”.

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“At the end of the day, we put the decision in the hands of the families, so the opportunities are on our side,” he said.

“I chose the program when I was working in a regular ISD. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I learned about the vision of the mission and I was very happy with the program that takes care of all students not only in college, but for your well-being throughout the journey.

“I decided to transfer to Midland after talking to (principal) Hailey McCarthy … I was supported by Mrs. McCarthy; His purpose, flexibility and creativity caught my attention, and I knew I was on his team. Children at Travis deserve staff who love them and will go out of their way to help them reach their goals. I want to be part of a team. “

“I chose to work for the idea that I am surrounded by leaders who have the same idea of ​​equality as me, I believe that every student has the right to higher education, and the ability to help students achieve greatness in themselves.

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“Because of the vision of the Travis family and team, we have the opportunity to create something great. I haven’t been here long, but this community has been great and welcoming during my time here. I believe I speak for everyone. employees when I say I’m lucky to work in the Travis community. Let’s do it. work.”

– Salomon Jordan, who moved from Atlanta to Midland to teach English language skills at Idea TravisIDEA Public Schools recently announced its expansion into the Permian Basin. The idea is to open schools in the Mediterranean from 2020 and in Odessa in 2020. Next, this idea will serve about 10,000 students in 14 schools on 7 campuses. Due to community needs and strong leadership from Midland ISD and the Texas Education Agency, MENS is committed to connecting with Midland.

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