Best Elementary Schools In Montreal

Best Elementary Schools In Montreal – Understanding Quebec’s Education System If you have just arrived in Quebec with your young children, you may be wondering which schools to send them to. While they think about their favorite teacher or team to play with, read on to learn about Quebec’s education system and help you make informed decisions.

Education is a top priority in Quebec, and the foundations of its system reflect this. Mandatory up to 16 years. The school is free for all VH and DHS (except for some study materials). Not only that, but tuition fees for higher education are among the lowest in North America.

Best Elementary Schools In Montreal

Quebec’s school network consists of public and private schools, with classes in French and English (with specific exceptions), from kindergarten to university.

Devonshire Community Public School

No matter what school, college or university your child attends, they will be in good hands in Quebec. Known for its open culture, inclusion and quality education, Quebec is an ideal place for young people to grow, develop and socialize. Who knows, maybe they come home with a Quebec accent!

In Quebec, there are four different levels of education designed to prepare children and adolescents for the future. In general, the age groups for each level are:

Is your child too young for school bags and homework? From birth to 5 years, you can send them to a private, public or family home with the lowest rates in North America. Find out more

Does your child have a disability? Children can enter the education system as soon as they turn 4 years old. Learn more about services designed specifically for children with disabilities.

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Quebec is committed to providing them with the tools they need to grow and succeed. Public schools are run by school boards, and access is limited by different geographic areas. So, depending on where you live, the government will determine the best schools for your young children.

If you are new to Quebec, contact your local school board office to enroll your child in a local school.

Here in Quebec, many government-run public schools offer alternative learning programs and methods – from alternative and international schools to schools focused on athletics, art or science. Do your research to find the best fit for your child!

Some mainstream public schools welcome children with special needs to attend regular or flexible classes. Quebec also has specialized schools for children with special needs, who have a physical or mental disability, are on the autism spectrum or have other specific challenges.

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If you want to choose where your children study, instead of dividing the school according to where you live, you can send them to many private schools in Greater Montreal. To enter one of the independent institutions, your papers will be evaluated and your child will have to take an admission test.

In the private sector you can find many schools designed for children from different countries. Stanislas College and Collège International Marie-de-France (French high school) and Alexander von Humboldt (German school) are just a few examples.

Many private schools in Quebec are supported by significant government subsidies, reducing tuition fees for parents. On average, it will cost you thousands of Canadian dollars per year per child.

If you have a teenager at home, it’s time to start looking for a study permit! Mandatory for newcomers to Quebec over the age of 16, the study permit will allow your child to continue their academic career in Quebec.

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If your child can’t wait to get out of class and into work, Quebec offers a comprehensive vocational training program. Open to all high school graduates, vocational schools are a direct step into the job market. These programs take between six months and two years to complete, and each year they attract many young people looking for an energetic and hands-on learning experience. For more information on vocational education, visit Accès études Québec.

Québec Cégep (Collège d’enseignement général et professional) is where most young people land after high school. Cégeps are designed to provide a direct link to the labor market (after three years of technical training) or to higher education (after two years of pre-university training).

Please visit the website of the Ministry of Higher Education for more information on the programs offered at all levels.

Greater Montreal offers world-class study opportunities in a variety of fields at 11 universities. To learn more about the university system, visit the Montreal International website dedicated to international students. Whether you’ve just decided to move to Montreal or you’re making room for someone else down the street where you currently live, it’s never too early to start looking for the best options for your children. With many of the world’s leading institutions named Montreal House, these are some of the city’s top private schools, selected neighborhoods based on a respected ranking by the Fraser Institute.

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Modern shops, attractive streets and open parks in the south of Montreal make this neighborhood a desirable place to live. At the time of the settlement of the French colony in the 19th century, the district was home to some of the best establishments in the city:

Located in the heart of Westmount, Villa Sainte-Marcelline offers high-quality French education for girls from Kindergarten to Year 11. The school encourages engaging learning experiences through small classrooms and individualized progress tracking. Students have the opportunity to do practical work in music or dance and gain a universal perspective through various exchange programs and volunteer opportunities.

Originally founded with just seven students, by 1908 Selwyn House had grown to 540 students. Selwyn’s integrated curriculum combines rich subject areas and a vibrant extracurricular schedule with athletics and conversation, committed to providing the best English language education for boys from K-11. Robots and music discussion.

Westmount is home to some of the best heritage houses, beautiful views and great restaurants in Côtes-Des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. This bustling neighborhood gives locals a vibrant taste of Montreal’s cultural diversity. Below you will find some of the best institutions in Canada:

Of Canada’s Best Private High Schools

A rare 10 out of 10 recipient from the Fraser Institute, the French language faculty at Jean-de-Brébeuf is widely recognized as one of the best schools in the country. The university offers a choice of Latin and civilisation, humanities and higher level subjects. The school offers middle and high school students and college courses.

The University of Notre-Dame Montreal combines music-rich French with strong athletic programs. With a full extracurricular schedule, students can choose from a variety of options, such as playing in one of the three student orchestras, participating in community life theater, or working out in a gym. It is the most modern.

Founded in 1905 by the French, Sainte-Nome-de-Marie is one of the oldest schools in Montreal. His specialties include international relations, dance education and music education. In addition to those attending the day school, it also offers boarding options. It received a 9.5/10 rating from the Fraser Institute.

To the north, you’ll find the area known as Ville-Marie, home to the popular Old Montreal and Old Port. With large parks, cobbled streets and the 17th century. With 19th century architecture, as well as historic sites like Notre-Dame Basilica, the area is rich in history and is home to many of Montreal’s top schools:

Montessori School Of Montreal

Founded in 1767, it is an educational school of the Collège de Montréal that welcomes highly motivated students. It is known for its acceleration software. It allows its students to learn a third language, develop critical thinking and participate in the performing arts.

With a specific curriculum based on student success, Academie Michèle-Provost is a specialized school focused on individual learning in French. To promote health education and innovation, outdoor activities are held at Royal Hill every week and all secondary students receive iPads to solve problems using technology.

The Sacred Heart School Network has a long-standing reputation for encouraging young girls to become leaders in society. The English school also offers French education at all levels. Small class sizes, advanced math and science courses, and international exchange opportunities make this an excellent learning environment.

With so many options, finding the right one for your child can seem overwhelming. Wherever you decide to settle in Montreal, you can be sure that there are excellent educational opportunities for your children.

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