Best Dui Lawyer In Rhode Island

Best Dui Lawyer In Rhode Island – Rory Mons is the young star of the Tough Lawyer series from Rhode Island. He has extensive experience in protecting hundreds of clients in various jurisdictions in the field of crime prevention and especially DUI protection, so he feels very confident in providing confidence and security at this difficult time. Rory works with Chad F Bank and is a partner in his company. He is trained and learned from the best that ever, and his assessment speaks for itself. He was among the top 40 lawyers under the age of 40 in 2019 with the American Institute of Law and was named “Best DWI and DUI Lawyer in Providence” by the top three in 2020. Rory is in court every day to defend his client. He can be there to guide you through his system with the experience he gained from his many years of practice.

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Best Dui Lawyer In Rhode Island

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Written by Stephen B. Epstein “Objection!” No words spoken during the trial could immediately grab the attention of the courtroom. The next words spoken by the parties (if given the opportunity) will result in a court judgment. The loser will have the winner. This game is a time full of stress and demanding episodes…

Written by Carly Miller, Cohen Law Firm, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Cohen Law Office If you are arrested for drunken driving or using drugs, you may experience a wide range of emotions. You could face jail time as well as the loss of your license. It is important that before hiring a lawyer to resolve your case you need to ask … As one of the most experienced Rhode Island DUI lawyers, I have successfully defended thousands of Rhode Island cases in My 30+ years career and we understand that well people are also at fault.

Allegations of driving under the influence (DUI) in Rhode Island can be a horrible experience. Most clients never think they will be arrested for the rest of their lives and they certainly do not plan to do a DUI. This is why you need an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive Rhode Island DUI lawyer to defend you.

Having the right criminal defense attorney representing you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your DUI case by avoiding suspension of licenses and criminal records. The outcome of a criminal case can vary greatly depending on your DUI lawyer.

What To Look For In Hiring A Massachusetts Oui Lawyer?

Unlike other RI DUI lawyers, I do not send assistants to court to do my job.

I have been working with the Rhode Island DUI for over 30 years on both sides of the scale. Before becoming a DUI lawyer, I started my career with 4 years in the Rhode Island State Attorney’s Office as a state attorney.

During that time I had the opportunity to prosecute hundreds to hundreds of drunk drivers in Rhode Island and was in charge of the DUI of the Rhode Island District Attorney’s Office. I was also recruited to help train new police officers at the Rhode Island Police Training School on all aspects of the Rhode Island DUI Act.

Since 1997, I have used all my experience and knowledge gained as a lawyer on the other side to greatly benefit my clients as a RI DUI defense lawyer.

Court Process When Charged With A Massachusetts Oui

For a free consultation with a Rhode Island DUI / DWI attorney S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. Call 401.861.1155 today for the best protection

I understand the Rhode Island DUI rules and strongly advocate for the highest level of DUI charges and get great results for the clients who deserve it.

The Rhode Island DUI rules are technical and complex, which is why experience is so important. There was nothing that I did not see or defend.

This is the limited experience and knowledge of other RI DUI lawyers and is important in your criminal case. This is why I always achieve better results for my clients.

Repeat Rhode Island Dui Defense

Judges, lawyers and police officers sent their families and friends to me to represent them in preventing drunk driving and alcohol refusal charges.

Other RI DUI attorneys across Rhode Island have “evaluated” my law firm with Martindale-Hubbell as the best in preventing drunk driving and preventing alcohol rejection. Most for 5 consecutive years.

Frankly, nothing speaks louder than a client under the influence of drugs who actually saw me in court defending their charges.

Unfortunately, DUI convictions (or alcohol-related charges) in Rhode Island bring serious consequences, fines and disqualification. Visit the Rhode Island Breathalyzer Rejection Fee to find out more about the Rhode Island Breathalyzer Rejection Fee.

What Is Rhode Island’s

Under Rhode Island DUI law, a DUI charge is a felony punishable by up to one year in prison. Convictions for DUI charges in Rhode Island result in criminal charges on your record, large fines, community service, compulsory participation, and termination of DUI separation or alcohol counseling. Loss of driver’s license is mandatory. The judge may also order the vehicle to be equipped with the ignition key and / or driver’s license. Arresting a DUI in connection with a personal injury incident is a felony punishable by imprisonment. A competent and experienced RI attorney will give you the best opportunity to avoid a Rhode Island DUI penalty, including your ignition and driver’s license.

I also want any client or potential client arrested for drunk driving to be equipped with as much quality information as possible when defending them against the Rhode Island DUI allegations or Accused of refusing alcohol. There are many websites and inexperienced criminal lawyers that offer online drunk driving prevention and alcohol refusal advice, and it can be overwhelming. I have written this page specifically to answer clearly and easily understand all the questions I have as a DUI lawyer in RI.

If you or a family member is accused of a Rhode Island DUI, it is important that you hire a RI DUI attorney who has the knowledge and experience with a Rhode Island DUI defense attorney to represent you in a DUI and / or alcohol conviction. . DUI law is highly specialized and not all criminal defense attorneys in RI are the same. Having worked in every court on Rhode Island for the past 30 years, focusing on defending the DUI case, there is nothing I have not seen as a RI DUI lawyer. Arrested and charged with DUI in Rhode Island can be a horrible experience. But a bloody DUI conviction can have long-term consequences. This is why having the best RI DUI lawyer on your side is so important.

There is a lot of DUI protection in Rhode Island. Experienced and savvy RI DUI lawyers know how to attack the facts and the police work in your case, apply the law and technique to your case (especially with breath tests) and most importantly know the prosecutor and The judge who handles your case. It’s based on the fact that a DUI lawyer with 30 years of experience will be able to protect you better than a lawyer with less time and experience in dealing with DUI in Rhode Island court, and that is the best way to avoid a DUI trial.

Craig V. Montecalvo, Attorney At Law Providence Ri

When I check clients’ police reports regarding their DUI arrests, I do so with a good toothbrush. I looked to see if the police had covered all the necessary grounds (called “elements”) in the DUI Act to confirm the alleged offenses. The basic elements of a Rhode Island DUI crime that law enforcement must justify beyond reasonable doubt are:

Check out the entire RI DUI code and see how complicated it can be. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know the DUI law like the back of my hand.

Understanding the three (3) elements of a drunken driving case, both inside and outside the lawyer, provides an opportunity for an aggressive RI DUI lawyer to defend your case by using one or more of the following DUI protections to avoid prosecution. And DUI license suspension:

We have the right to be police in this country and in this country. We live in a country where law enforcement is not allowed to lure suspected criminals for DUI without a clear reason for stopping the car. Reason must be based on factual and verifiable facts, and this is called ‘reasonable doubt’. Common reasons for stopping vehicles and conducting DUI investigations include traffic violations, accidents, or even a 911 call.

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