Best Dog Breeders In Georgia

Best Dog Breeders In Georgia – If you live in the Peach State of Georgia and want to find the most trusted and respected Golden Retriever breeders in your area, you’ve come to the right place because we can help you in your endeavors.

Finding reliable Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia can be difficult if you are just starting out and don’t know what to look for in a good breeder.

Best Dog Breeders In Georgia

But we’ve already done the hard part… we’ve found and ranked the top 10 Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia to help you find your new Golden Retriever!

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Getting a new puppy is a process that should never be rushed…it’s also an important decision that should have a voice as a whole family.

When searching online for the most reliable Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia, it’s easy to get fooled by shady kennels and backyard breeders who claim to be reliable but want a quick buck.

However, you can rest assured that our list of the top 10 Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia consists of only the most reputable breeders with transparent breeding practices and good references.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia to help you narrow down your search for your new Golden Retriever puppy.

What Dog Breed Is Best For Me?

Our first selected litter is Sira Goldens based in Jefferson, Georgia. They are not your average golden retriever breeder who breeds dogs for profit… they are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America who strive to breed dogs for quality not quantity.

Their mission is to maintain the standard of the Golden Retriever breed by focusing on producing healthy dogs with perfect conformation and excellent temperament, which they have been doing successfully for 15 years.

As well as producing excellent specimens of this beautiful dog breed, they also take care to carry out all the necessary health tests, including eye, joint and heart health tests, on all their pedigree dogs.

Every puppy you decide to buy from them will have a health guarantee, AKC (American Kennel Club) registration, microchip and all current vaccinations. What else could a responsible dog owner need?

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All of their purebred sires and dams are imported from trusted breeders around the world from places like Russia, Hungary and Scotland, where the Golden Retriever bloodlines originate.

Sira Goldens works with new owners to educate them on many different pet care topics, such as responsible pet ownership, the importance of socialization, and any special needs of the Golden Retriever breed.

If they do not currently have a puppy available, please be aware that you will need to pay a deposit in order to reserve a puppy from one of their future litters.

If you like what you see, visit the Syrah Goldens website to find your new family member!

The Top 10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Georgia Of 2022

Next on our list of the best golden retriever breeders in Georgia is Long May You Run Kennel located in Cumming, Georgia. He is a small hobby breeder specializing in premium purebred English Cream Golden Retrievers.

Since they breed as a hobby, they breed golden retrievers for the love of the breed, not as a source of income. They strive to improve the breed with each generation, producing purebred puppies of the highest quality with the classic relaxed temperament of the Golden Retriever.

These Goldies are not raised outdoors in unsanitary cages…they are born and raised indoors. This way they ensure that each puppy gets plenty of lap time, socialization and affection from the start.

All of their English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are screened by a licensed veterinarian for potential genetic diseases and receive all necessary vaccinations and deworming prior to adoption.

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They believe that proper nutrition and timely neurological stimulation play a decisive role in the life of puppies. They strive to produce quality Goldens with a calm demeanor that will provide them with years of happiness and contentment as ideal pets.

They are a small, ethical family breeder with over 11 years of experience, specializing in breeding and training top quality golden retrievers right in their own home.

Their main focus is breeding golden retriever puppies with wonderful personalities and temperaments, while of course they check all their puppies for any health problems and carry out all necessary deworming, vaccinations and socialization.

Dreaming Tree Goldens also provides high-quality training for all the puppies that are part of their kennel, so that even before you decide to take one home, your puppy will be ready to obey commands while maintaining its innate cheerful nature.

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Our next pick is Coach’s Goldens, a member of the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Owned by Coach Strickland, a retired baseball coach with over 25 years experience breeding and raising Golden Retrievers, their mission is to improve the breed with each new litter and provide high quality family pets.

Coach’s Goldens meet the highest standards of golden retriever breeding and always take care of their puppies. Every puppy you decide to buy from them will be properly socialized, vaccinated, dewormed and checked for possible health problems, so you don’t have to worry about your puppy being healthy and long-lived.

They also offer a delivery service for their dogs, so some of their puppies have found new homes with families all over the United States.

Puppies For Sale

It is a small family kennel that started breeding Labrador Retrievers in 2005. The Golden Honey kennel team now uses the knowledge and experience gained from working with Labradors and specializes in breeding high quality Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers.

They focus on breeding for ideal conformation, calm nature and friendly nature. That’s why their Golden Honey puppies are excellent show dogs and family companions.

Needless to say, Golden Honey kennels perform regular health checks, vaccinations, worming and chipping on all of their puppies to ensure they grow into healthy adult dogs. Their puppies are also early trained and properly socialized to be well behaved in their new home.

If you decide to purchase one of their Golden Honey puppies, you will receive a sale wallet with a two-year health guarantee, as well as health cards and AKC registration papers.

Qualities To Look For In A Great Breeder

Our sixth pick on our list of the best golden retriever breeders in the USA is Charming Goldens, located in Carrollton, Georgia.

Owned by husband and wife couple Ed and Karen Harman, they are responsible golden retriever explorers located on a 170-acre farm where their golden animals can roam free.

Charming Goldens adhere strictly to the GRCA Code of Ethics and have produced dogs that have earned AKC Champion titles.

Each of their beautiful golden retriever puppies is checked for possible health problems, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Best Dog Breeders In Georgia! (2022)

With more than 30 years of experience in breeding and raising quality golden retrievers, they have learned all the little quirks of this beautiful dog breed.

In addition to breeding golden retrievers and providing services to the tribe, they are also a rescue center for all goldens who have no place to call home.

When it comes to choosing from all the responsible Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia, you can’t go wrong with Charming Goldens!

Another place to find your new Golden Retriever puppy is Bella Notte Puppies in McDonough, Georgia.

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This is not an indoor kennel, so the golden retrievers, golden retrievers and poodles at Bella Notte have plenty of freedom and space to grow up happy and healthy.

Because they follow a strict protocol when it comes to their breeding programs, all of their Golden Retriever puppies and parents are properly DNA and health tested, as well as vaccinated and wormed and microchipped.

As early socialization is key to producing well-adjusted puppies, their dogs are well socialized with other pets and people from the start to ensure that the puppies they produce can adapt to any loving environment.

If you decide to buy one of the Bella Notte puppies, you will get a shining example of the breed standard. A golden fool with unwavering loyalty to his loved ones!

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This is a family golden retriever business established in the 1980’s and has been one of the most respected golden retriever breeders in Georgia for the past 40 years.

Their premium properties are inspected annually by the AKC and receive perfect scores in every category.

They spend a lot of time and effort to maintain the good name of the AKS Golden Retriever breed standard. All their puppies are given lots of love and attention on a daily basis.

Each puppy is health checked and immunized, properly brushed and brushed, wormed and properly socialized to ensure that their dogs become good examples of the Golden Retriever breed.

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Last on our list of the best golden retriever breeders in Georgia is Loveline Golden Retrievers located in Douglasville, Georgia.

It is a small but ethical hobby

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