Best Diners In Calgary

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Our city is always changing and full of exciting and unexpected things. We exist to help people navigate it all.

Best Diners In Calgary

So you’re having a great hair day and your clothes somehow don’t have a stain or stain on them. You’ve been tanning in the Calgary sun, and the new shoes you’re wearing are getting rave reviews. You go upstairs and feel like crashing into a hotel that looks (almost) as nice as the one you have now. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled our list of some of Calgary’s best restaurants. Come on!

Book At The Best Restaurants For Special Occasions In Calgary

If your idea of ​​fun is whisked away to a tropical getaway as soon as you step inside the hotel, Kolkata Cricket Club has you covered. Located along 17th Avenue, this is a cozy Indian restaurant and bar that takes inspiration from the landscape and cuisine of West Bengal. Bright colors, good food and comfortable seats. Well, these are all reasons why we shouldn’t go out. See you there, Calgary!

This little place has been getting the attention it deserves lately and we’re glad to see it. The menu is interesting, the service is top notch, but the real star is the interior. This might be the best house in town.

It’s all about that warm vibe at CF Chinook Center’s new Italian, Buffo. Located inside Saks Fifth Avenue, this intimate restaurant takes you out of the mall and into a 1930s jazz-influenced club. Buffo’s air conditioning is modern and comfortable, with a touch of the hand to play from the seat to the end. Plus, if you love shoe selfies, the floor is colorful and fun—make the perfect photo to show off those new sneakers you missed on loan from Saks.

Not only has Ten Foot Henry managed to bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we want to eat, but they’ve also managed to open a beautiful, bright space that transitions well into the night. Decorated with lots of bright green plants, glossy wooden borders, shelves full of local goods and plenty of space, Ten Foot Ten decor fills the space with life. Your Instagram feed will thank us.

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Date night, after-work drinks, girls’ (or boys’) night – whatever you’re thinking of, Bridget’s Bar has a great atmosphere. With motorcycles hanging on the walls, lots of 1970s style, eclectic furniture and unique decor such as modern furniture and mid-century lamps, Bridget Bar is the perfect place to eat, lunch or spend the night.

Entering The Room on Wednesday is like entering Calgary’s best underground venue. It’s almost like you never knew you were there… Described as a space reminiscent of a sophisticated 1960s lounge mixed with its eclectic forebears, we can think of no better way to define this urban space. can’t Here’s another place we’ll be happy to get home design inspiration from!

In addition to its delicious and innovative menu, Mr. Chen has created a real dose of energy for all Calgarians. Located in the Mission, this amazing place blends perfectly with Chinese charm and gives us some serious Kill Bill vibes. Every time we walk in we feel like the best customers in town. Perfect for a romantic date or date night, Mr. Chen should be on our minds for every occasion.

Inspired by Rome, Cakes and Circuses is a fun and exciting new 17-course restaurant that satisfies all your Instagram cravings. The decor is a perfect blend of rustic and traditional, with a deep, warm tone. Italian oils and preservatives complete the industrial range. A marble bar, exposed brick, a light mix of modern seating and tall trees covering the walls, cakes and circuses will make you feel right at home. When in Rome, dear!

Best Chinese Restaurants In Calgary

Delicious Chinese food will always have a place in our hearts, but Shanghai’s Two Penny-inspired decor should also have a place on your Instagram feed. Squat and relax in this beautiful hideaway. It’s an often overlooked place, but as important as it is, it’s the highlight of one of Calgary’s best restaurants.

Got a favorite we missed? Well, Calgary has a lot of great restaurants so that’s good. Take a picture and tag us in it, maybe we like it so much we’ll see you there soon.

Brings you the most important food, experiences, news, businesses and local events, with a curated list of what’s important in your city. We help you get the best out of your city and focus on the simple details you miss so you’re always in the know. Something as exciting as a restaurant menu, Calcutta Cricket Club serves some spicy dishes. Spicy curry….

Chef JP Pedhirney and his team use fire and wood fires in their kitchen, creating comforting and delicious dishes.

The Best Restaurants In Calgary, Canada

This Italian restaurant has become a neighborhood hangout where people can dress up to enjoy high-quality food and drinks without breaking the bank.

A visit to Alumni at 17 Avenue S.W shows that simple dishes can be inclusive and unique….

When Bar von der Fels opened in 2016, the small bar felt sophisticated at the same time. It’s only gotten better since then…

Allora is a refreshing addition to Southwest Calgary with modern, Instagram-friendly decor and authentic Italian cuisine.

Calgary’s Best Old Fashioned Diners

At The Allium, a vegetarian restaurant that operates as a cooperative, small- and large-course menus span flavor profiles from around the world.

Aloy Wines has a beautiful, airy interior, plenty of parking, and beautiful food to smell….

It suits the city’s best spots with food and drinks from the Pacific Ocean and from Asia to Hawaii and BC.

Have a delicious meal in the open park, by the pool or at one of these restaurants 155 meters above ground.

Best Mexican Restaurants In Calgary

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re okay with that, but you can opt out if you want Accept Privacy Policy One of the joys of eating is discovery, something that persists even in situations we don’t know about. An incredible number of restaurants have opened in 2020, and while many are new spots for old favorites, there are also ones that offer a breath of fresh air. Here are some of Calgary’s exciting new restaurants

Look for a sign that says “Here You Are” in Chinatown and you’ll arrive at one of the best new buildings in recent memory. This family-run cocktail bar features equal parts Vietnamese home cooking and tropical style, with a mix of tiki classics like Mai Tai and traditional finds like the “Pandan Painkiller” on the cocktail menu. Whatever’s in your glass, it goes well with the appetizer menu, banh mi and rice dishes. Be sure to ask about the daily specials and delicious food and drink specials, as well as the “Break Even Bottle” event, where luxury wines are served at affordable prices.

This part of Thank You Hospitality Group exploded in 2020, opening in July with A1 Bodega Cafe, a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, and a small grocery store called Two Cent Exchange. The A1 Burrito menu inside a good old bar arrived in August, and a Mexican restaurant called A1 Cantina followed in mid-fall at Britannia Plaza. Although external gifts are different, they are all examples that growth is possible in difficult times if you have the right things.

Cocktail culture meets fine dining at this new Beltline restaurant from Syndicate Hospitality Group’s Nick Suche, chef Jenny Kang (ex-Shokunin at Bow Valley Ranch) and Andrew Denhamer, who operate Shelter Bar. The green space and chandelier design is a collaboration between Bold Workshop Architecture and Sturges Architecture. This cuisine shines for the “modern Mediterranean” and Pan-Asians who thrived in the great waters of Europe. The signature wine list is well thought out: try the bright “Shelter with Love” or the complex “Begging Cat”. There’s also a bottled cider menu you won’t find anywhere else.

Restaurants For Father’s Day Dine In Or Take Home Brunch, Dinner, Bbq Kits In Calgary

This new French cafe under the Hutch Kitchen brand serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and afternoon tea and take-away. Chef Jay Magnay (formerly of Blink, Mellow Eatery and Foreign Thoughts) serves up delicious, savory classics like decadent croque madame and tomato paine, whipped cream and maple syrup, and goodies from local establishments like Yan Haut Patisserie and Chey Padaria. There are also deli sandwiches, a perfect afternoon tea for two and a seasonal lobster roll.

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