Best Dental Implants In Louisville Ky

Best Dental Implants In Louisville Ky – For years, Anna had a dark and “hidden” smile due to the appearance of her left front teeth. We put an attachment on the natural tooth to mimic the natural tooth next to it. Now Anna smiled confidently to herself.

Mandy is a victim of domestic abuse and hides her smile. We used dental implants, bridges, crowns and gum treatment to restore her smile and spirit. Mandy’s case was featured as a feature article in a prestigious cosmetic dentistry journal.

Best Dental Implants In Louisville Ky

Kim wanted to bring more front teeth to our office. She had a history of large silver fillings as a child and knew it was time to build healthy teeth and improve her smile. Finally, we removed missing silver fillings, placed brackets and crowns as markers on most of the upper teeth, and restored the lower teeth to health, structure, and color, all in one piece. Kim completed her plan in 12 months and achieved natural, glowing and very healthy results.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring

Jill had a pool accident at a young age and had to go through several “generations” to restore her front teeth to health and beauty. We use porcelain by professional porcelain to imitate nature. Jill now smiles without hesitation and sees “gaps” or black teeth in photos.

Ekaterina broke her front teeth after her house collapsed. We checked the “length” of the right front tooth and fitted the left front tooth with tooth-colored braces.

Robert completed the dental treatment and then we did a video analysis. To create accurate and beautiful parts for Robert’s teeth, we agreed to “raise the gum” to show the natural markings and add colored bonding materials to the teeth to close the gaps. Install it, improve it and celebrate Robert’s smile.

Adam came into our office worried about our “little tooth”. Upon examination, it was determined that the damage was due to acid reflux and oxygen changes that had been quietly developing for many years. We develop a complete “plan” to reconstruct the missing tooth structure, including cabinets, whitening and protective crowns. Now, Adam can smile with confidence and without worrying about his “little teeth”.

Nashville Dental Implants & Periodontics: Dr. William J. Carter, Periodontist & Dental Implant Surgeon

For years, Laura hated the color, shape, and texture of her clothes. He is also careful not to smile “too much” because he can see “dark lines” and “excess gum.” Through careful planning and practice, Laura received a gum lift and new braces that increased her confidence and strong smile, enhancing her professional and personal life.

Dennis came to the office concerned about discolored teeth, receding gums, “chicken” caps on his front teeth, and dark spots on his gums. We carefully evaluate and create a life-saving plan, restoring upper teeth with lifelike crowns and crowns and filling lower teeth with tooth color.

Eleanor has recently noticed that her lower teeth are chipped/crooked and her upper teeth look “bonded”. We provide much-needed bite treatment and replace aging, worn-out dentures and dentures on both upper and lower teeth. Eleanor now relies on photography, both at work and in social settings.

Karl is missing his baby teeth due to a small injury in his front teeth. With the help of a dental hygienist, we extract damaged and infected front teeth and replace the tooth with an implant and crown. We placed a living crown on the adjacent tooth to improve its size, color and appearance.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Computer‐guided Dental Implant Surgery—a Clinical Pilot Study

After years of fishing line, sales manager for his own successful business, raising 3 children and living with different people, Carlos’s teeth were once worn out. . . He completes multiple tooth “edits,” replaces missing teeth with implants, and restores appearance and function with a combination of white, beautiful bonds, crowns, and crowns. Now Carlos smiles confidently at events, social gatherings and family pictures.

15 years ago, Sharon lost her front teeth due to a childhood injury. The dentist placed a “root-shaped” dental implant to replace the missing tooth, but it feels bad. With the help of a dental specialist, we cover the implanted area with resin (replacement) and create a living restoration on the 4 front teeth – to restore the correct size, texture, shape and color. The result: Sharon smiled from place to place until she noticed the difference in size between her two front teeth.

“I’ve changed the way I do dentistry and change my teeth,” Nancy said. Our relationship began with Nancy setting her goals for a healthy, beautiful smile, and ended with dental implants on the left side and new restorations on each tooth, improving the natural look and feel of her smile. After years of putting others first, Nancy finally did something healthy for herself, and the results were amazing. This post serves as an artificial tooth root. A crown, bridge, or tooth made of acrylic or ceramic is attached to the post. This restoration fills the space and acts like a natural tooth. If you are missing a tooth arch, you have the option of restoring the arch with a dental filling. You can replace missing teeth with individual dental implants or traditional dentures. Dental implants are an innovative combination of two options that are affordable, fast, convenient and have great benefits.

We specialize in gum disease, cosmetic gum procedures, and conservative and surgical replacement of one or more missing teeth. We know that visiting a dentist or a periodontist like a periodontist may not be easy for you, so we do our best to make you feel comfortable and at ease. We pride ourselves on having a well-educated, patient-focused staff that provides the best experience possible.

Wave 3 Listens Live! Freedom Mini Dental Implants March 10, 2021

Dental implants offer many advantages over other restorative options. They look and function just like your natural teeth. Dental implants and implant-supported bridges are more comfortable and stable than traditional dentures, restoring bite and chewing function.

Dental implants can replace some of your natural tooth roots, helping to preserve the integrity of your jaw. With conventional dentures, the graft around the natural tooth roots will atrophy immediately. Dental implants fit into your cheekbones, spread pressure sensations, and help stimulate and maintain the integrity of your jawbone. The loss of bone that accompanies normal teeth can cause facial deformities.

Long-term restorations look better than implant support and are easier to maintain than traditional dentistry.

With our specialized training at the implant site, the professionals at Perioimplant Associates know exactly how your newly restored teeth will function. The crowns, bridges or dentures we attach to implants are designed and manufactured in an accredited dental laboratory using the highest quality materials to ensure long-term comfort and excellent results.

All On 4 Full Mouth Dental Implants

Our team incorporates the latest technology to ensure the precision of your treatment. Using advanced 3D CT scanning, we take 360-degree images of your mouth and jaw, including jaw muscles and density. Special 3D software determines the exact location and angle of each installation and can model the entire process. We can also create a surgical guide that will help place one of the implants during the procedure. Using this 3D technology improves performance and reduces attack.

Once we’ve developed your personalized plan, we’ll run a local pharmacy to help you get the most out of your area. If you have dental anxiety, we can evaluate dental augmentation. Dental implants, which look like tiny screws, are surgically inserted into the jaw. The wounds are closed with stitches. Over the next few months, the titanium posts and jaws will bond, grow, or fuse together, creating a permanent anchor for your recovery. During this recovery period, a temporary recovery is created for you.

Another quick step is to expose the posts and add extensions or brackets to make them stand out. These contacts allow the implants to go back into place, where your new teeth will sit. PerioImplant Associates can recommend a ball-type retention device, a

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