Best Custody Lawyer In Ct

Best Custody Lawyer In Ct – “She is an excellent attorney with a genuine concern for her client. Ms. Feltman is courteous, strong enough as a counter-counsel, and pragmatic enough to agree when it is in her client’s best interest. Above all, she has an excellent understanding of financial matters.”

Choosing your representative is an important decision after a divorce, custody or court proceeding. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best divorce attorneys in CT.

Best Custody Lawyer In Ct

1. Start shopping. Talk to divorced friends and colleagues and get advice. Check attorney websites and online reviews from real clients. Make sure your attorney focuses on divorce and family law, as this is a highly specialized practice.

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2. Ask about fees. Ask the attorney’s hourly rate and other attorneys and paralegals who may work on your case, and make sure the fees are listed in your service agreement. Ask about any other fees you incur, such as filing fees to start the divorce process, a process server for filing the divorce papers, and additional costs for specialists that may be needed, such as appraisers, accountants, or psychologists. Make an honest assessment of whether flat rates are right for you and have a lawyer explain the costs if the case goes to court.

3. Prepare to discuss your case at your first meeting with a lawyer. Bring copies of relevant financial documents, such as your most recent tax returns and payslips, and be prepared to discuss your specific financial situation. Understand the underlying value of your assets, such as your home equity, your retirement funds, and money invested in the market. If children are involved, be prepared to discuss specific medical, educational, or other issues that may affect child custody or child support issues. Be prepared to discuss your personal security and financial goals.

4. Make sure your lawyer is technologically savvy. Ask if your attorney uses financial software to evaluate the tax implications of support and property agreements. Does your attorney use financial software to prepare your financial statements? Is your attorney dealing with electronic discovery? When your attorney receives the documents, will you provide electronic copies of the documents? Technology saves money because it can streamline the legal process, keep you informed of what’s going on in your case, and allow your attorney to use the best available information to help you make financial decisions that affect estate support and distribution.

5. Make sure your attorney is financially sound. If your case involves business interests, complex indemnities, trusts, or other complex financial issues, does your attorney have the skills and experience to resolve these issues in your best interest? Has your attorney ever taken these matters to court? Does your attorney have professional reviews that demonstrate skills and positive results in these areas?

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6. Evaluate and assess whether this person is someone you can relate to. A successful attorney-client relationship depends in large part on your attorney understanding your concerns and goals and representing you in a timely and effective manner. Do you feel comfortable trusting this person? Will this person understand your parenting concerns? Will this person understand what is going on in your business financially? Ask your attorney if he or she will provide regular updates, contact you on weekends if needed, and work as a “team” so you feel in control of your case and always know where you stand.

7. As for the parent, make sure your attorney is experienced in custody and child support matters. If you are anticipating a custody dispute, it is important that your attorney not only has experience in custody, visitation, and child support matters, but is also an effective advocate for you. Assess whether your attorney understands the nuances of parenting during separation, such as meaningful visitation schedules, child support decisions that address the children’s real needs, and realistic decision-making guidelines in high-conflict situations.

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