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Since its inception in 1954, Global has continued to meet the needs of members by offering innovative products and services, low prices, low fees and excellent service. By monitoring shopping trends, lifestyle changes and other indicators, we understand what our members want from their credit union. We work hard to provide the best deposit and loan products so we can help our members achieve their financial ambitions.

Best Credit Union In Spokane

We are here to grow dreams, members and communities. Join us and see why Global is your best financial advantage.

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Global Credit Union began as Fairchild Federal Credit Union in 1954. As a means of serving the financial needs of military and civilian service employees at Fairchild Air Force Base, our founder, Mary Milla, had the dream of creating a credit union on the basis. Milla was a secretary working at Fairchild AFB when she held an informal meeting with a handful of military officers in her kitchen to form the credit union.

After approval by the Bureau of Federal Credit Unions, the organization was established with an initial fund of $284. By the end of the first year, Fairchild Federal Credit Union’s assets had grown to $39,177. This represents a savings of 647 members. By 1959, the credit union’s assets exceeded $2.5 million.

After submitting the necessary documents to the Department of Defense, the credit union was selected from among 12 qualified applicants to establish branches at US military installations overseas. In May 1969, the first foreign branch was opened at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy. Later that year, a second branch was opened at Camp Ederle, Vicenza, and the following year, a third at Camp Darby, Tirrenia. In 1977, a fourth Italian branch was created in San Vito.

Originally housed in a World War II structure that served as an X-ray lab in the 1940s, the credit union moved its headquarters from Fairchild Air Force Base to downtown Spokane in 1976 while continued to operate a subsidiary at Fairchild.

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In May 1982, the Board approved a request from the Department of Defense to provide credit union service to Department personnel stationed in Incirlik and Izmir, Turkey. Earlier this year, two more offices were opened in Athens, Greece, and in Candia, Crete. These offices, as well as the two in Turkey, closed at the end of the same year due to government cuts in military spending. However, in May 1987 a branch was opened at an Air Force missile facility in Comiso, Sicily.

The credit union opened its first drive-thru locations in 1985 at branches in Spokane and Fairchild AFB. By the following year, the credit union had established a branch in the Tidyman supermarket, the first of its kind on the West Coast. Providing the most innovative and practical products and services for members has always been a priority for the credit union.

In 1988, the board voted to change the credit union’s name to better reflect its diverse membership and increase its potential for growth. A competition was held among members, with three selected entries sent to the National Credit Union Administration for approval. Fairchild Federal Credit Union officially became Global Federal Credit Union on April 1, 1989.

From 1990 to 1998, six more branches were opened, including four in Idaho, one in Spokane Valley and one on the campus of Gonzaga University. In 1996, the credit union was honored as the first Air Force credit union, an honor it duplicated in 2004 in the Army.

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In 1997, Global Federal Credit Union became a state credit union, dropping the “Federal” from its name. In 1998, the board applied for and received a community charter, which gave the credit union the ability to serve everyone who lives or works in Spokane County. Global received a multi-county community charter in Idaho in 2000 and a state community charter for Washington State in 2002. The first location to benefit from this state charter was the Tri-Cities, when in 2003 Yoke grocery branches opened in 2003. both Pasco and Kennewick, Washington.

In response to its growing reputation as a premier business banking source, Global Credit Union opened its long-awaited Member Service Center in 2004 on Riverside Avenue in the heart of Spokane’s financial district.

In 2013, Global Credit Union launched a new logo and branding campaign to celebrate the people, artists and businesses that make their communities great. This initiative, the Global Strategy for Citizens, reflects the credit union’s long traditions of community involvement, military history and entrepreneurial spirit by engaging members and like-minded people through support for the arts, music, small businesses and military service. The credit union does this through the people it cares about: members, employees and volunteers. People who help people do what they are passionate about, not because it enriches them, but because it enriches their lives.

ITMs are interactive cash registers. They allow members to connect with a teller who can help with almost any transaction at a brick-and-mortar branch. The ITM can also be used as an ATM, 24 hours a day. Global has continued to expand ITM in and out of branches, offering members a variety of experiences and continuing a tradition of continuous service improvement.

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To continue growing, Global created a new branch concept: the In-Store Member Service Center (ISMSC). Two new ISMSCs opened in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, the Global29th ISMSC opened in the Safeway store on 29thAvenue, bringing the latest technology to Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood. In 2020, ISMSC GlobalSouthValley opened in Albertsons stores in the South Spokane Valley area. Equipped with ITM, these service centers are also member consultants, working to help busy customers make the most of their time and finances.

To date, Global Credit Union has total assets of over $500 million. About 190 dedicated professionals serve Global’s more than 50,000 members. Three full-service branches in Italy currently operate on US military installations, with another 12 locations in Washington and Idaho.

Global Credit Union is now one of the largest credit unions in the Pacific Northwest and is a recognized leader in the communities it serves.

Experience the difference of credit union membership. When you join Global, you are more than a customer, you are a member and an owner. Your subscription gives you access to a range of products designed with you in mind.

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