Best Coffee In Bend Oregon

Best Coffee In Bend Oregon – Looking for good coffee in Bend? Coffee is big business in the Northwest, and while our neighbors in Washington state are famous for some additions to the world of coffee, here in Oregon we aren’t afraid to live that black gold. . From everyone who suffers from insomnia, the new parent, the student, and the busy person of our country! And for those who say coffee nerves lead to heart palpitations from the aroma of a big, dark cup of coffee, these five Bend Cafés are sure to make you dream come true when you take a break from work. or browse!

In a world where the look of the place is just as important as the product it sells, Backporch Coffee Roasters delivers the very best: hospitality and smiles in an open and airy atmosphere and a product that lives up to the Northwest Café name. . For those who love gems, their salt bites have garnered great reviews!

Best Coffee In Bend Oregon

This artsy and casual café serves delicious coffee with roasted beans inside its doors. Facing the outside world, the “coffee lovers” are cyclists, fishermen, and women. Just like the craft breweries popping up everywhere, this craft café serves up seasonally blended beans from all over the country to make great coffee, especially in Bend.

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As we evolve and change, we’ve discovered that organic food is clean and healthy – and great for coffee too! Among the top-rated coffee shops, Strictly Organic serves up delicious drinks made with their own organic grains and offers a buffet breakfast and lunch menu!

Friendly and experienced staff, a warm and welcoming environment, and an extensive coffee and food menu make Bellatazza the city’s leader. Stemming from the belief that “coffee is the great equalizer”, this coffee shop is a favorite with people from all over the world. The “beautiful clouds” (Bellatazza!) offered here are always filled with the best and softest cheeses.

Like we said before, the look of a café is just as important as the taste of their coffee, and Looney Bean of Bend is more than just a cool name; The location on the river with a large patio full of tables, picnic benches and easy green Adirondack chairs is the best place in town to relax with a good cup of joe.

Since most of us aren’t human until we’ve had a cup of java in the morning, most of these Bend coffee shops let you buy bags of their beans to enjoy in your pajamas. Sitting on the back porch of your Bend Vacation Rentals with a cup of local coffee in hand and watching the sun rise is one of the simplest pleasures in the world. Book your vacation today! Bend, Oregon provides the coffee scene with a variety of charming cafes full of style and excitement. To help you find the perfect cup of Java, here are the best coffee shops in Bend, from local breweries to popular bookstores to mixed coffee/whisky rooms.

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Thump Coffee is the original Piko game! Their team of adventurous baristas offer a unique blend of three great locations – located along Colorado Boulevard as you climb Bachelor Mountain for a day of bluebird skiing, West Bend off the Skyliner Trail, shy of Vail’s Mountain Bike Trail, and Bend Coffee Roastery. It is located in the heart of the city.

Thump strives to make you stay put and wants you to enjoy your coffee from the first sip to the last drop while trying Bend!

Address (3 locations): 25 NW Minnesota Ave, 1001 SW Emkay Dr Ste 110, 549 NW York Dr Ste 200, Bend OR

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Lone Pine Coffee started in Bend in 2009 and has built a solid reputation for quality and community.

They are dedicated to roasting and serving the finest coffee in Bend while offering a home coffee experience with signature lattes, local yoghurt, unique juices and homemade pancakes.

If you are looking for a place to sit on the sofa with a great cup of coffee away from home, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters is the place for you!

Located on the northeast corner of Century Drive and Simpson Street, Still Vibrato serves a variety of excellent coffee and espresso for Bend coffee lovers.

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If you are a coffee lover who appreciates finesse, you will love the subtle detail and uniqueness in every cup of their coffee.

Stop by early in the morning for the perfect wake-up on your way to the ski slopes, or stay for a few hours for a coffee in their bright café area.

At Proust Coffee, their goal is very simple: to make the perfect cup of coffee in the style of Belgium Liege Waffle Pastry for their customers in Central Oregon. And… they did the same!

Founded in 2016, Proust Coffee started as a lifelong dream to bring the finest coffee, artisan tea and European flair to central Oregon.

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It soon grew into a successful, fun and quaint Redmond coffee shop serving family-run Lone Pine Coffee Roasters and Liege Waffles. When in Redmond, stop by Proust Coffee for a delicious experience!

Foundry Four Spirits and Coffee Bar is located in Prineville, a small cattle town 45 minutes northeast of Bend, born out of a love of hard work, Oregon history, and quality local produce.

Everything in the café and dining room will celebrate those who believe in starting their day with a great cup of coffee and ending the day with a time to relax and work with a glass of whiskey.

So if you’re starting a day long or ending a day later, Foundry Four Spirits & Coffee Bar is the place for you.

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If you are looking for a cup of coffee in Bend, beans that have been carefully thought out, roasted to perfection, and made to drink par excellence, then you should visit Backporch Coffee Roasters.

Located on the western side of Bend, this coffee shop serves unique coffee beans sourced directly from small coffee farms and countries throughout Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

Small cafés are brewed 3-4 times a week to give customers plenty of opportunity to try new blends, popular iced coffees and cold drinks every time.

Stop by, make new friends, relax and enjoy great coffee at Backporch Coffee Roasters.

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Owners Kris and Laura set up a cozy café in a small town on the north side of Bend that serves the community. Everything is local – Stumptown coffee beans, custom flavored syrups, and even cannabis-free dairy.

Stop by for a casual chat over a delicious cup of coffee or settle in for an afternoon of typing away at your laptop. You can’t go wrong with Wild Roots Coffeehouse… It’s a must!

Since its opening in 1999, Strictly Organic Coffee has been aligned with the motto of “The Sustainable Cup”. Every aspect of their business strives to positively impact the lives of their clients, the Bend community, and the world at large.

Their coffee beans are 100% USDA certified organic and fair trade, the brew is organic, and they bike coffee to city locations to reduce carbon emissions.

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Both locations, Bond Street and the Old Mill District, offer places to rest and relax while drinking cups of ground coffee.

Want to settle down with a good book and a good cup of game? Dudley’s Bookshop in downtown Bend serves customers!

Consider the number of new and used books, make your day with a double espresso (because two are standard no matter the size!), and if you’re a tea lover, stay with Prana All leaves. Tea can only be found at Dudley’s in Bend.

If the day is over and you’re ready for a beer, settle in for a good read with a beer from Deschutes Brewery or a glass of selected wine from the Good Drop Wine Shoppe next door.

Best Coffee Shops In Bend, Oregon

Bellatazza’s mission is simple and honest…to bring coffee from major coffee regions, roasted to perfection and served in its own unique style.

They believe in supporting the local area, caring for the community, and doing good for the world. Every cup of coffee sold will help pay for the education of two Guatemalan children “guaranteed” by Pelataza and Pelataza hopes these children will repay the investment in the health of our world’s future.

Located on the banks of the Deschutes River in the center of Drake Park, the historic Rademacher House is a quiet place to relax and have a cup of coffee.

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