Best Club In Montreal

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Treat yourself to dancing in Montreal’s best clubs, from intimate venues to industrial warehouses and more

Best Club In Montreal

The city has a long-standing reputation as a nightclub destination, thanks in part to Montreal’s best clubs. Beginning with the cabarets, dance halls, and disco boom of the 1970s prohibition era—the first discotheque in North America opened here, natch—Montreal has always been at the height of all-night partying. Whether it’s a small but great venue, a warehouse, an after-hours destination or a nightclub, it’s one of the best things to do in Montreal, rivaling the best festivals every night, where the party doesn’t stop never. We recommend starting the night with pre-drinks at one of the best bars in town, dancing the night away and continuing with the best poutine before sunrise.

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Montreal promoters I Love Neon run this mid-sized venue from the second floor of the Village and have made it the headquarters for all things techno, with a great selection of minimal and deep house acts from Europe. Named after the language of Orwell’s 1984 fiction, it has an intimate format that gives revelers a very close connection to the international DJ talent on the dance floor and allows the sound system to really fill the place – despite being packed, it’s a of the best places to see your favorite boards in town. Unlike more conventional venues, the crowd here is not aggressive or fun-loving. The friendly bar staff will make sure you’re looked after and chances are you’ll make friends in the toilet queue. Look out for their official Igloofest after party and other special events.

Stereo is Montreal’s ultimate all-night experience, with an internationally recognized sound system and an equally impressive line-up of DJs from around the world. This warehouse club in the village is definitely the best night club in town with its commitment to the best underground techno and deep house sounds. It’s open from 2am until early morning, but the fun doesn’t start until 5am most nights. You might want to ditch your Sunday lunch plans and pre-drink at another bar or club before heading here – The Stereo Bar downstairs is a good option.

Montreal’s generation of local ravers and DJs cut their teeth at the original Daomé Salon on Avenue Mont-Royal. It recently moved to a large second-floor space around the corner on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, keeping the same neighborhood feel and decor while upgrading the sound system and dance floor. Open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, this is a great choice for house and techno fans looking for a place to dance until closing time on weekdays. Covers and drinks are always reasonably priced, and the lounge has comfortable sofas and ottomans for when you need to relax.

Founded in collaboration with Montreal star DJ Thomas Von Party, this pocket club is a staple of the local scene and one of the best things to do in the Mile End. Enjoy regular sets from Montreal underground favorites like RYAN Playground and Poirier, as well as regulars like No House No Techno!, 00:AM, L Nights, Émile Nelligan House Club and Homegrown Harvest. Look for the Multi Culti Von Party label storefront and swing by the Russian-themed Imperial cocktail bar next door, Kabinet, if you’re looking for a pre-drink spot.

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Le Belmont is one of the best LGBTQ hangouts in town with their monthly Mec Plus Ultra event featuring gay songs, drag acts and electro-pop. Local funk collective Voyage Funktastique also hold regular events here, as does Avalancha, a group dedicated to Spanish-speaking rock and DJs from the city. Rounding out the lineup are local and international touring hip-hop, indie and electro bands, while Bass Drive offers a weekly dose of bass music on Wednesdays. The club has a large main room as well as a smaller back room with a lounge atmosphere for relaxing.

Stereo’s little brother lets you turn your evening into a packed weekend. Located below the famous after-hours club Stereo, this smaller and more intimate space has a regular licensed bar open until 3am at a very reasonable cost (considering the big names they always book). Stereobar, like its big brother above, specializes in heavier techno, tech house and deep house styles, but you’ll find more eclectic music here.

Located in the vaults of the Royal Bank of Canada headquarters in Old Montreal, LaVoûte is definitely one of the most stylish options in town. The architecture of the building and club is inspired by Italian Renaissance palaces, so you’ll want to dress for this modern club. The music is a mix of commercial house and top 40, complemented by regular nights like Electric Dreams and burlesque-themed entertainment and the expensive Cabaret Nocturne.

If Tiesto and other mainstream and EDM DJs were in town, they’d be here. New City Gas is located in the impressive industrial heritage of Griffintown, a public gas light factory dating back to 1859. The result is a 40,000 square foot warehouse club that has consistently ranked among the best in Canada since opening. 2012.

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Club Unity is one of the most fun clubs in Kampung Gay, with two floors and a beautiful roof terrace with a panoramic view of the city. The big rooms play more mainstream sounds with EDM, Top 40 and classical, while the smaller rooms have underground DJs playing techno and house. This is a popular LGBTQ haunt, but everyone is welcome here and everyone is guaranteed a wild night of dancing and fun.

You don’t have to love electronic music to dance your heart out in Montreal. Those who prefer classic and vintage sounds will love this intimate club on the second floor, with rockabilly and classic rock from the 1950s to the 1980s. It offers the best option for the last call in the nightlife circuit known as l’Axe duMal on the corner of St-Denis and Mont-Royal, drinks and cover are very cheap and it is open six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Don’t miss their weekly Deadly Mardis event, popular with night warriors – you can call in sick on a Wednesday morning, can’t you?

Cabaret Berlin is one of the newest and best little places to open in the gay village. Inspired by Berlin’s legendary underground clubs, it quickly showed the promise of wild nights and great local DJs. A mix of European-style minimal techno, queer goth, electro klaxon, dark wave, Italo disco and other genres means you’ll never have the same night twice, along with regular themed events including drag and burlesque. Entry is cheap and the atmosphere is relaxed, making this one of the best places to let yourself run.

One of the city’s oldest venues for salsa, merengue and bachata, this downtown Montreal venue has been open for nearly four decades. The decor is a nod to 1970s Montreal disco nights, with neon lights and mirror balls that will make you feel like you’re on the set of Saturday Night Fever. The club gained more fame only in 2013, when Arcade Fire gave a surprise live performance during their album launch.

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Nightclubs have always been a dominant feature of Montreal’s more popular club culture, and Old Montreal’s Flyjin has been leading the pack for several years. By night, it’s a fully functioning izakaya with two evening seatings with Japanese small plates to go with it, while it doubles as one of Montreal’s best cocktail bars, while later the tables are set aside and turned into -a full dance floor. Music includes EDM, commercial house and Top 40, but keep an eye out for international underground stars too.

Located in Old Montreal, beneath the grand Auberge Saint-Gabriel restaurant, the club pioneered the craze around Montreal’s best speakers that have taken over the local scene over the past decade. Luxurious velvet sofas reminiscent of European cave clubs with cobbled tunnel ceilings are available for VIP bottle service, while the dance floor is packed every weekend. The music here focuses on house and techno, with a range of local DJs and international talent. Some of the city’s biggest Grand Prix parties are held here, along with the Igloofest after party in the winter.

This huge three-storey Gay Village nightlife complex has a ground-floor restaurant, pub and terrace, all open seven days a week, while Jersey Saloon, hip hop venue, drag-focused cabaret and Bleu Sky club offer something different. . upstairs weekend experience. The covers are cheap and the drinks are some of the cheapest in town.

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