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Best Chiropractor In Surprise Az – Children and infants are just as likely to have negative disabilities as adults. The birth process is very painful, as newborn babies often twist and pull their necks. This causes many problems for your child’s back.

One of the most common is the first bone of the neck, the atlas. Whether the delivery is vaginal delivery or a C-section, the baby’s head and neck are often the parts that doctors need to pull during delivery. This twisting/pulling process moves this bone out of alignment, causing severe nerve compression and symptoms in many children.

Best Chiropractor In Surprise Az

The solution to this misalignment is a very simple application of pressure in the right way to gently push this bone into its correct position. This reduces stress on the child’s nervous system and allows it to function properly. Some of the symptoms of this nervous tension are:

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Another common problem that occurs in babies and young children is that the bones from the lower part of the neck are pushed forward. When this happens, there is a slight pull on the spinal cord and brain, causing a number of symptoms. We need to decide whether your child’s symptoms are due to structural causes or require further investigation through laboratory testing (active care).

Depending on the symptoms, these things can sometimes cause other problems. For example, a baby may have reflux because his digestive system is growing and developing. Adding a small amount of digestive enzymes can make a big difference in these early stages of your baby’s development. These things we can find through discussions about nutrition. The following problems tend to occur as babies progress through adolescence.

As babies grow into infants, the process of learning to crawl and walk causes these problems. Toddlers often fall off walls as they learn to crawl and walk. This causes discomfort in the lower back and pelvis. These negative changes will create stress on the spinal cord and brain, creating a new set of physical problems for your child. You may notice that they move in an unusual direction or fall in a certain direction. These are signs that your child has a weakness that needs to be addressed.

Fortunately, babies and children respond well to the ABC™ method and feeding system. The sooner these issues are addressed, the greater the impact on your child’s long-term health. Many parents make the mistake of not checking on their child/children and bringing them to us when they are in trouble. Before you introduce them to the simple things, you need to prepare.

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Yes, children and babies are just as prone to back problems as adults. We can help with many different problems for a child.

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