Best Chinese Food In Long Beach

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Fact: LA County is home to the most diverse range of quality Chinese restaurants in the country. While many of the best Chinese restaurants are located in the San Gabriel Valley—and technically outside the city limits—you can still find plenty of great ones in the heart of Chinatown, historic Filipinotown, West LA, Silver Lake, and other neighborhoods. . In recent years, a new generation of Asian Americans has also expanded the definition of Chinese food, combining old family recipes with quality, LA-specific ingredients.

Best Chinese Food In Long Beach

Whether you’re into Sichuan, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong-style dim sum, Shanghainese, or even Uyghur cuisine, these restaurants cement LA’s claim as the best Chinese cuisine in the country. From takeout only to formal dining, these are the best Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles.

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After working in successful restaurants in China and at Panda Restaurant Group in Los Angeles, Tony Xu opened Alhambra Chengdu Taste in 2013. SGV—and the rest of LA—quickly took notice, and for good reason: fiery Sichuan dishes filled the tables. . with an intoxicating smell and a very red color that often indicates a terrifying level of spice. In addition to the simple but spicy style of Chengdu cuisine, one of the signature dishes is the “sister’s secret recipe” sliced ​​rabbit. Other items worth trying include Sichuan-style green bean jelly noodles with chili sauce; tofu map; and a butt-toothed sheep. They also have a second location in Rowland Heights so people further east can get their herbs too.

This spacious Alhambra restaurant offers refined and sophisticated dishes all day, every day. In addition to cast iron teapots filled with jasmine tea, Lunasia Chinese Cuisine serves popular casual and barbecue dishes including giant pork belly, plump hargo and crispy BBQ pork buns. . You may be disappointed if you don’t try the entire dessert offering, such as the Almond Milk Tea, a stand-alone dish of hot almond milk topped with a top-notch dessert. You won’t find traditional pushchairs, but it’s always an energetic place full of family, friends and dates. Want to beat the Alhambra crowds? There are new locations in Pasadena and Cerrito that offer a smaller menu if you’re just looking for quick hits.

Spice Finds is making its way to Sichuan Impression on both sides of town, perhaps because its founders—Chengdu natives Lynn Liu and Kelly Xiao—offer Sichuan dishes that keep you from reaching for the hot, numbing meat. , noodles. , salad and corn as spicy as can be. Both the Alhambra and West LA restaurants build on familiar options like mapo tofu and kung pao chicken with hard-to-find ingredients like peanut jelly tossed in chili oil; wok-fried crab; and “party in the pot” Leshan sleeps in the chicken pot. One of the few Sichuan restaurants in town, Sichuan Impression also offers desserts, including brown sugar rice cakes and pumpkin tsamochi wrapped in red bean paste.

Given the concentration of great Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley, it says something when a unique and delicious dish pops up — and does so for a long time. Located in a small strip mall in Monterey Park, Elite Restaurant has been one of LA’s best restaurants for many years. If you want to try custard or ice-butter eggs, be prepared to wait. However, it is worth it; Elite cooks their dishes to order and each one comes out piping hot. The spacious restaurant offers an illustrated menu with chef recommendations such as dragon eggplant and walnut shrimp.

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You probably already know the name: Din Tai Fung is a Xiaolongbao mecca that started in Taiwan and now has locations in Arcadia, Glendale, Century City and Torrance. Every drop of broth is carefully prepared, the result is a beautiful pouch, a thin skin filled with delicious pork – there are also shrimps and other vegetables, but I would like pork on the side – and a hot soup; Pour the soup with soy sauce, vinegar and ginger, carefully drizzle the soup that has started. The menu includes small pasta plates, rice dishes and stir-fried vegetables, but the star is the burka, some of which have truffle slices to eat.

Vivian Ku’s Silver Lake dessert Pine & Crane has established its status as one of the city’s best Taiwanese schools, but at Joy on York, this flavor adds a quick, classic Chinese twist to a cold salad. The bowls and multi-thousand-layer pancake sandwiches are seriously worth the trip to Highland Park. Cheap and delicious, everything about the joy of cooking is a joy, which means no matter how you mix it up, you’ll be happy. Trust us, Hakka’s mochi dessert is worth the drive down York Boulevard alone.

Husband and wife team Alan Lam and Grace Li have built a luxurious spa with products to match the name. Before you have the chance to choose between the various jiaozi, each table is given a complimentary plate of beans, celery and firm tofu tossed with chili oil. In addition to steamed, steamed or pan-fried, guests can choose between noodle soup and rice bowls. For those looking for something better outside of Monrovia, Highland Park’s Mason’s Dumpling Shop offers a more limited menu, albeit with the same dumplings as its sister restaurant in SGV.

While the name may conjure up images of New England Lobster Rolls, this little Vietnamese-Chinese place in SGV Market sells the most amazing freshly fried lobster with green onions and garlic, all on a bed of noodles. Lobster Boston also serves excellent, melt-in-your-face beef, listed here in English as “French cube beef.” While the rest of the menu is solid (we also love the scallops in basil sauce), you’d be missing out if you didn’t order the highly addictive scallops. Bargain seekers will also appreciate the reasonably priced lunch specials.

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Famous throughout the Southland for its simple, cash-only shengjianbao (Shanghai deep-fried soup) locations in Monterey Park and Alhambra, it offers an extensive and affordable Chinese menu. Kang Kang Food Court, which has been in the area for over 20 years, lured famed Momofuku chef David Chang through the door with hot, juicy and fried soup. But the rest of the menu is full of quiet pleasures, like a small shrimp wonton soup and fresh Suzhou-style mooncakes, that keep locals coming back again and again.

What started as a mother-son charm is now a mother-son brick-and-mortar, bringing Julie and Keegan Fong’s generation of Chinese cuisine to historic Filipinotown. Head to Woon for chewy fried noodles, steamed pork buns and Chinese fried rice. The menu here is refined and the atmosphere is wonderfully casual, with small plates, salads and shareables made from local farmers market produce, and cold-pressed tea to wash it all down. They even launched their house sauce line, “Mama’s Way” hot sauce and “Wok Legend” seasoning salt to bring back home the charm of the Woon generation.

The low quality at this seafood specialist ensures there’s always a bit of a wait, but the above-average prices (truffled chumay, Chinese celery, fried duck kidney) make you choose carefully. order from the encyclopedia menu. Watch hot meals fly out of your kitchen and peruse a wide selection of breads, pastries and assorted fish, some of which cost $100 for the service. Some favorites here include fried pork, deep-fried tofu with abalone sauce, and fried durian.

Newport Seafood Restaurant specializes in surprise and surprise seafood. Inspired by Ly Hua, founder and executive chef of the original Newport Seafood in Orange County, executive chef Henry Hua (Ly’s son) created a menu based on his father’s travels throughout Asia. The family-style restaurant serves bold dishes – many with Southeast Asian influences – designed to be shared with large groups. Large groups are best because you’ll want to sample a bit of the wide-ranging menu: Maine house specials, beef (listed here as bo luc lac), crab and tamarind sauce, and elephant conch are served. such as sashimi and others.

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Diner’s choice is the rule of the day at Haodilao Hot Pot, a high-end Sichuan chain with a built-in warming table that holds up to four types of soup. When ordering on an electronic tablet, customers can choose from nine different soups, including the ever-popular Mala-Sichuan soup and a mild, milky pork belly flavor. Yes, it’s a great value meal with meat, seafood, vegetables and other delicious ingredients. Anu in a

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