Best Cell Phone Coverage In Portland Oregon

Best Cell Phone Coverage In Portland Oregon – T-Mobile took the lead in Portland, Oregon this year, combining a solid reliable 4G experience with the best 5G networks. T-Mobile’s 5G mid-range was the only upgrade to show a notable difference between 4G and 5G, with T-Mobile’s 5G speed being more than double the 4G speed.

We’re also impressed with T-Mobile’s consistency, with download speeds over 25 Mbps faster than other carriers in Portland. No carrier has delivered the incredible gigabit speeds we’ve seen in some other cities, but the move to T-Mobile 5G will give a significant boost to anyone in Portland who isn’t already connected to that network.

Best Cell Phone Coverage In Portland Oregon

The story changes outside of Portland. On the Oregon coast south of Newport, both T-Mobile and Verizon were virtually isolated. AT&T did its best in rural Oregon.

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In the 12th year of testing, we analyzed 4G and 5G networks, showing the best performance of each operator in about 30 cities and 6 rural areas. Our results combine download, upload, latency and reliability for a complete picture of network performance.

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