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Best Casino In Wendover – Even people from global communities like Park City sometimes find they need to escape. Facing a big birthday this year and my oldest leaving for college, I wanted to get away and get my mojo back. When a friend suggested I take the so-called “party bus” for an evening of fun, warm weather and casual gaming in Wendover, I decided it might be the perfect little diversion.

Wendover, for those who don’t know, is on the border between Utah and Nevada – hence the gambling, which is illegal in Utah – and since it’s only two hours across the flat desert, the bus can take everyone there and back home. at 2 a.m. for less than $20. So after a quick drive down the valley to Salt Lake City, I boarded a big Lewis bus, with the sides painted wild red buses. My passenger agreed to have some fun before Wendover.

Best Casino In Wendover

When a friend suggested I take the so-called “party bus” for an evening of fun, warm weather and casual gaming in Wendover, I decided it might be the perfect little diversion.

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Our host for the evening was a sharp-eyed 60-year-old woman named Isa, who had a strong Scandinavian accent. She wasted no time walking around the big bowl to get our pot of free dollar bills, we walked around the bingo board and got to know each other. A heavily tattooed man with holes in his ears big enough to stick a poker chip through and then have a drink from the fridge with his friend. A few seats ahead, a beautiful bride switches text message bingo while a large man next to her in his cozy warm suit occasionally stops to look out the window as we cross the vast expanse of white space. Next to me was Gerald of the Ute tribe on his way to Wendover with his daughter and son-in-law from Duchesne. An elderly couple across from us said they were celebrating a man’s 95th birthday and that tomorrow he was going to blow the horn for 1000. Walk

We all warmed up in surprising comfort as the party bus moved along, each hoping to win a jackpot of $70 or more. The quiet woman at the front of the bus was the winner. She is a professor of mathematics at the University of Utah and is of Middle Eastern descent, as is her traveling companion. For some reason, I was expecting a simple American girl on this mini-Utah trip, but before we even got to Wendover, I felt like part of the melting pot.

Our arrival in Wendover was full of anticipation. We got off the party bus as Isa handed us our food and drink vouchers and then ordered We will meet in the Rainbow Casino car park no later than 5pm. 22:30 departure. The air was dry and warm and inviting and we quickly spread out like dice. I hurry to the main entrance of the Rainbow Casino, which is full of slot machines, poker tables and cocktail waitresses – unusually crowded compared to the relatively quiet street outside. It feels like Vegas here, but there’s no doubt that this city is a calmer, gentler little sister.

For some reason, I was expecting a simple American girl on this mini-Utah trip, but before we even got to Wendover, I felt like part of the melting pot.

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I also noticed the same white noise that seemed to be sent throughout the casino. It has a strange effect on my mind, which is not a bad thing: I don’t think about my birthday or the time that has passed since I entered, and who cares about their college-aged children when the promise is . victory in the air? There are five casinos (Peppermill, Rainbow, Montego Bay, Red Garter and Wendover Nugget), 3800 slots and more than a hundred gaming tables, you can play calmly even at night, but honestly I am happy to spend time in the scene and . Not like putting a quarter in a slot machine.

Instead, while the sun was still rising, I took the free shuttle down the road to the Montego Bay Hotel in search of a spa. Moving around here is as easy as eating all you can eat. Although the area is officially made up of two cities – Wendover, Utah and West Wendover, Nevada – all five local casinos are strategically located in Nevada territory along Wendover Road. At Montego Bay, I find beautiful ladies rooms to relax in and a beautiful outdoor pool to dip my toes into. Who cares if my skin is white in winter? The sun setting in the open sky in the Utah desert rarely makes my body feel warm from the inside.

At this point though, I have a confession to make: when it comes to casino grounds, the real draw for me is the all-you-can-eat buffet. Wendover did not disappoint. The line to get in can be long, but the enticing display of food is longer and it is customary to go back by three quarters of an hour. There’s Chinese, Italian, Mexican – you name it – and I don’t think twice about putting carrot cake, BBQ chicken and roasted jalapeño on the same plate. Life is comfortable when you are in the comfortable belly of endless edible delights.

Suddenly it was dark outside and the bar was illuminated by neon lights. I walk about a mile to meet back at our bus. Some stories trade off games of losing and winning, but mostly we just rest while Isa burns. It was a strange ride through the black void, and the only thing I was on the bus, which felt small at times, was the light of a beautiful brunette’s phone, reminding me of our world back home.

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Bonneville Salt Flats Wendover is surrounded by one of Utah’s most unique natural wonders, the Bonneville Salt Flats, an area of ​​over 30,000 acres of white, salt flats. Thousands of tourists, commercial filmmakers and high-speed racers make the Bonneville Salt Flats a world-famous destination. There is a parking lot located 10 miles east of Wendover along I-80.

Wendover Will Known as the world’s largest cow, “Wendover Will” is a massive metal sculpture that stands 90 feet tall and flashes over 1,000 feet of neon light. The Wendover Will mechanical arm, built in 1952, waves to passersby on Wendover Boulevard a half mile west of the casino.

Comparison: The Utah Tree is an 87-foot tall abstract sculpture standing alone along I-80 25 miles east of Wendover, surrounded by the Bonne-ville Salt Flats. Created by Swedish artist Karl Momen in the 1980s, Utah’s cement, tile, and stone formations of native minerals are also known as the “Tree of Life.” There’s no parking, so get your camera out and snap as you pass.

Wendover Airfield Museum Fascinating little museum with photos, exhibits, memorabilia and a full-size atomic bomb replica signed by the B-29 crew.

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Practice bombing runs over the Great Salt Lake before continuing to Hiroshima. The plane used in the film

Also exhibited. The Wendover Airfield Museum is located in the operations building at the Wendover Utah Airport.

Blue Lake Fifteen miles from Wendover, the 215-acre wildlife management area includes hot springs, wetlands, and a 58-foot-deep Blue Lake. With winter water temperatures in the upper 70s, it is popular with divers from November to May. The Wendover Nugget is a hotel and casino in West Wendover, Nevada. In addition to Montego Bay Resort, it is located on the border between Utah and Nevada. There is a connecting road between Nugget and Montego Bay. The origins of the first building on the site date back to 1926 when William “Bill” Smith opened a gas station and then expanded in 1931 when gambling became legal. Then he called Stateline Casino. From 2002-2004 it was named the Stateline Nugget. After a change of ownership in 2004, the casino was renamed to its current name, the Wendover Nugget. On August 3, 2007, two people were involved in an attempted casino robbery. One person is employed in the casino. On October 14, 2007, Carlos Garcia-Castillijos was killed. During a fight between him and his wife, two brothers intervened and were suspected of killing Carlos. Two suspects in the case were arrested by police in Utah.

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