Best Carp Fishing In Uk

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Best Carp Fishing In Uk

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Hotjar sets this cookie. The cookie is set when the client first arrives at a page with a hotjar script. It is used to maintain a random user ID, unique to the site in the browser. This ensures that the behavior of subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID. Carper Gareth Hughes had the ride of a lifetime after setting a new personal record and amassing an incredible number of backup fish during a three-day trip around the Cambridgeshire backwater.

The Bedford-based man fished the famous Grenville Lake, where he racked up 40lb 8oz, 38lb 11oz and 34lb fish before hitting the jackpot with his first UK fifty with a whopping 58lb specimen. 12 oz.

The monster fish was the same fish that grazed Paul Bennett’s net earlier this year at a record weight of 59lb 1oz.

Gareth caught all of his fish with Red-Amo pop-ups in his own version of a multi-riga after feeding around 15-20kg of Red Amo freezer baits in an area of ​​about 100 yards.

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The UK Forces fisherman said: “I knew it was big when I hooked it when it surfaced in the sunlight about 90 yards. Then when it dove backwards it looked like it was carrying the bonnet of a car, it was an amazing fight and when he got up close and i saw the size of his mouth and his big shoulders i started shaking i thought i had a new PB when i caught a 40lb 8oz fish the other day but when he turned the scales i didnt I can believe it.” The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, but fear not, the fish are approaching their maximum weight and looking for food! These are my top three tips for keeping the action going.

This lake area can stand out at this time of year. As the prevailing air is often cooler than the water temperature, the usual attraction of fresh air can be lost. The back of the wind offers a stable temperature, reduced hangover and also benefits from the absence of waves, which helps to take advantage of the weak autumn sunlight. This is a good time to scout the areas, small common bait methods often lead to a number of catches. I remember amazing fishing in the autumn wind, I love this time of year!

This is the time of year when nutrient-dense boils break out. The carp prepare for winter and focus on building their reserves in preparation for the cold winter ahead. A good quality marine broth fulfills this function perfectly. An important macronutrient is fat (lipids). It is important and a great source of energy for the carp that can be kept in reserve to last through the winter when it is difficult to get natural food in cold water.

This is an amazing tactic that will increase the biological value of your boils. Liquid foods and food-based foods are a quick and easy way to do this. A word of caution here. I would be skeptical about some of the food sauces I see on the market. The clear/transparent variety is probably just a simple glycerin based dip paint, not very flashy but very good to look at! Do some research on your choice of dip/liquid meal and if in doubt, call the supplier in question and ask. An easy way to add liquid is to simply pour in the free bait the night before. This will allow the liquid to seep into the boils so that the liquid will slowly release that important “eat me” signal once out of the lake. The addition of food-based liquids will certainly obtain

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