Best Campsites In Dordogne

Best Campsites In Dordogne – The view is amazing. helpful staff The campsite is well maintained. And we want to be here.

Saint Avit loisirs is a 5-star resort-style campsite in the beautiful Dordogne hills. The campsite is located between the towns of Bergerac, Sarlat and Perigueux, in the heart of the Perigord.

Best Campsites In Dordogne

We had always wanted to visit the Dordogne and had heard so much about its natural beauty. So where to stay? More than a camp in the middle of it!

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The Dordogne department, also known as the Perigord, is a natural region full of unspoilt landscapes and abundant wildlife. This makes it an ideal place for camping and outdoor adventures.

We visited Saint Avit loisirs in May 2019 and loved it so much we returned again in mid-June during a heat wave.

It’s safe to say that we absolutely love this camp and will definitely be back here with our kids.

The pool facilities at Saint Avit Loisirs are excellent. There is a small water playground for small children. Slides for older children (and adults), wading pools and even an indoor pool.

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We like “Mad River” a lot. You need a rubber ring to use, which you can buy at a camping store. But it’s definitely worth it if you take it. You can buy a lot of things on Amazon.

There are two rivers to choose from. Light, easy slides, cruises or fast and exciting rivers. choose wisely

I’m pregnant and not sure if I’m allowed to slide down or not. I paddled slowly down the calm river – but Mike enjoyed the slide.

We are very lucky to have arrived. It was sunny in the middle of May and there was no one in the pool. Which surprised us a lot considering the fully equipped pool. We found two reasons for this:

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The first is that the camp is off season. We stopped going to school and had a very small family.

We actually love the quiet pool area. Because it means we don’t have to queue for the slides, we can’t get bigger and we can’t get the kids excited.

*When we returned to camp in June at the start of our UK school holidays. The pool area does not look peaceful. Get ready to queue for the crazy river and pack your headphones!

The indoor pool complex is quite small but heated. There are signs telling people to respect the calm environment around the room, so I think this pool is better for calm swimming than bombing and splashing. Although I think of a rainy summer day in high season. This pool may not be as calm as it should be.

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Smart swimwear Mike has no problem with shorts above the knee. But don’t forget that the simple swimwear rules are legal in France. And if a campsite or pool in the area is fined by the government for non-compliance. You will notice the change.

The best option is to buy swimwear from the UK and they always have it in stock. You don’t need to find a pair of jammers or square legs.

As a 5-star campsite, Saint Avit Loisirs should have facilities that reflect this. And although we found out in May and mid-June that some facilities were closed due to the off-season. But we believe that the campsites deserve 5* status.

Personally I don’t think the camp has enough equipment to take every day. wake up time there As you can in some resorts, but with the Dordogne at your fingertips. why do you want

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The main reception is your first stop when checking in at St Avit Loisirs. Just exit the car park and provide your details such as license plate number and booking name. The reception staff are really friendly and speak perfect English. We found them patient enough to handle our efforts to use French, so if you want to practice the language, you can. Try your best French here.

At the reception We received information about various aspects. campsite including the cashless system, which I will explain further. We were then given wristbands and handed envelopes with names on leaflets, flyers and even recycled bags. (This page is great for recycling!)

The leaflet in the envelope is very useful. One is a brochure full of discounts on attractions around the Dordogne, one for a camping app where you can check upcoming equipment and entertainment. One of them is pizza delivery/takeaway. (Delivery services will be described below), a menu and a convenient map of the campsite.

When we gave the receptionist our license plate number. They simply register with our barrier system and allow access. No need to remember any PIN codes or swipe cards. Because it’s all automatic. You can enter the campsite from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. After that, the gate may be closed and you will have to park in the parking lot.

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We don’t, but you can often use this reception during your stay. Here you can order pizza, get wifi, top up your cash card. and you get a refund at the end

We are too busy to take advantage of it. But the phone signal is very bad. So if we need to use the internet for work, we also need to buy a wifi card. Prices vary depending on length of stay or number of equipment needed. However, I will add an image of the wifi brochure below so you can see the wifi prices in St Avit Loisirs (2019 price).

The next point of contact if you are not booking directly is your holiday agent. There are 3 reception units, Eurocamp, Alfresco and Roan, all located next to each other. We booked through Eurocamp so we went there to see if we could check in early as we arrived for lunch

Although check-in is from 15:00, sometimes if the accommodation is ready earlier, you will be allowed to enter. But don’t rely on it completely.

Best Campsites In Dordogne

When it happens Our home is not ready yet. But because we got a wristband at the main reception. Therefore, we have access to all facilities of the Site.

One of the things I’ve learned while working at the campground is to bring a swim bag that’s easily accessible and use the pool (and bar) while you’re waiting to check in. not so But sometimes the accommodation can be longer than expected. Therefore, always prepare and adjust your car accordingly.

At check-in at 3pm, Eurocamp Jazz representatives checked that we understood the cash system and pointed to our classic tent, which was literally opposite the reception. We asked him a few questions about the pool. Recommended amenities and restaurants And everyone responded with knowledge and skill. Unlike our other trips, we were very impressed with the friendliness of the Eurocamp staff.

Eurocamp reception is open from 9am to 7pm so if we need to speak to a representative they will be there during that time. (unless they are working for another customer) if they are not available or we need them outside of business hours. We also have a contact number on our documents and it is on the reception door. We need that number at 10:30 one night. And one of the friendly representatives, Leanne, was with us within minutes.

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The Eurocamp reception is not just for talking to agents. It’s a hub for information, brochures, games and more, so it’s worth exploring during your stay. You can also borrow books. Games like guess who and even balls.

If you are wondering where the local market is or the best places to go, there are posters on the reception wall. And everything you need to know is there (if not – ask a representative!).

While we stayed in a classic tent during our first stay. We had to use a shower barrier at the campsite. Fortunately, they are very clean. never full and well looked after I only have one complaint. about which I informed our representative (So deal with it now) and that’s when drones started nesting here.

Look, I understand this is a campsite. If it’s a spider, a scarab, even a mouse, I’m fine, but a crack? Maybe I have an irrational fear. But they are the only bugs/insects I think could kill me.

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The shower in the shower corner is a push-button type. and

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