Best Burgers In Belfast

Best Burgers In Belfast – Belfast is home to some of the best restaurants in the country, and if you want a good burger, your options are limitless.

To celebrate National Burger Day (August 25), our team recommends their tried-and-true favorite spots to help you narrow down your options for a bite to eat before a show at the Waterfront Hall or Ulster Hall.

Best Burgers In Belfast

Located in the heart of Belfast’s thriving Queens Quarter on Botanic Avenue, Tribal Burger is not just a happy eatery.

Closed: Build A Burger

Tribal Burger with local craft brews, “hard” and “soft” shakes; A place where you can enjoy delicious quality burgers with spicy chicken wings and hand cut fries.

Bunzen, a trendy place, is known for serving straight burgers. They have three locations in major cities across the island of Ireland, including our very own Belfast.

Create your perfect burger from their premium menu. Then fries to complete your delicious meal. milkshakes; and choose from soda slots.

Bootleggers offer original cocktails, Serving local and American beer, Moonshine is connected with their origin.

Burger And Chips Meal From Gourmet Burger Kitchen Stock Photo

Casual food menu seven days a week; Served from lunch to dinner. A good burger; Expect tacos and their famous chicken wings.

Pair your burger with one of their classic thick milkshakes and finish it off with a selection of delicious desserts.

Just a five minute walk to the Waterfront Hall and a ten minute walk to the Ulster Hall, Bootleggers makes the perfect city center location.

New kids on the block; This burger bar on Lisburn Street is vegan, They offer a variety of flavors including vegetarian and gluten free – something for everyone.

Northern Irish Spots Named On The Ultimate Uk Burger Bucket List

A short taxi ride away. A bus or train ride will get you to both of our locations, and we promise it’s worth it.

Although not native to Belfast, Five Guys is a favorite here in Belfast with two locations.

Your burgers With 250,000 possible topping combinations for hot dogs and sandwiches, not to mention over 1,000 different shake mix combinations, there are plenty of options.

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The 7 Best Burgers In Northern Ireland

A popular Belfast burger joint has been named the best in the UK, according to a new list compiled by a travel and events company.

Tribal Burger originally started as a food truck and now has two restaurants in the city. The place is popular with people looking for a burger fix in Belfast.

A popular restaurant in Belfast has now earned the recognition it deserves as one of the best burgers in the UK.

Since its debut in 2010 out of a 1964 Airstream truck, the Tribal Burger has grown in popularity. Now, It is the most popular place in the city for delicious burgers and tasty fries, and has risen to number one in the UK.

Two Belfast Restaurants Ranked In Uk’s Burger Bucket List

UK Men help organize hearts everywhere. The annual list of the best burger restaurants in the UK has been published.

This year, Tribal Burger was named the only Northern Irish restaurant in their top 30 list.

Paul developed a passion for cooking at an early age. He moved to London to pursue a career as a chef and spent nine years working in some of the city’s best restaurants. He then moved to Dublin where he continued to work as head chef.

He later moved to Belfast and worked at the popular Shu’s restaurant. However, it wasn’t until his trip to Chile that he was inspired to continue his food journey.

One Of The Best Burgers 🍔 I’ve Had. Great Staff & Service. Varied Menu A Must Visit.

Paul’s trip to Chile inspired him to start what would later become one of Northern Ireland’s best burger joints.

He said: “The people of Chile are not afraid to cut the meat and throw it all into the fire for incredible flavors. “The freedom to eat out appealed to me as something I wanted to explore more.”

Today, Tribal Burger is known for its wide variety of burger options that suit everyone from meat lovers to vegans.

Voted one of the best places to get a Belfast burger in the UK, StagWeb said: “From a food truck to two Belfast burger boxes. Tribal Burger is delighted to now have a permanent residence in the glittering capital of Northern Ireland.

Dine Around, Hotel Saalbacher Hof, Saalbach

“It’s amazing to see their amazing creations come out so clearly.” In fact, these burgers are cooked to impress and to perfection. Make sure you make the pilgrimage on your next trip. You will not be disappointed! “…

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Best Burgers Belfast

With so many options to choose from across Belfast; We thought it would help you narrow your search by putting some of the most popular places in one place.

Simply Offering no-nonsense good food, Bunsen has won burger lovers over Ireland for years now, including Dublin, They have expanded their franchise to Cork and Belfast.

The menu is simple and speaks volumes with excellent cooking and excellent beef.

Tribal Burger has a solid reputation for cool burgers downtown and on Botanicka Avenue.

Callender Street Restaurant Location

But apart from the lightness and good vibes of its restaurants, Tribal Burger owns it when it comes to making a delicious burger.

Beef beer; American style cheddar rocket; Their signature tribal burger with balsamic onions and tribal black pepper sauce is delicious.

Since opening in 2020, Burger King has offered huge meals with all the fixings to get you the place.

Are you vegan or gluten free? Both of their locations are vegan; Don’t worry, it’s veggie-friendly and gluten-free.

Burger King, Unit C, Food Court, Connswater Shopping Centre In Belfast

When Five Guys first arrived in Northern Ireland in 2015, there was a lot of excitement. The American fast food restaurant had high quality burgers that are worth the premium price.

Five years later and three franchises operating in the city, it is fair to tell the public.

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