Best Breakfast In Newport Beach

Best Breakfast In Newport Beach – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or so we are told). Whether you’re an early bird or you refuse to get up before the sun, you can’t argue that there’s little that beats a plate of sweet French toast or a salty egg burrito in the morning. We’ve rounded up all of our favorite places to start your day in the city.

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Best Breakfast In Newport Beach

If you’ve walked past the Corner Cafe on any given morning, chances are you’ve seen an excited crowd outside its doors. There’s often a wait at this cozy, intimate eatery, but trust us when we say that their extensive menu, filled with mouth-watering offerings, is worth every second. From pesto and fresh mozzarella omelets (The Jimmy Pesto Especial, for later) to sweet French toast with maple butter pecans, this is where your breakfast dreams come true.

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No, it’s not a spa, but you can still feel deliciously zen after a plate of maple-pecan-stuffed French toast. This diner-breakfast joint (they also serve lunch, but that’s not why you’re here) on the corner of Franklin Street and Spring Street offers bottomless cups of coffee and giant portions to start the day. Looking for something interesting? The Hash Supreme Omelet, served with corned beef, a three-cheese blend and hollandaise sauce, might come in handy.

Love breakfast, Broadway’s Hungry Monkey has you covered. A 15-egg omelet filled with eight meats including sausage, ham and turkey and five cheeses, seasoned with chili, all with fries and toast. You have one hour to complete the King Kong Challenge and get a free t-shirt and your photo on the Wall of Fame. Otherwise, you pay for it ($29.95).

If you’re not in the mood for a 15-egg omelet, the restaurant’s regular menu has plenty of tasty mid-range dishes like the Spider Monkey: two poached eggs on a bed of corned beef, served with home fries and toast. or Sweet Monkey Bread French Toast.

If you rarely wake up at what would normally be considered breakfast (hey, we don’t judge), take comfort in knowing that breakfast is served all day at Cru Cafe. Located on historic Bellevue Avenue, the delicious restaurant offers a variety of breakfast options, including avocado toast, as well as a variety of omelets and scrambled eggs; Not to mention the rolls, potato bacon, cheesecake and many other side dishes. Coming with an appetite? Get your hands on the Bellevue Burrito: Scrambled eggs, chicken and white bean chili, Monterey jack, guacamole and salsa in a fried wrap.

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Two eggs, fries, toast and coffee for $4.50 is your breakfast at Annie’s Monday through Friday. Located on Bellevue Avenue, the casual eatery has been serving Newporters for decades and serves breakfast all day. Their long list of benedicts (we’re looking at you, Benny’s Maryland crab cakes) are made with house-made hollandaise sauce, while omelets, pastries and your breakfast favorites sit side by side on the menu.

Conde Nast Traveler named Atlantic Grille’s breakfast the best breakfast in town. This is probably because their list of offerings includes all your breakfast favorites down to a few notes. Think: Philly cheesesteak omelets, generous servings of corned beef Irish benny and sweet bread French toast. If you like eggs, go for one of their combos aptly named for Newport’s local beaches, such as Hazards Beach, which comes with two eggs, two pancakes, bacon and toast.

We’ve heard people say the pancakes at Belle’s Cafe in Newport Wharf are the best they’ve ever had. Let’s not argue. Tucked away in Newport Dockyard (yes, a real working dockyard), this quayside cafe is often called one of Newport’s hidden gems, and for good reason. The menu features nearly all of your breakfast favorites, including avocado toast, French toast, build-your-own sandwiches and more. Place your order at the counter and then sit at an outdoor table located as close to the water as possible.

Looking for a light breakfast? (Hey, blueberry cream cheese French toast isn’t for everyone) Check out The Root on Broadway. Their long list of breakfast bowls come with your choice of açaí or steel-cut oats, along with hearty toppings like fresh fruit, cacao nibs or peanut butter. In the mood for something sweet and salty? Order the Banana Almond Toast: peanut butter, banana, cacao nibs, coconut flour, honey and chopped almonds.

Absolutely The Best Breakfast In California!! We Never Miss This Place!!

Discover Newport is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the City of Newport and its eight waterfront communities. We talk along the beach and at sunset. From tried-and-true egg concoctions and fluffy pancakes to healthy smoothies, acai bowls and grab-and-go burritos, there’s a breakfast for every taste and time. Here are 25 places around the country where you can start your day right.

Every breakfast menu worth its salt includes scrambled eggs, sunny side up and sometimes poached eggs. But what about the curling iron? This method of cooking baked eggs with cream and parmesan cheese is less well known. At Plums Cafe, the savory starter is served in a still-hot cast-iron pan, the egg resting on a crusty baguette that becomes a pillow of flavor as the cream oozes. Pieces of spinach and tomatoes reduce satiety, and chopped potatoes are sprinkled with dust. Equally delicious with hints of parsley and rosemary.

Zov’s offers a variety of eggs, from omelets filled with meat or vegetables to sandwiches and burritos, and breakfast is served weekdays until 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. the weekend For first timers looking for a hearty meal, try the colorful chili short rib hash, which complements the tender beef, crispy brownie pie, and sunny-side-up eggs. For a lighter option, try the Lebanese breakfast, which includes hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, mint, tomatoes and pita bread.

Breakfast on the deck of this historic building is a real experience. Eggs will get an unusual treatment with a wide range of offerings rather than compact menu offerings. Small but fragrant Scottish quail eggs are rare, as are fried poached eggs. You can’t go wrong with bubble and squeak, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, tomato and roasted potato and cabbage pie.

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In the seven years since it opened, Early Bird has built a following that means there are regular queues out the door. Thanks to dishes made with local ingredients in which eggs play a central role. Favorites include creative versions of Eggs Benedict and John Wayne-like omelets with sausage, peppers and mozzarella cheese. If you’re on the sunny side, try the duck hash, which also includes chunks of fatty meat mixed with new potatoes, raisins and onions.

The epitome of beach casual, The Hangout offers a surprisingly robust omelette list a stone’s throw from the pier. Despite its authenticity, the restaurant offers specialties such as whole lobster tail omelets. If you’re craving something that sticks to your ribs, load up on the Bennie’s Fried Chicken, which also features scrambled eggs in gravy.

Located in a prime location in the heart of the university, this newcomer offers options full of fun and flavor. Eggs come together in a variety of ways, from toast and jambalaya for breakfast to the signature dish of hot dogs and shrimp and grits. Other options include breakfast with mac and cheese and omelets with mashed potatoes.

Chef-owner Di Nguyen’s culinary gem is located on the edge of a shopping mall. Simple dishes like “Potato Casserole” and “Smoked Salmon” turn into complex, beautifully presented dishes. Many contain some of the best poached eggs you’ll ever eat, while others include ingredients from pork blood sausage to scallops. Tempura Battered Eggs is another signature dish that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

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Lit Cafe Anaheim’s menu includes gourmet breakfast options that include French toast with French toast and applewood-smoked bacon, salsa verde and a sunny-side-up egg. But at Lit Cafe, breakfast burritos are the specialty. Mr. Roses’ burritos feature scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and breakfast chicken sausage. Or come there on a Saturday morning for brunch featuring spicy pork al pastor, crispy fries, hot cheese and coleslaw and cilantro.

Nate’s Korner Santa Ana Nate’s has been serving moderately priced and well-portioned breakfasts for over 25 years. The hot tickets here are the breakfast burritos, which are an order of magnitude thanks to the brown color. In addition to the expected mix of fried eggs, cheese and meats, including pastrami, the burrito boasts the most amazing crispy shredded potato.

Nick’s Deli Seal Beach If you want a quick but hearty breakfast in Seal Beach, follow the locals to Nick’s. If you’re craving a breakfast burrito, this Main Street staple is perfect

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