Best Breakfast In Dubai

Best Breakfast In Dubai – There is no better way to start your day than with a hearty and delicious breakfast. A perfectly cooked egg, fluffy pancakes and crispy toast, what more could you ask for, what a great start to the day! And if you’re a resident or frequent visitor to Dubai Marina, you’ll know that there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area. While these restaurants serve delicious lunches and dinners, they are also good options for breakfast. So, today, we’re rounding up some of the best places for breakfast in Dubai Marina. Learn about their specials, buffet options, hours, contact and more.

It’s much easier to have a good day at work if you eat a full breakfast before going to the office. Those of you who are short on time or don’t want to go out can choose to have your breakfast delivered to their doorstep using food delivery services in Dubai.

Best Breakfast In Dubai

If you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast with friends in Dubai Marina, visit the amazing Cafe Society at TAMANI Marina Hotel. Step into this restaurant and you’ll find a light and airy space with sleek decor, comfortable seating and soothing golden hues. You can also see designer vases and charming paintings made of Coco Chanel lipstick on the walls!

Best Breakfasts In Dubai

You can enjoy a wide range of international delicacies from breakfast at Cafe Society in Dubai Marina. Start your day right with their fresh bread basket, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Whether you prefer your eggs poached or hard boiled, you’ll find plenty of options here. We recommend the delicious Turkey-style eggs, served with a delicious tomato and vegetable soup. You will also find that most of the portions at this breakfast spot in Dubai Marina are generous, perfect for sharing with family and friends. For those who want to try a selection of the Cafe Society’s delicious toppings, make sure you let the staff know your choice of waffles and pancakes in advance.

Shakshouka is a popular Middle Eastern dish made of boiled eggs and tomato sauce, served at breakfast spots in Dubai Marina!

Kicking off the list of the best breakfast spots in Dubai Marina is the ever so popular Café Battel! This charming Betel-style cafe offers many breakfast options. Start your day with their delicious Levant plate and try the traditional Umbrian sauce, labneh, cheese and olives on delicious Arabic bread. Or top it with a shishuka plate that includes poached eggs, bell peppers, onions and a sweet tomato sauce. Cafe Bettel also offers delicious French toast, cakes and waffles for those with a sweet tooth.

The Best Breakfast In Dubai

EETEN Urban Kitchen has a selection of delicious breakfast dishes. You can try different types of eggs, well-cooked hash browns, scrambled eggs and different types of cakes and fresh bread. If you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy their winning Cinnamon Brioche Roll, a healthy granola bowl with nuts, Greek yogurt and honey and classic butter pancakes with maple syrup and colorful seasonal fruits.

Looking for a delicious breakfast in Dubai Marina Mall? Then follow the smell of fresh bread to the famous Le Pain Quotidien!

Although there are many fancy restaurants in Dubai Marina, Le Pen Quotidien has become a favorite among breakfast lovers in the city, with several branches around the city. The warm and rustic atmosphere will make you feel at home, inside the trees and the incredible jamb walls.

Their bread basket, made with natural flour, is essential for breakfast. And you won’t be disappointed with the variety of delicious omelettes and eggs at this breakfast spot in Dubai Marina. Or indulge your sweet tooth and try the brioche French toast with berries and maple syrup.

Of The Best Breakfasts Spots In Dubai

If you want to experience a casual English breakfast in a classy British restaurant in Dubai Marina, you should try The Scene. Located at Pier 7, there is a comfortable dining room on Deck 4

Where to go and where to go to meet friends and family. Along with a wide selection of breakfast options, guests love the stunning view of the Dubai Marina.

Counter Culture is a popular place for those looking for a good breakfast in Dubai Marina (Marriott Harbor Dubai Dining).

Google ‘breakfast near me’, and Counter Culture Cafe will probably appear at the top of the list of great coffee shops in Dubai! With a sleek and bright interior, Counter Culture Cafe easily finds its place among the best breakfast cafes in Dubai Marina. They have delicious food served with unique dishes such as avocado toast, eggs benedict and shaksuka. Other breakfast items include pastries, fruit and baked goods. If you’re ready to have fun, opt for breakfast at Dubai Marina, which is available until 11:00 am. You can start your day with a wide selection of international breakfast meals, along with refreshing drinks.

The Best Brunch Places In Dubai

Located in Dubai Marina Mall, Bistro des Arts will delight diners with their authentic French cuisine. They have a delicious selection of organic eggs, fruit salad, granola and tartine as well as refreshing breakfast options. You can’t leave without trying their light and crispy crepes with a variety of fillings, from salted caramel to banana and Nutella. The incredible view of the marina completes the breakfast experience and makes it one of the best breakfast spots in Dubai Marina.

Try a healthy acai bowl at Projeto Acai, a hidden gem for breakfast spots in Dubai Marina! (Credit: Projeto Acai Facebook Page)

This breakfast bar in Dubai Marina will stop you on your colorful shopping trail. The Brazilian conglomerate is known for their acai bowls, perfect for those looking to get healthy as a New Year’s resolution! But their breakfast menu also includes classics such as omelets, pancakes and we hear they make delicious avocado on toast too! Their fruit and nut bowls are a nutritious (and equally delicious) way to start the day.

Those who love Italian food and know there is more to this place than just pizza will enjoy Carlocchio’s. It is divided into Stuzzichini, Antipasti, Salad, Zuppa, Pasta and Pizza. Stuzzichini has a quick breakfast, Antipasti is for starters while Insalate has a menu of Italian salads and Zuppa translates into a wide range of soups. Most of the meals on the menu can be classified as a full breakfast with delicious fruit or refreshing juice.

Best English Breakfast In Dubai: Jones The Grocer, Denny’s & More

An established name in Dubai breakfast restaurants, Baker & Spice is an award-winning restaurant operating in the UAE and other GCC countries. Located on the Marina Promenade, this English breakfast joint in Dubai promises only fresh and organic food. Their breakfast menu includes a classic, the ‘Almost Full English Breakfast’. Their baked goods are not to be missed, and their delicious pancakes and toast will leave you full of joy. Although on the expensive side, the atmosphere and food make this breakfast spot a popular choice in Dubai Marina.

The Market Restaurant and Cafe is a convenient place for casual dining. It has two breakfast options in its menu which include All Day Breakfast and Emirati Breakfast.

The all day breakfast at the Market Restaurant comes with sausage, fried mushrooms, baked beans, baked tomatoes, hash browns and scrambled or fried eggs. The sale also includes a glass of juice and tea or coffee of the day. On the other hand, Emirati breakfast deals include hummus and khubs, grilled halloumi cheese, olives and pickles, whole egg ballet or shakshuka. Sun juice and coffee or tea are also offered with this deal.

Shakespeare & Company serves up a delicious breakfast in a quirky, bright interior at Dubai Marina! (Credit: Shakespeare & Company)

Best Breakfast In Dubai 2022 With A View

Those interested in breakfast in Dubai Marina Mall should head to Shakespeare & Company, which has a striking interior and many breakfast options. Try their breakfast plates with Mediterranean, English, American and healthy options. Other breakfast items here include granola bowls, breakfast burritos, smoked salmon and dirty dames. The colorful and luxurious surroundings provide an Instagrammable image and the delicious prices make them one of the best breakfast restaurants in Dubai Marina.

Saranga Bhojanshala is an Indian restaurant serving South Indian specialties. It has a varied menu that includes many South Asian dishes including a variety of vegetables, dosa, soup, salad, rice, desserts and fresh juices. Its menu also includes hot drinks such as tea and coffee which are perfect to complement breakfast.

If you’re a meat eater struggling to find a meaty breakfast, Baker’s Kitchen has got you covered. His menu includes three different breakfast meals made with fresh or cooked vegetables, hummus, flour, nuts and spices. Avocado toast and chia pudding are also great options available. They also have other breakfast items like crispy french croissants, whole grain pancakes, nut granola bowls, bagels, sandwiches and whole wheat bread.

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