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Best Botox In Dallas Tx – Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel can temporarily smooth your most stressed appearance with Cosmetic BOTOX or Dysport injections at his Dallas and Frisco practices. The FDA-approved product uses a pure form of a substance called botulinum toxin type A to temporarily reduce muscle spasms that cause fine lines on the face and around the chin. BOTOX and Dysport cosmetic products are popular with women and men from Denton, McKinney, and other nearby cities who want to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and younger without surgery.

I inject Vollure and Botox face, great results, look natural and refined U. Women compliment me every day. Dr. Kenkel is an accomplished plastic surgeon. He is committed to providing the best care to his patients. With his special skills, the newest equipment on the market, and the latest techniques available to him, he produces amazing results. We are happy to have him in North Texas!

Best Botox In Dallas Tx

This patient presented after 25 units of Botox were injected into the glabella and lateral orbit, along with Restylane injected into the orbit and wound.

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This patient was treated with 25 units of Botox injected into the glabella and lateral orbit. In addition, Juvederm Ultra Plus is injected into the nasolabial folds to soften their appearance.

This 56-year-old woman wants a young, handsome man. Dr. Kenkel used Botox and injectable fillers in Dallas Texas with visible results 6 months after receiving the injections.

This 68-year-old woman wants to improve the finesse of her lips. Especially the lines at the corners of his mouth, nasolabial folds and fine lines near the center of his cheeks. It appeared here 21 days after the Volbella injection. Read more

This patient was seen after injecting Juvederm Ultra Plus into both the nasolabial folds and corners of her mouth (maroon line).

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This patient has a history of facial asymmetry. We treat him with 100 units of Dysport in the orbits / the lateral legs and forehead.

This 48-year-old woman wants to improve her appearance. It’s another healthy thing. We start it off with skin care that includes great moisturizers, sun protection, antioxidants, retinol and bleach. She appears here after six months of skin care with botulinum toxin in the forehead, glabella, and side orbits… Read more

This patient was treated with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. He has 150 Dysport heads inserted into his forehead, between his eyes (glabella) and the side orbit. We injected Restylane into her orbits/water canals as well as her nasolabial folds and corners of her mouth. Read more

There are many restrictions on botulinum toxin injections. Patients who are pregnant or have neurological symptoms should not be treated. If you are healthy and have no health problems, you should be a good candidate. Dr. Kenkel will help you learn more when you talk.

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Note that this type of spray does not reduce stretch marks caused by sun damage and skin roughness. This is because these types of wrinkles are not caused by muscle tissue. Injections cannot reduce rough skin or change hair,

Facelift, and other types of surgery. Although botulinum toxin injections can provide positive results, it is important to understand their limitations. Having the right expectations will make you a good candidate.

Using a small needle, Dr. Kenkel injects BOTOX or another neuromodulator into different areas of your face. The most common treatments are:

Because the needle is very fine and only a small amount of material is used, most patients find the procedure very effective. Mostly at first, there is a small scar with each injection but there is little, if any, discomfort. No sedation or anesthesia is required, so you can resume normal activities immediately after your appointment.

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At the end of the work, the board of surgeons certified by Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel is dedicated to turning his attention specifically to facial surgery and non-surgical facelifts. Known for producing exceptional results, Dr. Kenkel is one of the best surgeons in the Dallas area.

The effects of BOTOX and other similar products take anywhere from 2 to 7 days to appear, and can last anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

The cost of self-treatment may vary depending on the number of treatment centers and the cost of equipment. We must pay for BOTOX or Dysport on the day of your appointment. We accept cash, check, money order, and credit card. Please call us at (214) 645-3112 to learn more about our current pricing for this popular product.

Our patients who receive BOTOX injections travel from Fort Worth, Frisco, and other cities around Dallas and Frisco because they know it’s worth it to have a board certified plastic surgeon. If you want to discuss your goals with Dr. Kenkel, request a consultation online or call our office at (214) 645-3112 to schedule an appointment. Dallas is one of America’s largest markets for botox and fillers. Our shots are practical. The only problem: most of the work will be anonymous.

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Imagine a beautiful Dallas brunch, with fresh flowers, thoughtful name cards, and lots of champagne. The guest list includes remarkable women of various ages, all beautiful and experienced and – you guessed it – a little helping of shots. They are all kinds of women who will make you feel,

Fortunately the topic turned to botox, and fillers, and skin care, and everyone was very happy until today (thanks, Champagne). One woman talks about her long-term relationship with her injections, another talks about the benefits of microneedling to help her stay away from neurotoxins, and there’s a controversial butt-pain relationship with botox.

Some, perhaps, lunch happens, but for most, this event is still an idea. Especially we are in Dallas, one of the markets for botox and fillers, but a city where everyone is not in terms of music therapy as they would be in Los Angeles or Miami. “Dallas is just … no, not in this city,” warned one woman I spoke to about her Botox. “People make decisions here. I’m just not going to go and talk about these things unless you’re a close friend.”

But what if you have no friends? As cosmetic treatments continue, many people start looking for injections. (Neurotoxin procedures have increased 28 percent among 20- to 29-year-olds since 2010, according to the American Medical Association.) And in such an unregulated market, it’s important to learn, and find the best. .

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So I created my own digital version of this beautiful Dallas lunch. I spoke with many strong local women who are passionate about their skin care, as well as doctors and dermatologists who they enthusiastically admire.

But if neurotoxins and fillers aren’t your thing, these women of the future are also happy to share their thoughts on skin care, non-toxic beauty, and faces they love. The goal with this guide is not to convince anyone to take botox, but hopefully to guide you in the right direction if you need it. But if you have, you are lucky. Dallas can shoot well.

It is not too difficult to know where Botox powder comes from. Its name alone, Botulinum toxin, originated. Not to mention the ridiculous idea of ​​some kind of paralysis. Also, the area of ​​cosmetic treatment is questionable (insurance companies tend not to cover crow’s feet). Botox can usually be injected by someone with little experience. (Pro tip: If you ever see a Groupon for it, the person you see is probably still in training.)

In 2002, the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use, after patients who received the injection for eye twitching were pleased to see the lines in their eyes disappear along with their spasms. Today, Botulinum toxin (which includes Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin) is part of the multi-billion dollar beauty business, and is the most widely used drug. “Botox opens the door to everything,” Dr. Lori Stetler, from the Dallas Center for Skin and Beauty.

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Botox Pro Tip: The most common side effect is a little redness at the injection site and sometimes a pimple.

In the right hands, botox smoothes wrinkles and can even raise the eyebrows a little (but you can still move them). But in the wrong hands, where botox has unfortunately landed, you will look, well, a little strange. “If it’s put on wrong, people can look angry, or have puffiness under their eyes,” says Beverly Breshears, who practices beauty therapy at Somatic in Greenway Parks. Parks, 23. “They just look different.”

But it is all new, and the long-term effects (although they should not be negative) are still unknown and will vary from person to person. Some older women have used botox to

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