Best Beaches In Balearic Islands

Best Beaches In Balearic Islands – For a super yacht charter vacation in Spain, we’ve found the best beaches in Spain and the best beaches in the Balearic Islands, from Barcelona and Ibiza to Mallorca and Málaga.

For those looking to escape the crowds, this beach group is the perfect stop for super cruises cruising around the coasts of Spain and Gibraltar. Located in the center of Casares, just 1.4 km from Finca Cortesin Resort, this club offers 6,000 square meters of facilities including a restaurant, cocktail bar and several sun loungers for sunbathing. Most importantly, you have excellent access to the crystal clear sea as well as the 35m infinity pool. This is the perfect place to enjoy a nice lunch in the shade, or even just enjoy a cocktail with friends outside in the sun. Drop anchor across the beach and relax on the beach or take the 20 minutes to Puerto Sotogrande.

Best Beaches In Balearic Islands

Ibiza may be better known as one of the top Mediterranean party destinations, but it offers more than just the best bars and nightlife in the Balearics. Cala Xarraca Beach is paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts; Crystal blue waters with beautiful bays surrounded by lush green forests and rocky paths, you will almost feel like you have found your own private beach.

Of The Best Beaches In Mallorca

Still unspoiled thanks to its protected location, Cala Agulha is a 500-meter stretch of ultra-fine white sand. Cala Agulha was found lost to Capadepera and Cala Ratzada, northeast of Mallorca, and is the largest beach in the eastern corner of the island. The shallow waters are crystal clear and ideal for paddling, snorkeling or swimming – but not all for diving. The quiet beach is also a beautiful sight, surrounded by dense pine forests and overlooking the mountains of the Levant Natural Park. There is also an on-site restaurant, beach bar and watersports supply store to keep guests busy.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca is Cala Pregonda. Unique colored sand beach, filled with unique golden red sand that contrasts with the surrounding arid spots, perfect river flow is the perfect place for lunch on the beach. There are no amenities, so ask the crew to arrange lunch on the sand.

If you’d rather escape from your cruise, head to the Es Grau Nature Reserve, where you’ll find a private white sand beach. The water in this horse-shaped bay is shallow and clear, making it ideal for snorkeling or relaxing after a sunny afternoon. Behind the beach, soft sand dunes and pine forests lead to a pristine lake in the middle of the S’Albufera nature reserve. Surrounded by sunny fishing villages, you’ll also find a number of local restaurants and artisan shops on the beach.

Providing a retreat on the edge of this bustling city, Nova Icaria’s white sands are backed by the Barcelona skyline. Thanks to its proximity to Port Olympic, guests will find a variety of facilities, including a restaurant, bar and several sports facilities.

Best Beaches In Balearic Islands // Spain // World Beach Guide

Once a shy and retired neighbor of Ibiza, Formentera takes curious visitors away from the famous White Isle. Often described as the main reason to visit Formentera, the island’s beaches can be very noisy in high season, so arriving early is advised. Playa de Ses Illettes Formantera is an example of extraordinary natural beauty – the remains of coral dust mixed with the white sand of the beach giving a pink hue that contrasts with the aquamarine hues of the water. To the right of the beach is Playa de Ses Illettes, separated by a narrow beach, another beach belonging to Platja de Llevant, which gives this area a special shape and allows visitors to change sides if they wish to end. provide opportunities. in the opposite direction. Guests on Superyachts will also find themselves in good company as there are usually plenty of luxury yachts parked in the bay.

Located on a photogenic beach on the southern coast of Menorca, Cala Mitjana beach is a beautiful, quiet resort that is only accessible by foot or by boat. Here, clear water crashes onto a large beach shaded by pines and cypresses. Be sure to bring your snorkeling gear, or ask the crew to drop you off nearby in a rowboat or kayak to fully enjoy all this vibrant area has to offer.

Reaching 400 meters, the peak of Wild Island off the coast of Ibiza is impressive and well worth a visit, especially at sunset or sunrise when tinged with the golden rays of the sun. Famous in ancient Greek mythology as the house of sirens that cause shipwrecks, this rocky atoll is surrounded by several white sand beaches. To avoid the same fate as those old sailors, drop anchor in one of the nearby coves and let your crew head for the shores of Es Vedro – or just admire the view from your deck. In September 2017 I visited Balearic. Menorca Island for 7 days. I consider myself a beach connoisseur so I researched my ass to find the best beaches in Menorca! Here’s a breakdown of the island’s most stunning beaches that you shouldn’t miss!

September is shoulder season so accommodation and flight prices are low, there are lots of people and the water is nice and warm from the long summer! The weather wasn’t as pleasant as I expected, but there were enough sunny days, sparkling beaches, Spanish wine and gin to make up for a bit of chill!

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Menorca is a small island in the Balearic Islands, which includes its more famous counterparts Mallorca and Ibiza. Menorca is much smaller and more popular with Spanish tourists who visit each year.

We decided to make the small town of Ciutadella our base because it was closer to the beach and the areas on the south coast that we most wanted to visit. Ciutadella itself is a very charming town with a charming old town and a lively atmosphere of restaurants and bars.

Did you know that gin and tonic is the most popular drink in Menorca? This is music to my ears! Living in London gave me a strong love for this drink. Gin is actually made on the island by a local distillery! The typical way of serving gin and tonics in Menorca is in a gin bowl, yes this is my place!

I love the beach culture in Spain. Everyone goes to their favorite place, picks up anything and everything they need for the day and they do the same and set up shop among the hoarders. Free there! Drinking, smoking, eating naked, playing loud music, no one cares!

The Best Beaches In Mallorca

Cala Macarella is the best beach in Menorca! Located in a small bay surrounded by beautiful rocks and trees. The water is clear, blue and calm. There are many small boats on the shore where you can see their reflection on the big land. This is a European summer dream! There is good sand for relaxing and trees for shade. Plus there’s a cafe and little shop for drinks!

This beach is one of the most popular beaches on this part of the island, so it’s very busy, but not overly crowded, even in September. I really like how there is some infrastructure but not enough to take away from the natural beauty.

Cala Macarellata is the second best beach in Menorca. And a bonus if you go to Cala Macarella you will be able to visit Cala Macarella at the same time! Cala Macarelleta is a short walk around the cliffs from Cala Macarella.

The walk from Macarella to Macarelleta was my favorite part of the day. The thought of Macarella and Macarelleta is crazy. You can literally see the water and the vastness of the beach from above. This is the place to get the perfect Instagram photo to make all your friends jealous!

Best Things To Do In Majorca

Cala Macarellata is a small beach that folds into an even smaller beach. The water on this beach is a dazzling turquoise blue, stunning! As the beach is small, it gets very crowded so make sure to go early to beat the crowds and enjoy the peace. Or you can admire it from above!

Cala en Turqueta is the closest beach to Ciutadella, but is more disconnected in terms of roads and infrastructure. This includes the first stretch of white sand beach with cliffs where you can walk to a small river in search of a place to dock.

The beach is very beautiful, especially the coves. No shops or anything so bring snacks or you can buy fresh fruit from the vendors on the beach!

Cala Mitjana is the furthest from Ciutadella but is well connected by road and the town of Serpentona. Serpentona is like a cheesy beach resort town so I don’t

Best Beaches In The Balearic Islands

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