Best Beach Resorts In South Korea

Best Beach Resorts In South Korea – It might not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a beach vacation in Asia, but you might be surprised to learn that Korea has so many beautiful beaches. Bounded by the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the Sea of ​​Japan, it’s no surprise that Korea has a variety of beaches along its 2,413 km (1,499 mi) coastline. Most of the beaches in Korea, with the exception of the beaches on Jeju Island, are not considered ” tropical’, but even so, you’ll often see locals dressed up and playing in the water.

Most beaches in Korea are open from June to August. Lifeguards are on duty and there are clean facilities and many local restaurants nearby. So, whether you’re looking for mud beaches, camping beaches, surf-only beaches or fantastic winter beach scenery, South Korea has a beach to choose from.

Best Beach Resorts In South Korea

20 beautiful beaches in Korea for a day trip from Seoul 1- Hanagae Beach

Best Places To Visit In South Korea

Looking for a beach to spend hours on the road? Hanagae Beach is located on Muuido, a small island near Seoul’s Incheon International Airport.

This beach, with shallow water ideal for summer swimming, has a wide tidal flat, and shelling and shelling along the tidal flat is an activity worth doing at low tide.

The entrance to the beach is full of local restaurants and street vendors, so finding something to eat is not a problem.

Activities include hiking, quad biking and horse riding. If your flight is delayed, stay at a beach hotel, Airbnb, camp on the beach, or rent a beach cabin.

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Boryeong Mud Festival, Korea’s largest mud festival held every summer, is held here.

This beach is fun for the active traveler as jet skis and boats are available for rent. And one of the beach’s unique attractions is the skybike that glides along high docks along the beach in an electric cart with four seats.

There are local restaurants and food vendors in the area, but not many western restaurants, so be prepared to eat like a local.

Daecheon Beach is located 141 km (87 miles) from Seoul, South Chungcheong Province, on the west coast of South Korea. It has a clean campsite for an adventurous alternative to your stay.

Beaches In South Korea

Malipo Beach is a sandy beach about 1.6 km long, flat and well protected, which makes it perfect for families.

Surfboards and swimming equipment are available for rent, and the shallow waters allow you to see sea creatures lurking among the rocks.

There are street vendors and several restaurants nearby. In Cheongchongnam-do, there are a variety of accommodations where you can spend your beach vacation.

Mallipo Beach is located on the west coast of South Chungcheong Province, South Korea, 114 km (70 miles) by bus or taxi from Seoul.

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Nearby, you can visit the Mariangani Camellia Forest, where you can enjoy the fresh air while climbing the camellia pavilion, admiring 500-year-old trees.

There are local restaurants within walking distance of the beach so you won’t be hungry after swimming.

Sokcho Beach is a popular beach in the summer and a popular hub with lots of great cafes and Korean restaurants.

The most famous attraction in the area is Seoraksan National Park, which attracts visitors from all over the world who come here to climb the beautiful mountain.

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The climb to the top of the mountain takes about 2.5 hours, and you can also go up by cable car.

Hitting the beach is just one of the things you can do here, as Sokcho is a popular destination for international travelers and has a wide range of hotels to choose from.

Naksan Beach is south of Sokcho, and if you’re traveling along the northeast coast of Korea, Naksan Beach Village is a great place to stop.

This underrated beach is a hidden gem with unusual sculptures and a short cliff-side walk to Naksana, a peaceful Buddhist temple overlooking the entire city and beach.

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There are several street vendors along the beach and the area has many seafood restaurants and Korean BBQ.

There are many budget accommodations in Naksan, but for a comfortable stay, Naksan Beach Hotel is the best.

The best thing about Gangmun Beach is that it is quiet and the sunrise view from the beach or Gangmun Bridge is great.

There are dive shops and boat rentals on the beach and many restaurants and cafes within walking distance.

Best Beach In Busan For You To Visit!

Gyeongpo Beach frame is a wonderful feature that allows you to take pictures of the sea and the sky. Photo: Construction

Beach facilities include jet skis, jet skis, tube and boat rentals. Fishing is another popular activity.

The Edison Science Museum and the Chamsuri Gramophone Museum are also interesting places to spend a few hours exploring Korean history.

Chodang Tofu Village, near the beach, is another place to explore traditional Korean houses (hanok) and possibly the best tofu (tofu) in the country.

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There are many hotels, hostels, campsites and guesthouses. Enjoy luxury service at the Skybay Hotel right next to the beach. There is an infinity pool with a sea view on the top floor of the hotel and most of the rooms overlook the sea.

Surfing is popular in Korea, and Surfyy Beach is the only beach in Korea where you cannot enter the water without a surfboard.

Swimming is not allowed, but the beach has nice cabanas for non-surfers to rest and hammocks for resting.

It is also the perfect beginner beach for surfing lessons as the waves are calm for beginners and there are plenty of places to rent surfboards on the beach.

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Anmuk Beach in Gangwon-do is a rare sight in winter. Photo = Korea Tourism Organization/Kim Ji-ho.

‘Coffee Street’ is one of the main attractions of Anamok Beach, where you can find everything related to coffee, including museums, shops, cafes, factories and a barista academy.

There are many western and local restaurants nearby, and the best place to taste local food is at Gangneung Jungang Market, where you can enjoy authentic bibimbap made with your own eyes while eating fresh seafood.

You can choose from hotels, Airbnb, and nok, which are traditional Korean houses built by scholars from the Joseon Dynasty.

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Jeongdongjin Beach has three main bathing spots: Hourglass Park, Jeongdongjin Breakwater and Jeongdongjin Station.

It is beautiful to see this beach in winter when the moonlight reflects on the wet sand at night and the contrast of the white snow, golden sand and turquoise water is fantastic.

It’s fun to run with rail bikes along the beach and you can rent them at a small stand at Jeongdongjin Station.

There are several authentic Korean and Japanese restaurants to choose from, as well as convenience stores selling light snacks.

Best Places To Visit In South Korea

There are no luxury resorts in the area, but downtown Gangneung has plenty of budget motels and plenty of options.

Jongdongjin Beach is located on the east coast of Gangwon-do, near Gangneung, 182 km from Seoul.

Yeongildae Beach has a pavilion that is lit up at night, so you can enjoy a peaceful stroll.

Spend the night watching fireworks, stroll along the boardwalk, enjoy the night life and enjoy the street food, bars and restaurants.

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Fill your Instagram feed with photos of unique artwork dotting the beach and walk across the bridge to a traditional vantage point.

Pohang Nature Pool Villa has several hotels in the city to choose from, including an infinity pool by the sea with a sunset view.

If you plan to go to Busan, head north to Ulsan and stop at Jinha Beach for windsurfing.

Besides the clear blue water and fine sand, this beach is windy, making it a great beach for windsurfing. It’s also great for surfing when starting out.

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There are fishing villages in the area, the seafood is very fresh and there are many Korean barbecue restaurants to choose from.

‘Beach Memories’ in Korea. This photo won the KTO Photo Contest 2018. Photo: Jay Park/KTO.

Hamdeok Beach is located in the northeast of Jeju Island and is a beautiful beach with calm water, fine white sand and a tide pool full of small sea creatures.

This beach has low tides and sandbars, so it disappears every night and reappears in the morning.

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Have breakfast in the beach huts at Cafe Delmoondo and charter a boat for dinner at the wharf. Equipment for water sports and kayaks can be rented.

At Hyeopjae Beach in Jeju Island, you can sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the panoramic view of Byeyangdo from the shore.

This popular beach can get crowded, so arrive early to get a good spot or head to the lesser-known Geumneung Beach.

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