Best Beach In Sunshine Coast

Best Beach In Sunshine Coast – Deciding which Sunshine Coast beach is best depends on your taste and preferences. Here we have a deep dive into all the great places, some of them you know well, others may be new to you, but we will show you the highlights and why you should choose one.

Instead of ranking the beaches, we’ll start at the southern tip and work our way north. Below you’ll find a location map of each of the Sunshine Coast attractions, which will help show their relative proximity to each other and the many other great attractions on the coast.

Best Beach In Sunshine Coast

Para Island is a somewhat controversial enclave as it is technically part of the Sunshine Coast and Greater Brisbane. For the sake of completeness, I decided to include it here, and it is also featured as one of our best day trips from Brisbane.

Short Walks On The Sunshine Coast

Although it is an island, there is a bridge at the southern end, so it is very easy to get to Brie. With many beaches and a long and narrow sandy island facing the mainland in the west, this stretch of water is known as Pumiceton Pass and is reserved for swimming and boating, while the east coast faces the ocean offer good things to do. Browse.

The beaches closest to the residence are often more popular, but what we like about bribes is that you don’t have to walk far on the sand to feel completely deserted. If you plan to take your 4WD to the national park and travel across the sand, you can find even more remote spots.

At 34 kilometers long, Bribie is the 4th largest sand island in the world, three of which are located in southeast Queensland and include Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island.

Para Island loves families, fishermen, four-wheelers on weekends, campers and birds. The island has a wide variety of birds and dolphins, dugongs and turtles are often found in the surrounding waters.

A Kiwi Recommends … The Southern Sunshine Coast

Brabi’s biggest attraction for me is the sheltered beach at Pumiston Pass, less than 10 minutes from the island to the surfing beaches of Worim.

Golden Beach is located south of Caloundra on the narrow northern tip of Bribie Island on a sheltered pumice jetty. This is one of those beaches where you can go alone with a picnic, swimming and beach equipment. There aren’t many cafes, bars or shops here, but that’s a big part of the charm.

The beach itself is a narrow strip of sand with some ups and downs, but there are nice areas of grass and shady trees, soft sand and rock pools and rock shelves to explore. At the southern end is the Mangrove Walkway, while the Waterfront Walkway to the north takes you to Caloundra and beyond.

Waterside parks have picnic shelters, barbecues and two toilet blocks. It is popular with boaters and fishermen and has a boat ramp and trailer park.

Whales Are On Their Way!

It is 500 to 800 meters from this beach through Pumiston Pass to Bribie Island and you can rent a kayak on the beach for quick trips and sightseeing around the island. You can often see birds and marine life, including sea turtles and dugongs. There are sandbars in between where you can stop and share many pelicans on your way out.

Rather than being named after a single beach, Caloundra is a neighborhood made up of a group of beaches that connect to the next beach. Kings, Moffat, Bullcock, Shelley and Dickey beaches all have a lot to offer. The entire waterfront is a wide promenade with grassy areas, picnic areas, beautiful white sand and good swimming beaches.

At Kings Beach, there is a public saltwater pool on the beach and throughout Caloundra Square there are alfresco cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors and a brewery with sea views.

The end-to-end flow here is very good and we recommend going from one end to the other. We’ve written about the Caloundra Beach Walk before so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out now might be the time.

Beaches On The Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Most people can’t get enough of Kavanagh Beach after spending some time on the beach, but it’s hard to miss. From the foot of Point Cartwright in the north to Lake Kuruindi in the south, there is a 10 km stretch of white sand beach.

Being less popular means it’s more popular with locals than tourists, but if you’re looking for a stunning beach with a wide open space, this is the perfect choice for you. Along 10 km of open beach there are many places with parks, playgrounds, parking lots and common facilities.

If you want a lifeguard beach then go to Kavanagh Surf Club, the beach is marked and the lifeguards are on duty during the season from September to May. Like many beaches on the Sunshine Coast, it’s prone to rips and scrapes, so it’s a very safe place to swim among the flags.

Point Cartwright is a headland and reserve above Kawana Beach and is separated from Mooloolaba by the Mooloola River.

Best Picnic Locations Around The Sunshine Coast

This point offers a nice contrast to the path that follows the river past Dog Beach, with a broken wall, some small beach areas, wild flowers in the spring, grassy hills to catch the wind and watch the whales pass by. In winter there are spectacular views of the lighthouse and water tower and the Cavanagh coast on the coastal path.

There is on-street parking in the area and a public car park at Harbor Parade, which has picnic areas, a children’s park, toilets, a promenade and a riverside cafe. It is also a convenient parking lot to walk directly across the road to the ocean beach.

A sidewalk is simply a road with places to sit. There are additional restrooms at the site that are kept clean but not provided by the city.

Mooloolaba has been one of our ‘go to’ beaches for years as it offers so much variety and deserves a spot on the Sunshine Coast’s best beaches list. There are a number of cafes, bars and restaurants on the beach.

Coolum Beach Named As Queensland’s Best Beach

There is a long white sand beach protected from the surf in several places, a small rock section with rock pools at the north end, a path to the wall of ruins and the Molulla river in the south. Many parks and playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas, restrooms and changing facilities.

Bring a salad and place for a picnic and pick up a big bag of fresh prawns from the South End surfers at Mooloolaba Fish Market or go for a lighter option and enjoy fish and chips on the beach. A “bank” that overlooks a park or river.

There is no surprising argument. Here is the main beach, a national park at the top of the mountain, a river and a dog beach at the other end. Hastings Street has a great selection of accommodation, cafes, wine bars, restaurants and boutique resort style shops.

One of the disadvantages of having many great attractions in a busy area is their incredible popularity. That said, it can get really crowded at times with limited parking, but you should start your day here early.

Sydney To Sunshine Coast Road Trip: 7 Places To Stop Along The Way

The beach is great for a morning or afternoon stroll, the guests are cleaned most of the day and it is well worth a night or a dinner before heading out. We love looking back at the volcanic cones and sunsets over the mouth of the river.

Noosa hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Ad March Surf Festival in February, the Food and Wine Festival in May, the Noosa Alive Arts and Culture Festival in July and the Jazz Festival in September.

Sometimes it helps to see the relative location and attractions, this map shows some favorites, including the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast.

What is your favorite beach in the sun? Do you like some of them or have other favorites to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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