Best Beach In Kihei

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A popular vacation destination in the Hawaiian Islands, Kihei is one of Hawaii’s sunniest and driest places. You’ll find amazing beaches (and great snorkeling) in Kihei, located in southwestern Maui!

Best Beach In Kihei

If you are going to Kihei at the last minute, you must get your accommodation first! Here are some of the best spots in town!

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It is popular with tourists for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching and many other activities. A trip to Kihei is definitely not to be missed, especially if you have children.

Kihei is also home to many hotels, apartments, and cottages, so you can always find a good place to stay, and the town has many restaurants and clubs to enjoy.

Sugar Beach has the longest stretch of sand in Maui. The long beach leaves room for a variety of non-crowded activities. It also offers beautiful views of the three neighboring islands, Lanai, Kaho’olawe and Molokini.

Sugar Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Kihei, not only for its magnificent scenery, but also thanks to its clubs.

Best Photo Locations In Kihei

The beach has shallow, calm waters where visitors can watch the whales move slowly under the surface and occasionally jump out to play. The calm cove is perfect for outdoor sailing and swimming.

But on North Kihei Road, its southern end, the beach is littered with boulders and rubble, with broken tree remnants. You can be injured if you are not careful.

The beach also has easy picnic tables at the Maui Canoe Club. There are no lifeguards on duty, so guests who are not good swimmers need to be careful.

On South Kihei Road, the beach is located near the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary in Hawaii. Visitors have the opportunity to see whales during their visit.

Breathtaking) Maui Beaches You Need To See For Yourself

Kalepolepo Beach is Kihei’s favorite beach for its old fish pond. Said to have been built between 1400 and 1500, the pond was once a royal hermitage.

Local volunteers restored it to its former glory and now it serves tourists. The pond is fed by hot springs flowing under it and always keeps the pond warm.

That is why in the past the lake was covered by the king. Nice and nice place for kids to swim.

Signs around the beach offer educational lessons about the history and culture of Native Hawaii so you can learn more about the importance of the area.

Spots To Snorkel Near Kihei

It is the first of three Kamaole parks. At about 600 meters of shoreline, it is the longest of the three. There are very few stones here, as the beach was used as a training ground during the Second World War.

This is one of the best equipped beach parks on the island of Maui. There is a lifeguard tower, ample parking, toilets, showers, picnic tables and barbecues, and a volleyball court.

To the left of the park is a clearing on the beach with picnic tables perfect for those who want to dine and watch the ocean from afar.

A short walk from the beach, South Kihei Street has several restaurants and health food stores.

The Best Of South Maui

The second of Kamaole’s three parks is hidden and the smallest. It is located about half a kilometer south of Kamaole I and is half the size.

A rockless sea. Being steep and photogenic makes it one of the best beaches in Kihei. There is a lifeguard tower in the center and a green lawn with picnic tables behind the tower.

Shower and toilet are also available. Its advantages are also small due to the small surface area.

Kamaole II does not have a designated parking lot, so guests arriving by car must park along Kihei’s South Beach.

Kihei & Wailea Beach Paths

The third of Kamaole’s three largest parks, it is popular for its beautiful weather. The Gold Coast has beautiful beaches and a large one that attracts both local and foreign visitors.

The large 100-foot-long beach park includes barbecue grills, picnic tables, expansive lawns, restaurants, grocery stores, apartments, and remote homes.

A security guard is always on duty to provide additional security. The park also has a large car park.

The grassy area to the left of the park is elevated and provides visitors with a great place to watch the sunset.

Best Kihei Beaches

Mai Poina ‘Oe la’u Beach Park is a large beach with strong winds and big waves making it a great place for visitors to surf all year round. Many visitors also enjoy taking a morning walk or watching the sunset.

Despite being popular, it is not always crowded. It’s actually not as noisy as other beaches in Hawaii. He has no bodyguard and keeps Beach Sugar.

There are toilets, showers and picnic tables and a green park. But be aware that the sea can be very windy during the day.

Most of the apartments are within walking distance of the beach, so you can have a great place to stay.

Kamaole Beach Park Is One Of The Best Places On Maui

Visitors have plenty of parking spaces on South Kihei Road, which runs north of the beach.

Charlie Young Beach is ideal for those looking for a secluded place. Located on the quiet north side of Cam I Beach.

Although small, it is still one of the best beaches in Kihei. The deep water, gentle waves and soft sand make it especially easy for kids.

The beach is 600 meters away, providing plenty of space for long walks. There is a large parking lot and outdoor shower near the beach area, but it is not maintained.

Kihei Maui Surfing Spots

You can see sea turtles swimming in calm waters at the end of the beach.

Waiohuli Beach is one of the smaller beaches in Kihei. Few people know about it, so it’s never too loud and crowded.

Ideal for those looking for a secluded place with shallow waters for snorkeling and swimming.

The beach apartment complex Waiohuli Beach Hale is very popular and is a great place to stay if you’re in the area.

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From the condominium you can see the long white sandy beach, the fun on its shores, the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the swimming pool of whales playing on the water surface in winter.

Kihei is known for its crystal clear waters with beautiful coral reefs, making it a great place for diving.

Sugar Beach is a great place to snorkel when the water is calm, as it is home to many tropical fish and extensive coral reefs.

Visitors also enjoy snorkeling at Kamaole’s three beaches, particularly where the three beaches meet. This is great if you want to take your kids swimming in calm waters with a beautiful reef.

The Best Things To Do In Kihei, Maui, Hi

Molokini is also the best diving spot in the world, one of only three volcanic calderas you can find in the world.

Finally, one of Maui’s most popular attractions is the Turtle City, formed by an underwater volcano.

Turtle City has coral reefs that are home to Hawaiian sea turtles, so it’s a popular snorkeling spot.

You’ll find the best places to stay in Kihei, and here are our top beach hotels! Maui’s Kihei Beach is considered the best in Hawaii. A wide beach with golden sand and clear waters line the west coast of South Maui, offering incredible views of the sunset and whale watching.

Top 10 Beaches On Maui + Best Of Maui Beach Map

There are 15 named beaches in the Kihei area. Each offers a unique experience and appeals to a wide variety of people.

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Although many people search for Kihei Beach, it is worth noting that there is no beach by this name. Instead, the coast on the Kihei side is home to a number of beautiful beaches.

All of Kihei’s beaches on the west side are great for watching the sunset. Also, due to the high water between Maui, Molokai, and Lanai, Kihei’s coastline is also one of the best places in the world for whale watching during the winter months.

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Below you will find a map of all the beaches in Kihei mentioned in this article. Click here or the image below to open the Google Maps view in a new tab.

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