Best Beach In Blackpool

Best Beach In Blackpool – Blackpool is famous for its busy nightlife, vibrant high season and traditional seaside parties. However, the town and the surrounding sea offer plenty of scenic walks and long walks with a classic British seaside backdrop.

Surrounded by the Irish Sea, the Lancashire and Merseyside beaches around Blackpool have many destinations that make for a great summer day trip. With more than 10 beaches, all offering something different, this area can accommodate everything. These beaches deserve a special visit during the eventful holiday as the parties cool down with the perfect mix of sparkling parties and gentle waves. Check out our list of the best beaches near Blackpool to get inspired for your visit.

Best Beach In Blackpool

This is Blackpool’s main beach, running between the South and Central Piers. Central Beach has been revitalized with a sea wall and a promenade that forms part of the Golden Mile, epitomizing everything a lively seaside resort is known for. The beach is sandy and stretches for miles in front of visitors at high tide. It has everything you want from a beach resort – buckets and spades, ice cream, donkey rides and deck chair rentals.

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The area around Blackpool is fantastic – full of life, sounds, sights and sounds! However, all you have to do is get away from the traffic and you’ll find that the beach is quieter than you think. Lifeguards patrol the beach, so swimming is definitely an option, otherwise just relax in your chair with a good book. Dogs are not allowed on the beach between the North Pier and Mirror Ball between May 1 and September 30 and must be kept on a lead between the North and South piers at all times.

Blackpool South Beach is the name given to the stretch of sand south of Blackpool’s South Pier. If you’re looking for pure adrenaline fun, South Pier is the place for you! Attractions include all the classic rides from trampolines to roller coasters, dodgems to waltzes. South Beach is a sandy beach, but Blackpool Pleasure Beach – an amusement park across the road – is more popular than the beach itself. “The Big One” on the skyline – Europe’s fastest and scariest car – if you can believe it!

However, if you cross the street to South Beach, you’ll find it’s actually quieter than the beaches along the Golden Mile. There is a promenade along the beach that offers a series of sculptures and other interesting installations, such as a rotating wind shelter designed to rotate and provide better protection from sea storms. There is paid parking, but at peak times, it’s a short walk from the beach. It’s only a 14-minute drive from Marton Mere Holiday Park, so you’ll be out of your caravan in no time and lying on a beach chair with an ice cream in hand.

Cleveleys is just four miles north of the bright lights of bustling Blackpool, but it feels a world apart. The town is much calmer and quieter than the popular resort down the road. The beach here is a large stretch of sand, and although the sea is far away at low tide, there are many pools for swimming. The water quality in Cleveleys is very high, enabling a wide range of activities. Marine life and if you are lucky you may even see a seal in the ocean.

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Behind the Promenade and Jubilee Gardens, there are many local shops and cafes close by, as well as an amusement park. One of the main attractions in Cleveleys are the art installations, including a large shell you can walk through and a large covered rock cave at high tide. As for amenities, there is good parking and coin-operated bathrooms across the street from the beach.

Fleetwood has a beautiful beach and is one of the best beaches near Blackpool. The clean, sandy beach is backed by charming beach huts and has stunning views of the Forest of Bowland, the Lake District and Morecambe Bay. Walk along the walkway parallel to the sea and you will see some interesting kites being flown.

Fleetwood is an interesting place and there are many historical sites throughout the town that bring its history to life. There are also two working lights, one of which is internal. Most of Fleetwood Beach allows dogs year-round, but one area is restricted from June 1 to August 31. Lifeguards patrol the beach and there’s free parking, so there’s no reason to miss a trip to Fleetwood while you’re in the area.

This beautiful location is located in a beautiful stretch of sand and gravel that forms Morecambe Bay. In fact, it is the largest expanse of tidal flats and sand dunes in the UK, covering a total of 120 square miles! Although the beach itself is mainly sandy and is very popular in the summer, you should be warned before you visit that the beach is famous for its sand and strong and fast waves. Paddling is possible, but we strongly advise checking local tide times before doing so. Morecambe does not have a lifeguard, but marine patrol officers are on duty.

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Parking is available at the Battery and Bay Arena in front of the resort. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 1 to September 30, but are allowed to travel year-round unless they are on the road. Don’t leave Morecambe without trying the Stone Jetty Cafe, which, as its name suggests, is located on a long stone jetty that offers a walkway decorated with unique decorations, including sculptures of birds and animals, and offers views of the bay. . It creates a purpose. And maybe our Lakeland holiday park.

Lytham St Annes is a great option for those looking to get away from the crowds of Blackpool’s beaches. Located on the banks of the River Ripple, the wide beach is not busy even on the hottest days. The sea rarely comes in, so there is plenty of space to enjoy the sand and there is a children’s pool near the dock for children.

St Annes has a wonderful Victoria Square and promenade where you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants and entertainment, so there’s plenty to do for all ages. Be sure to check out the chip shop at the top of the chip shop, you won’t regret it! There is parking near the pier, and there are restrooms. Please note that there are no sanitary facilities on board.

Angersholm Beach is located on the border between Cleveleys and Blackpool counties. The beautiful sandy beach offers some of the best sunsets in England. Depending on the depth of the sand on the beach at low tide, one can see the wooden wreckage of the ship Abana, which sank on December 22, 1894.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The seafront promenade that runs south from Cleveleys to Blackpool, known as the Prince’s Way, has always been a very popular destination with visitors from near and far. It offers beachfront parking, so it’s a great place to stop and eat your fish and chips while enjoying the amazing ocean views. Angersholm is a 10-minute drive from Kala Gran Holiday Park and a 20-minute drive from Morden Mere Holiday Park, so wherever you choose to stay with us, the beach is an option.

North of the new sea defense in Cleveleys is Rosell Beach, made up of sand and gravel, which is famous in the height of summer. The northern part of Cleveleys Beach is a more natural landscape than the formal, central part of the beach, which is wonderful to explore. Even on rough days when the tide is high this beautiful spot maintains a thin dry wall close to the wall so there is always a place to enjoy all the amazing views and sunsets and watch the world go by.

Rosell Beach is a popular destination for visitors to the area as you can park right up against the sea wall. It has to be one of our top recommendations for beaches near Blackpool, just a five-minute drive from our stunning Cala Gran Holiday Park.

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