Best Bbl Surgeon In America

Best Bbl Surgeon In America – Patients choose Dr. Rachel because they know that she really cares about their well-being. His meeting lasted an hour. He listened carefully to the patient’s needs and concerns.

360 Lipo is liposuction in at least 8 areas of the body. It shapes the body to give it a mirror image.

Best Bbl Surgeon In America

It’s easy when you think about it. A big, big waist will always look good with a small waist.

About Dr. Anh Tuan Truong

Areas for Liposuction include: Back, Back, Upper Thigh, Mons Pubis, Midsection, Love Arms, Abdomen and Parasacral Triangle.

The reason why Dr. Rachel always does lipo 360 and BBL is easy. He believes that it produces good results.

How long does it take to heal? Three days of painkillers. One week. One month until full recovery.

Is there an age limit for this course? nothing. Dr. Rachel has used this method on patients from age 18 to over 60. Dr. Rachel, BBL/360’s oldest patient, was 68 at the time.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery In Tijuana, Mexico

How long will the results last? The results are consistent. If Lipo 360 is done by BBL, the waist retains about 60% of the treated fat.

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