Best Bass Fishing Lakes In California

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It is a quietly spoken name in reference to the bass fishing community. For most Englishmen, catching a largemouth bass over 10 pounds would be the fish of a lifetime, a feat that requires identification with the bass, a phone call to the folks at home (take it, dad) and humbling. Instagram is more famous.

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In California

Brown caught more than 1,500 – I say 1,500 – of these fifty double-digit giants, including many “juveniles” (13 pounds or more). His personal record, a 19.3 pound Goliath, which is the only short world record, was caught in the Castaic Lake Lagoon, 40 miles between Los Angeles.

Bass Fishing: California Dreamin’ For Giant Largemouths

Butch Brown has a personal best 19.3 pound largemouth bass caught at Castaic Lagoon on March 2, 2008. Brown caught with an 8 inch Huddleston Deluxe rainbow trout (with bass shown).

Professionally he is a drywall contract, but in the world of trophy bass players, Butch Brown is the greatest of all time.

Brown fires his staff to bless his ship. While he was there he caught a big bass, a really big bass, and he feels a little extra on the trip tomorrow.

As the smoke billows over the stricken ship, he imagines the scene: he casts his large bait, rolls into the wobbler, and slowly returns the bait to the boat. Suddenly, the boats of the trams would pull up. He’s on an adrenaline rush as he swings to the fence to set the hook and maybe, just maybe, land the biggest walleye ever caught.

Trout Lake Fish Report

But first he must focus on the details. Specifically, details. Preparations for Friday night are as usual. Rewind their new custom Shimano 400B line. Recharge the batteries in your boat’s electric motors. Load up your GoPro and take and capture every shot.

Now it’s time for one of Browne’s signature moves – make your own food. He placed the three runners at her feet while he listened impatiently for the chirping of crickets, a sign that the molten plastisol was ready to be poured.

Butch walks with a broad shoulder through the trick that is his cramped garage, past a recently blessed boat, a freezer full of blue fin steaks, a 1966 Volvo in blocks, and two other boats. At the end sits the maddened pursuit of science.

Brown makes a warm liquid with a shiny black formula and a few drops of green pumpkin color. Stir quickly and methodically pour it into the fodder of the meat.

Best Bass Fishing States In America

“To catch a big fish in my lake now, you have to think as hard as you can,” Brown said. “What I did was imitate the blue-eared fish. This is my creation. Not in the market. You have to match what they eat. It’s the best way to catch a trophy fish.”

Butch Brown shows how he “lubricates” his boat with sage before fishing. Butch bought this 14-foot-long alumacraft on a street corner in San Fernando Valley when he was 16 years old. Total cost: $400.

Millions of envious people have watched YouTube videos showing off their fishing skills. His cry is heard intently: “God! Look at the size of this! holding another giant; his explanation to the patient of how he was seduced “my way”; and the welcome release of his double fingers returned to the water.

But for all his star fishing, “Homeowner Harry” remains humble and approachable. Even when it’s raining, he happily offers “Good day isn’t it?” while he launches a boat and invites the fishermen near the shore.

Lake Fork Named Top Bass Fishing Spot In Us

People often approach goats to take photos on a pad, hoping that maybe a little magic will bring them double digits. Brown is happy to be gratified.

Ben Dehnadi, a trophy hunter, runs Low Down Customs in Tustin. He remembers when Brown first hit his radar. “I started hearing about this local story. I saw pictures of him from the store and he was just a normal guy. He still had dust in his hair, and you could see that he had gone into the water after work, because the bite was hot.

Inspired by Dehnadi. “Hey man, it works. If I give it time, I can too.

Despite the drive to the reservoir only four minutes from his hill in the house of Castaic, Brown prides himself on the first line in the gate. First to launch means first in the best fishing spots. It was also the first in line with the Castaic Lake Lagoon to open publicly in 1974.

Fall Bass Fishing — California Bass Union

With two hours to go, Brown watches the pink moon behind the silhouettes of the rolling hills. He is sitting in his Ford F350, sipping coffee and answering questions from his followers on Instagram. What line do you use? Which knot are you tying? Do you like my hyper tune food?

The sleepless weekend racers slowly line up behind him and when the gate opens, four cars are in tow. The gray light of the morning provides the perfect conditions to hide the heavy lines and large triples needed to land the giants.

“Most of the time it’s like a big meal,” he says, explaining why he uses 8- or 10-ounce meals. “When I get a bite, it’s usually a big fish.”

The largemouth bass fishery is a $60 billion annual industry, and the obsession with double-digit self-catch, anglers new lures, old lures, new fishing holes, old fishing holes, throwing in a weather app, checking the moon phase, and generally casting. on every penny they have, go to and good luck.

The 6 Best Lakes In California For Trophy Bass

Our California waters are subject to heavy fishing pressure, which in turn makes our prize catch difficult and downright ridiculous. A big bass has big eyes and sees every bay, break and sinkhole.

It’s no surprise that they’re taking artificial lures, but Brown has mastered the art of getting this type of fish to bite. He says: It is time for water, and pay attention to what is going on around you. I take the time to tweak and adjust my illusion to look anatomically correct. I paint the hooks to fit my hair. Secret promotion is the key.”

One of Brown’s heaviest days on the lake came on May 9, 2010, when he landed five bass, all over 12 pounds, including a forty-two pounder. That day will make anyone’s heart beat.

Butch Brown with five large bass over 12 pounds. A giant bass weighing 18.5 kilos in the middle. All were captured and released by Brown on May 9, 2010.

Planning For Fall Bass Season… |

Brown, who avoids professional bass tournaments, was introduced for the use of videotaping his trophies. With over 100 tapes to his credit, no one can argue with the authenticity of Brown’s heavy bass.

The Englishman’s skill in creating and recording trophy wins has won his generation, including Mike Gilbert, the creator of the working Class Zero big lure, whose personal record is 17.45 pounds for juveniles.

“I always thought there was a lot of power when Butch spoke,” Gilbert said. If he says he is going to do something, he really does it. So how do you apply this to your fishing and maybe even take it a step further?

Matt Paino of Optimum Baits, who makes the Thumper Brown tail, agrees. “He’s the one who put the big video on the board. It’s right in front of you. It’s not an illusion.”

Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught

Then he asked him, “Is the Goat Brown?” “It delivers. It was there from the beginning and it’s still there.”

A selection of Brown’s trophy horological weights with bass: 14.12 pounds, 15.10 pounds, 16.40 pounds, 15.40 pounds.

Brown owns several boats, but his favorite is a 14-foot Alumacraft he saw for sale on a San Fernando Valley street corner when he was 16. Price: $400. Amazing considering today a fully equipped bass boat can fetch six figures. Brown’s 1966 model is often patterned, scratched, dated and painted black, but it still serves Brown’s needs to a T.

“It does not frighten the fish when it sits in the water.” “It keeps me out of their sight as they follow the bait back to the ship. They are not afraid of my ship. It looks as if a tree has been struck.”

Diamond Valley Lake

This morning, Brown hunts various spots where he finds huge females hiding. After the birth, they turned the Rubenesques from small summers to a potential world memory. They take every opportunity to feast on roast fatigue, baits, cantabrians and, if lucky, a relative of the family, a squeal.

Blue is like a tempting Snickers-sized snack that floats sluggishly, and anything large enough is sure to turn it into another meal, upholstery included.

Brown is the face of American Deps, an international food company based in Kyoto, Japan. In 2012, when Deps director Kazumasa Okumura saw the footage

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