Best Bars In Bruges

Best Bars In Bruges – When the sun goes down, and you leave the land, Bruges has beautiful walls to warm you up to the famous Belgians. As the center is small, you can even find these five historic caves in one night.

Just a stone’s throw from the Grote Markt is the smallest market on this list, the oldest market in the world we think. An eight-year-old room on the Kuipersstraat has been home to Le Trappiste for three years now. With lots of small tables covered with candles and exposed brickwork that exudes charm, the place can quickly gain loyal customers. The knowledgeable staff led by owner Martin Matthews are happy to offer the famous Belgian Trappist beer – hence the name – and more. If you want to go to the area, Brugse Zot is produced by Brewery De Halve Maan, just 15 minutes walk. There are ten beers on tap, and more than a hundred unique ones available at any time, and Martin is sure to include a variety of international brewskis.

Best Bars In Bruges

It’s hard to miss even a stone with a sign that shows the place underground, ‘t Poatersgat (or Monk’s Hole’) turns the idea of ​​Bruges as a city for old people on its head. Climb the famous steeple towers on the way down to an ancient church and descend a series of stone steps to enter a large rusted room filled with candles. The crowd is mostly a mix of happy students and new college students who are attracted to the good music, the democratic atmosphere, and the friendly atmosphere. More than 120 beers will keep you and your new friends trying this beer for hours.

Café Rose Red

A little further down the street, we find Comptoir Des Arts (literally ‘Bar of Arts’), making the Vlamingstraat a double threat. Run by Bram, who studied Bruges ‘t Brugs Beertje, and his wife Désirée, this is the place to go if you need jazz or blues. With several concerts a month and comedy shows on Mondays, Comptoir des Arts is always the right place to start an evening of good stories and/or comedy. Event nights are always full, so be sure to book your tickets in advance.

An Irish restaurant run by a Brit in the basement of a Kannada restaurant with extra space for leprechauns – Druid’s Cellar is an unusual establishment, to say the least. British citizen Drew Charlton has decorated his home with lots of books, covers, and Irish flags. The atmosphere in the basement is perfect for enjoying Jameson whiskey by the fire, drinking Guinness while playing pool with friends or sipping local wine at one of the night games.

De Bierbistro is not a restaurant but a restaurant that takes Belgian beer to its destination. When you want a cozy stew cooked with dark Abbey beer and another brewski on the side, this is a go-to. You are also welcome to enjoy your light drink without ordering anything from the typical Flemish menu: its 15th century brick and white walls are more than enough reason to visit this place.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve functionality and provide personalized information and advertising. To allow us to provide a better and more detailed description please click “OK” The most important system of bars in Bruges is undoubtedly beer – and Belgian beer at that. Most bars offer hundreds of different types, each with its own glass, and many on tap. This is a challenge in itself – but be aware that Belgian beer is strong. Bruges has two wineries (views) of its own: De Halve Maan and Bourgogne des Flanders. Are you a beer fan? There’s also plenty of wine and craft beer.

Things To Do In Bruges On A Budget

This is probably the most famous pub in Bruges, a cozy bar decorated with beer posters and beer products, with a wooden floor and table, usually full of beer lovers. There is a list of 300 Belgian beers to choose from, and a wide variety of hard beers on tap. Spoiled by opportunities? Put yourself in the hands of a friendly and wonderful staff who will analyze your taste buds and thirst and give you the best paper – often better than you’ve ever known. Plates of typical Belgian food (white cheese or sourdough bread) help balance the high-octane ABV.

With 300 beers on tap and an impressive food collection, ‘t Brugs Beertje is a real beer for beer lovers Credit: TravelingOtter/Flickr

It’s a great wine bar, set in a beautiful 13th century large, brick-lined, candle-lit room that was the couple’s workshop (which matches the street’s name). It offers a choice of 20 types, mostly Belgian beer on tap, from dark and rich stouts to reds and heads, and a large list of bottled beers, including, of course, the famous beer Trappist cheese. It’s a great place to get their ‘paddle tasting’ offer: five 15cl glasses of different beers, placed on a long wooden board. The friendly staff is happy to make a decision based on your specific needs.

As its name suggests, Le Trappiste is the place to go for a solid selection of famous Trappist beers.

The Best Craft Beer In Bruges, Belgium

‘A hotel without a hotel’ is the description of the owners of their plan here, which means a very nice bar with glasses and bottles and a good sense of relaxation. There are two dark rooms lit by lanterns, with simple tables and chairs, one with a warm wood fire, and soft music in the background. And all this is located in a beautiful 300-year-old brick building, with a baroque gable-flower. ‘A bar before and after a meal’ is an apt description: come here for special cocktails, or a good Belgian beer, or a Belgian gin (good gin, wine).

Attached to the famous Cinema Lumière, and a mobile program of contemporary art exhibitions, De Republiek is always something of a community, popular with the young (and young-at-heart). Now an old warehouse with a large garden has been renovated with exposed brick. It attracts a lot of people, coffee and drinks (Belgian beer, wine, cocktails), good tapas (fried squid with tartare sauce) or a full meal (ramen noodle soup, Northern fish of the day, cat. pork and sweet potatoes) Meat Publiek, Veggie or Veggie Burger). At peak times, expect live chatter and loud music.

De Republiek is a strong youth group in Bruges who often prefer to stay indoors Credit: ©Femke den Hollander

This is a great and lively bar. It is a modern place but decorated in the style of a pub, and it is located in an old wooden house built in 1699. It serves about 400 types of beer, including 20 to choose from. The kitchen also has many Belgian dishes and dishes, many of which are cooked in beer, including the traditional beef stew, vlaamse stoofcarbonnaden. The factory and the beer were named after Cambrinus (or Gambrinus), the famous ‘King of Beer’, and the brewer. It is associated with many historical records, such as the population of Flanders, but it is best known for the great strength of the wine.

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Set in a former tavern from the 17th century, Bierbrasserie Cambrinus continues a tradition that stretches back 300 years.

The traditional red flowers hanging from the rafters are the first thing that distinguishes this traditional restaurant. Attached to the small (22-room) and two-star Cordoeanier Hotel, there is a special atmosphere. Wood is the most advanced part of the decoration: bars, floors, tables, chairs, bars – perfect for winter, but in summer there are also outdoor spaces. The emphasis is on good and tasty beer, with seven taps, and an extensive list of bottled beers. Rose Red is very proud of its Trappist vineyard, not only from Belgium but from all over the world. Belgian style ‘tapas’ (sausages, pates, rillettes and more) make a welcome meal.

Café Rose Red is a casual restaurant that boasts an international selection of fine beers

This vintage shop and cafe is what it is: a small antique shop and an art shop that doubles as a bar and restaurant, to create a charming and unusual space full of character. From the old bar, his friendly team, Linda and Marc, offer a wide range of wines, but also more than 50 Belgian beers, including, on tap, Straffe Hendrik and Brugse Zot, made in De Halve Maan Brewery only. corner of the corner. . He sat at small tables surrounded by china cats, old clocks, postcards, furniture and toys from his childhood. No wonder everyone has it

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